Tommy Fury afraid of being ‘disowned’ by Tyson & his family

VegasInsider caught up with Taylor after Fury was once again blocked from entering the US, meaning his fight with Paul was delayed.

Anthony Taylor: Tommy Fury is afraid of being ‘disowned’ by Tyson and his family and that’s why he’s ducking out of Jake Paul fight

"Tommy is in over his head. He’s not afraid to fight Jake but he’s also not motivated because knows the outcome. And he knows the consequences of losing. If he loses, he loses sponsorships, he’ll be disowned from his boxing family - why go through the headache? He’s not scared, there are just a lot of circumstances behind it.”

Anthony Taylor: Hasim Rahman Jr is a much tougher fight than Tommy Fury, Jake Paul is taking a big risk his record

“Hasim Rahman Jr. is very experienced. Jake is my boy, but this is very tough for him. Hasim is a fighter Jake should be taking on ten fights into his career, not this early. He should be fighting Hasim when he’s 10-0, not 5-0. He’s taking five steps forward. Hasim is a much tougher fight than Tommy Fury would have been; Tommy has no pedigree or amateur background like Hasim does. Hasim would be the perfect fight in five fights time. So you have to give Jake credit, he wants to prove people wrong and I think he can do it. He can outpoint this guy, he’ll prove people wrong. It’s a big risk when you talk about losing your undefeated record. If Jake loses, then that’s just one lost on his record, a lot of great fighters had losses on their record. Not everybody can be a Mayweather.”

Updated on 07/23/2024
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Anthony Taylor: Jake Paul will not fight Tommy Fury if he beats Rahman, why would he take a step back?

“If Jake defeats Hasim, you’re not going to see Jake fight Tommy. That would be a step back after defeating Hasim.  Why take a step back after beating a guy with a great amateur pedigree. Hasim is faster, has more power and experience. If Jake wins there will be no Tommy Fury fight.”

Anthony Taylor: I would smash through Ricky Hatton - just like Mayweather did

“I would smash Ricky Hatton to pieces like Mayweather did. I would walk straight through Ricky like Manny Pacquiao did. He has to wait until November to fight Barrera. Here’s an idea, let’s not wait. Fight me in the interim. I see him training. Let’s give him another reason to stay in the gym. I want to punch him in that famous beer belly. I’m in training too and it’s the perfect warm-up for Barerra. A perfect chance to shake some ringrust. One of your Brits Tommy Fury has already run home to mama, will Ricky run home to mama too? Or is he going to accept my challenge? I’ll go easy on the old timer if that’ll make it easier for him.”