Majority of US Sport Fans Support Compensation For PGA Golfers

A whopping 51% of American sports fans, have expressed their support for professional golfers who remained loyal to the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) rather than joining LIV Golf when it was first founded. A recent nationwide survey conducted by VegasInsider revealed that these golf enthusiasts believe that the steadfast players deserve compensation in light of the recent PGA-LIV merger.

The PGA-LIV merger, a hotly debated topic within the sporting community, has sparked discussions and passionate opinions. However, the loyalty and respect demonstrated by American sport players towards those professionals who chose to remain true to the PGA is remarkable.

The survey sheds light on the sentiments of the sports community. A majority expressed their belief that the professional players who turned down the allure of the LIV should be duly and compensated, following the LIV-PGA merger. 

We asked 4,390 US sports fans whether or not they believe that the professional golfers who turned down the LIV to stay with the PGA should be compensated in the recent PGA-LIV merger, as they turned down significant financial gains by sticking with the PGA. 

Overall, 51% of the respondents believe they should, 29% think otherwise and 20% didn’t have an opinion on the matter. 

55% of male respondents said that players should get compensated, whereas the female respondents weren’t as generous: 45% of female respondents don’t think a compensation is in order.  

While the LIV merger promises new opportunities and exciting possibilities, it is evident that many golfers across the nation hold a special place in their hearts for the PGA's rich heritage.

As discussions surrounding the PGA-LIV merger continue, it is interesting to see  the resolute support of American sport players for those players who remained faithful to the PGA, regardless of what this new merger will mean for fans and players moving forward. 


The research was carried out by Reseach Without Barriers and was conducted between 9th June 2023 and 13th June 2023.

The sample comprises of 4.390 US Sports fans.

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