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How to Bet On the Super Bowl: Best Sportsbook Bonuses

The NFL’s annual Super Bowl has grown to become the single-biggest sports betting event of the year. The league’s ultimate showdown between the best team in the AFC and the best team in NFC goes well beyond the realm of just a championship football game. This unique aspect translates into a multi-billion sports betting handle.

Betting on the Super Bowl has turned into a world of its own. Straight bets on the game’s point spread and total line still generate most of the betting volume. Yet, the appeal of betting on game props, player performances and live action after the opening kickoff are all part of the mix.

The rapid expansion of legal sports betting in the US has exploded this game’s betting appeal. More than half of the US population 21 and older have access to betting on the Super Bowl. US-based sportsbook operators have also expanded available betting markets to fuel interest in how to bet on the Super Bowl, and Super Bowl betting promotions.

This upcoming NFL season’s Super Bowl LVII is set for Sunday, Feb. 12. The game will be played at State Farm Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Big Game Promotions & Offers

As an added incentive to bet on the Super Bowl, US sportsbooks will sweeten the deal with added Super Bowl betting promotions. Many of these offers come with specific promo codes as an activation tool. They can be applied online and through a mobile sportsbook app.

Welcome offers are geared towards attracting new customers. Special promo codes are tied to matching bonus offers on the initial deposit into a new sportsbook betting account. Other special promo codes are tied to free-bet offers on the initial wager made from that account.

The best Super Bowl promos and offers come with low play-through requirements to collect the bonus funds.

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Where Can You Bet On the Super Bowl?

Legal sports betting in the US is regulated on the state level. With Super Bowl LVII being played in Arizona, this will be one of the more popular legal markets to bet on the game.

Here are some of the best Super Bowl betting apps we recommend:

The two biggest legal sports betting markets on the East Coast would be New York and New Jersey. Pennsylvania is another state with a wide selection of legal sportsbook operators.

The biggest legal markets in the Midwest include Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Michigan. Starting on Jan. 1, 2023, sports bettors in Ohio can legally bet on the games.

Colorado joins Arizona as a strong legal market out west. Louisiana, Tennessee and Virginia are big sports betting markets down south.

All the states mentioned above offer legal online sports betting through mobile sportsbook apps. In states with land-based casinos and race tracks, many of these gaming venues also offer retail sportsbooks.

Updated on : 07/12/2024

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Super Bowl Betting: Types Of Bets To Place

There are any number of different ways to bet on the Super Bowl. However  there are four basic betting markets that handle most of the betting volume.

Super Bowl Money Line Betting

The Super Bowl money line is a straight-up bet between the game’s favorite and the underdog. There is a higher financial risk for betting the favorite and a higher financial return for betting the underdog.

If the favorite is listed at -145 odds, a $145 wager would return $100 for a win. If the underdog is listed at +125 odds, a $100 wager would return $125 for a win.

Super Bowl Point Spread Betting

The Super Bowl point spread is another means to bet the difference between the favorite and the underdog. If the game’s spread is set at three points, the favorite has to win by four or more points to cover. The underdog can win that bet by winning outright or by losing the game by two points or less.

Super Bowl Total Betting & Props

The total line in the Super Bowl involves an OVER or UNDER wager on the total combined score. Props are short for proposition bets. They cover a wide range of betting scenarios tied to the actual game. Common Super Bowl props include first team to score, total touchdown passes and margin of victory.

Super Bowl Futures

NFL futures odds (or Super Bowl Betting Odds) to win the next Super Bowl were released soon after the last Super Bowl was played. These odds will change over the course of the offseason based on the money coming in from the betting public.

Turning to the most updated Super Bowl futures, the AFC East’s Buffalo Bills are at the top of the list. The Bills’ odds to represent the AFC in Super Bowl LVII are set at +450. Buffalo also has the best odds on the board to win the Super Bowl at +650.

Buffalo has been one of the best teams in the AFC the past two seasons. The early betting money suggests that it is finally the Bills’ turn to take that final step to Super Bowl glory.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl in the 2020 NFL season with Tom Brady at quarterback. Brady’s return to Tampa Bay, after a brief retirement, has the Buccaneers listed as +375 favorites to win the NFC. They would be underdogs in a head-to-head matchup against Buffalo with +850 odds to win Super Bowl LVII.

Check out updated Super Bowl Odds below:

Super Bowl 57 Odds Report - Chiefs vs. Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles -125

Kansas City Chiefs +105

Line Movements

Super Bowl Betting FAQ

Can I legally bet on the Super Bowl online?

As long as you are physically located in a state with legal online sports betting, you can bet on the Super Bowl.

Where and how can I bet on the 2023 Super Bowl game?

There are two ways to bet on the Super Bowl. The first is at a retail sportsbook located in a land-based casino, race track or sports venue with legal sports betting. The other way is through a sportsbook website or mobile sportsbook app in a state with legal sports betting.

How do I place a bet on Super Bowl 2023?

As mentioned above, you can place a bet on Super Bowl 2023 either at a retail sportsbook or online in a state that has legal sports betting.

What's the best way to bet on the Super Bowl?

The long list of posted Super Bowl prop bet options at legal US sportsbooks offers best value for betting on this game.

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