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NBA Playoffs Picks, Predictions, Odds


Aug. 23, 2021
by VI News

Odds are set for the 2022 NBA Finals, along with various other NBA futures markets, which see the Brooklyn Nets as the opening favorites at 240. Brooklyn was eliminated in the 2021 postseason by the eventual champion Milwaukee Bucks, who see odds to repeat as champions at +900.

The Golden State Warriors also have odds to win the 2022 NBA Finals at +900, as oddsmakers seem keen on the return of Klay Thompson. Sandwiched in between the teams listed above are the Los Angeles Lakers who won the 2020 NBA Finals held in Orlando. The Lakers have odds to win at +400.

2022 NBA Finals Odds

Odds To Win 2022 NBA Finals
Team Odds
Brooklyn Nets +240
Los Angeles Lakers +400
Golden State Warriors +900
Milwaukee Bucks +900
Phoenix Suns +1500
Utah Jazz +1600
Los Angeles Clippers +1600
Philadelphia 76ers +1600
Denver Nuggets +2200
Miami Heat +2500
Dallas Mavericks +3000
Atlanta Hawks +3500
Boston Celtics +4000
Portland Trail Blazers +5000
Chicago Bulls +6600
New York Knicks +8000
New Orleans Pelicans +10000
Indiana Pacers +10000
Charlotte Hornets +10000
Memphis Grizzlies +10000
Toronto Raptors +15000
Washington Wizards +15000
Minnesota Timberwolves +25000
Sacramento Kings +25000
San Antonio Spurs +30000
Cleveland Cavaliers +50000
Detroit Pistons +50000
Houston Rockets +50000
Oklahoma City Thunder +50000
Orlando Magic +50000

2021-22 NBA Eastern Conference Odds

  • Brooklyn Nets -125
  • Milwaukee Bucks +425
  • Philadelphia 76ers +750
  • Miami Heat +1200
  • Atlanta Hawks +1600
  • Boston Celtics +2000
  • Chicago Bulls +3000
  • New York Knicks +4000
  • Charlotte Hornets +5000
  • Indiana Pacers +5000
  • Toronto Raptors +6600
  • Washington Wizards +6600
  • Cleveland Cavaliers +25000
  • Detroit Pistons +25000
  • Orlando Magic +25000

2021-22 NBA Western Conference Odds

  • L.A. Lakers +170
  • Golden State Warriors +425
  • Phoenix Suns +700
  • Utah Jazz +750
  • L.A. Clippers +750
  • Denver Nuggets +1100
  • Dallas Mavericks +1400
  • Portland Trail Blazers +2500
  • Memphis Grizzlies +5000
  • New Orleans Pelicans +5000
  • Minnesota Timberwolves +12500
  • Sacramento Kings +12500
  • San Antonio Spurs +15000
  • Houston Rockets +25000
  • Oklahoma City Thunder +25000

2022 NBA Finals Division Dual Forecast Odds

  • Atlantic-Pacific -110
  • Atlantic-Northwest +500
  • Central-Pacific +500
  • Southeast-Pacific +800
  • Atlantic-Southwest +1200
  • Central-Northwest +1600
  • Southeast-Northwest +2500
  • Central-Southwest +4000
  • Southeast-Southwest

2022 NBA Finals Division Exact Winner Odds

  • Atlantic defeats Pacific +260
  • Pacific defeats Atlantic +260
  • Pacific defeats Central +1000
  • Central defeats Pacific +1000
  • Atlantic defeats Northwest +1100
  • Northwest defeats Atlantic +1100
  • Southeast defeats Pacific +1600
  • Pacific defeats Southeast +1600
  • Atlantic defeats Southwest +2500
  • Southwest defeats Atlantic +2500
  • Central defeats Northwest +3500
  • Northwest defeats Central +3500
  • Northwest defeats Southeast +5000
  • Southeast defeats Northwest +5000
  • Southwest defeats Central +8000
  • Central defeats Southwest +8000
  • Southeast defeats Southwest +12500
  • Southwest defeats Southeast +12500

2022 NBA Finals Division Winner Odds

  • Pacific +155
  • Atlantic +175
  • Central +700
  • Northwest +750
  • Southeast +1200
  • Southwest +1800

2022 NBA Finals Conference Winner Odds

  • Eastern Conference -110
  • Western Conference -110

2022 NBA Eastern Conference Divison Winner Odds

  • Atlantic -225
  • Central +325
  • Southeast +575

2022 NBA Western Conference Divison Winner Odds

  • Pacific -300
  • Northwest +350
  • Southwest +900

2021 NBA Playoff Betting Results

Following all the straight-up, against the spread and over-under total results for the NBA Playoffs is a great tool for bettors looking to keep on top of the action.

2021 NBA Playoff Betting Results
Round Favorites-Dogs (SU) Favorites-Dogs (ATS) Over-Under
Play-in 5-1 3-2-1 3-3
First Round 30-13 28-15 25-17-1
Conference Semis 13-11 11-12-1 9-14-1
Conference Finals 6-6 5-7 6-6
NBA Finals 5-1 5-1 3-2-1
Overall Results Favorites-Dogs (SU) Favorites-Dogs (ATS) Over-Under
Total 59-31 52-36-2 46-41-3

Giannis Antetokounmpo captured the NBA Finals MVP after Milwaukee defeated Phoenix 4-2 in the 2021 NBA Finals. (AP)

2021 NBA Finals Matchup

(2) Phoenix Suns vs. (3) Milwaukee Bucks (Bucks won series 4-2)

  • Season Series: Bucks 3-2
  • Series Odds: Phoenix +310, Milwaukee -400
  • Game 1 - Milwaukee 105 at Phoenix 118 (-4.5) (Over 219.5)
  • Game 2 - Milwaukee 108 at Phoenix 118 (-4.5) (Over 221)
  • Game 3 - Phoenix 100 at Milwaukee 120 (-4.5) (Push 220)
  • Game 4 - Phoenix 103 at Milwaukee 109 (-4.5) (Under 220)
  • Game 5 - Milwaukee 123 (+4) at Phoenix 119 (Over 220)
  • Game 6 - Phoenix 98 at Milwaukee 105 (-4.5) (Under 221)

How do I read the Playoff Props Odds?

For example, the Milwaukee Bucks odds of making the 2021 NBA Playoffs are listed at Yes (-6000) and No (+1600).

If you bet $100 on the Bucks to be one of the eight teams to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference, you would win $1.66 on "Yes" wagers. Or in order to win $100 on the Bucks-Yes combination, then you would have to risk $6,000.

Bettors believing that the Bucks could stumble this season or perhaps injuries could wreck their season, a "No" wager would bring back a return of 16/1 odds (Bet $100 to win $1,600).

NBA Playoff History

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat in six games of the 2020 NBA Finals.

History Archive

NBA Playoff Scoreboard

The NBA Scoreboard not only provides the scores for the NBA Playoffs, but so much more.

The key feature is the Betting Odds and the NBA Scores provides a consensus line that is created by multiple sportsbooks in the United States. The Betting Odds display which team is the favorite in the matchup and that can be determined with a minus (-) sign followed by a number.

Also, the NBA Scores section features Betting Trends for each matchup and this shows you how much money is being wagered on each team. It’s a great tool if you want to ride or against the betting public. Another great resource is the Line Movements because knowing how a sportsbook adjusts to the action.

If you are in a state where sports betting is legal, please check out our online sportsbook directory to find the best and most secure places to make bets on today's NBA games.

NBA Playoff Series Betting

One of the most popular betting markets in the NBA Playoffs is the series prices, which focuses on the head-to-head matchup between two teams in the best-of-seven series.

Also, bettors can wager on the Exact Outcomes for those series and those payouts are great.

The 2020 Playoff Series Results and Odds can be viewed below for the four rounds.

NBA Playoff Betting Types

  • Money-line: This is an easy one. Simply pick which team will win outright. Say the Lakers are up against Clippers in a series matchup – pick one team over the other to bring home the win. New bettors especially bet on the money-line as it's the simplest way to bet on a game.
  • Point-Spread: Like money-line, here you choose a team to win or lose outright. However, the difference lies in guessing how much they win/lose by. This number is a specific points total set by the sportsbooks. Our advice? Check out the team’s average points per game over the season.
  • Totals: Also called over/under, this bet determines whether the final score will – combined – will be over or under what the sportsbook thinks.
  • Props: This betting market continues to rise in popularity and betting on both specific player and team statistics will increase your viewing pleaure.
  • Live Betting: Forgot to put your bet in? No problem, just pull up the latest Live Betting markets or what many also call In-Game Wagering. These wagers can allow you to press, chase or even get out of wagers that you don't want any part of. The options are limitless and the action is Live!
  • Futures: Feeling the itch to bet already? Futures can be placed weeks or sometimes months ahead of the game. For example, maybe you think the Boston Celtics will bring it home this year in your NBA Playoffs Picks. Place a bet now ahead of the postseason to get in on the ground floor. Just pay attention as the odds can change, and your choice can even be knocked out!
  • Parlays: Called accumulator bets in the UK, parlays are a series of bets. The NBA Playoffs is the perfect time for parlays, where you can lay down a small bet of say $10 across five games. Win all five and you could be looking at a hefty return with your NBA Playoff Picks.

NBA Playoff Picks Memberships is offering great opportunities to see a variety of NBA Playoff predictions from all of our pro basketball experts.

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