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Sports Betting 101 - How to Bet Boxing


The content on this page is for informational purposes only. Vegas Insider makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of information given or the outcome of any game or event.

How To Bet on Boxing

How to Bet on Boxing

Betting on Boxing can be a riveting experience. One of the most lucrative sports in the world for a fighter, you too could potentially feel the rush of a victory when your favorite boxer takes the win: if luck is on your side, that is. Here’s a guide on betting on boxing: what kind of bets you can expect, some insider tips, and a few choice sportsbooks that might help you on your ringside journey.

Boxing Betting - Popular Events

Mayweather Jr. vs. Paul

This is perhaps one of the most talked about fights in recent memory. Up-and-coming YouTuber-turned-fighter Logan Paul faced the highest-earning boxer in the world, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Paul has made some surprising showings in recent memory, but he hadn’t actually had to face a professional fighter before this drawn-out bout.

Fury vs. Wilder

One of the most memorable rivalries in 21st century boxing is Fury v. Wilder. The two have gone head-to-head in two matches so far, with the third match scheduled for October 2021. The first matchup ended in a disappointing and heavily disputed draw, while the second ended with Fury taking home a win by TKO. That makes Fury the favorite for this third contest, but Wilder’s accuracy and powerful knockouts still make him a contender in the fight.

Fury vs. Joshua

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury have had a side feud happening alongside Fury’s main rivalry with Deonte Wilder. Now, the two are scheduled to fight in Saudi Arabia in August 2021 (details subject to change), and betting heat is rising on both sides. If you’re looking to place bets on an exciting, potentially historic fight, look for odds on the Fury vs. Joshua fight in summer 2021.

Lopez vs. Kambosos

This lightweight fight is one to watch: undefeated Teofimo Lopez will take on Australian George Kambosos, Jr. for the unified lightweight championship. At the moment, Lopez holds the IBF title, the WBA, WBO, and The Ring lightweight championship belts, and will be a tough one to beat. However, Kambosos is the Pan-Pacific champion with a history of holding several titles himself, so this match is geared up to be an exciting face-off between two lightweight stars.

Boxing Betting Tips

Hopefully you’ve read the section on Betting Fundamentals earlier in the text. If not, go ahead and take a look now: you should be primed on how American odds work, what implied probability is, and the basic kinds of bets you can place on sports. Once you’ve gotten yourself primed on that, head back over here for a breakdown of how to bet on boxing.


Betting on Moneyline Boxing

Since you’ve made yourself aware of the basic kinds of bets in our Betting Fundamentals section, you’re aware that a moneyline bet is a straightforward bet on the winner or loser of a given match. For example, you might see a moneyline bet like this:

Jake Paul -155
Ben Askren +125

(We’re using this popular fight between two non-boxers from 2021 as an example.)

As you can see, the boxer with the + odds, Ben Askren, is the underdog (less expected to win the fight). Naturally, you might think a bet on the underdog is always a better option, but some matchups might have a really low expected value for such a payout.

Make sure to crunch the number and weigh your options: it might be a better overall expected value to place a few side bets and bet on the favorite instead of wagering a big sum on the underdog.

Three Way Moneyline

You may also see what’s called a “three way moneyline” in boxing bets. Essentially, a third payout option is made available: if the match ends in a tie. A rare occasion in boxing, the three way moneyline offers that third betting option if bettors want to try their hand at a high-risk, high-reward bet.

Betting on Over/Under in Boxing (Round Betting)

In such a bet, you’re essentially taking the principles of betting on the over/under and applying them to boxing rounds. If you consider each round won or lost to be a point, you can figure out how an over/under bet works. For example, in an over/under bet on the above bout, you could imagine that Jake Paul is expected to win more rounds, at least nine and a half. Therefore, the over/under for this type of bet would be:

Jake Paul: O 5.5 (-165)
Ben Askren:  U 5.5 (+140)

(You’ll note that the odds are a bit different here from the above moneyline example. Odds will vary based on the type of bet and the given sportsbook.)

In the above example, bettors can wager whether or not they think a fighter will last longer than five and a half rounds. However, if said fighter only lasts until the end of the fifth round and gets knocked out at the beginning of the fifth, the bet is considered a “push”, and is cancelled. The same would be true of totals betting and spread betting: if your fighter (or fighters) doesn’t meet that half-point “hook”, the bet is a push.

Boxing Props

You should also be vaguely familiar with “proposition” or “prop” betting, wherein you’re betting on an in-game event that doesn’t affect the outcome of the final. This can be a bit tricky with boxing, since a common boxing prop might be, for example, “Jake Paul to win in the fifth round” or “Ben Askren to win by decision”, or TKO, etc.

As the previously mentioned bets don’t have anything to do with who won, but rather how they won or a moment of performance during the fight, they’re considered to be prop bets. Another prop bet might be “winner of round three” or “fighter is knocked down”.

How to choose a sportsbook for Boxing Betting

When you’re looking at choosing a sportsbook, the first step is to make sure it even offers boxing as an option. For whatever reason, some sportsbooks haven’t yet opted to offer bets on prizefighting, so make sure the betting app of your choice offers them.

Next is to compare the odds with competing sites. It’s a good idea when betting to shop around for the best price, same as with any purchase. However, we can’t recommend juggling between different betting apps, as this is a strategy that 1) is very difficult to pull off and 2) can get you in trouble with the operator, limiting your ability to make bets in the future.

Once you’ve narrowed your choices down to a few competitive sites, look for event-specific promotions and a good welcome offer. You want to get the most “bang for your buck” when you sign up with a new provider, so choose the one with the promotions and offers that are most attractive to you (a rewards program wouldn’t hurt, either).

Best Boxing Betting Apps

There are plenty of sports betting apps out there, but only a few of them are going to have competitive odds on your favorite boxing matchups.

DraftKings is a house favorite because it always boasts fair odds and a good selection of available promotions, including boosted bets. The app works well across platforms and is a great way for new and seasoned bettors to bet on their favorites.

BetMGM would of course be on this list, seeing as the MGM Grand has been home to some of the most celebrated and watched fights in history (including the infamous “Bite Fight” between Tyson and Holyfield). Get on the app today for a solid selection of sports and a rewards program worth taking a look at.

FanDuel is another DFS provider taking their online experience to the legal sports betting market, and they offer competitive odds on boxing as well as some fantastic event-specific promotions and bet boosts.

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Best Boxing Betting Strategies

As always, there’s no real strategy to winning bets. It’s a combination of love of the game and luck, and if you’ve ever been told that someone has a winning strategy, it’s probably to get you to buy something. What’s most important is to bet responsibly and to never treat betting as a means of making money.

Secondly, be a fan: if you’re not following the trades or you don’t know, for example, that your fighter just embarrassed himself at the weigh-in and isn’t looking confident, you’ll be left behind. It’s always a good idea to keep yourself in the loop: don’t bet blind.

Look for value in your bets. That means that you might see an underdog that’s being given fairer odds to win than expected, so less experienced bettors will flood that event and make it that much harder to get a solid payout. Look for pricing that doesn’t seem to match up with expectations.

This is especially important for live event betting, where things can change at a moment’s notice. Know your fighter, and don’t hesitate to use the betslip or a bet calculator to plan out your bets in advance.

FAQ: How to Bet on Boxing

Where can I bet on boxing?

You can bet on boxing anywhere where sports betting is legal and regulated. Make sure you’re going with a reputable sportsbook that’s licensed and regulated by a local gaming authority: you can check this by looking for the control board or commission’s seal at the bottom of the page or the app footer. You can also just use one of the preferred sportsbooks that we’ve mentioned above.

States where online sports betting is legal as of summer 2021 include Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, and New Jersey. Not all preferred sportsbooks are available in your state, so check with the sportsbook to see if they’re licensed to offer sports betting there.

Is betting on boxing legal?

Yes, provided you’re only making real-money wagers from a state where sports betting is legal and regulated. Check your sportsbook and refer to the above list. Just because a sportsbook is legal in your state doesn’t mean they offer bets on boxing, so it’s always a good idea to take a look at a given sportsbook’s website before committing to an account.

How can I make the most out of my bankroll?

The best way to extend your bankroll is to bet smart. Check out the Betting Fundamentals section for more details, but we always recommend that bettors stick to a Fractional Kelly betting method, wherein you only wager a maximum percentage of your bankroll, no matter what your expectations.

Another good way to make the most out of your betting cash is to look for available promotions and boosted bets. If you choose to place a bet under one of these promotions, you’ll often be party to better payouts than if you hadn’t chosen a promoted bet. You’ll often find event-specific promotions when a big fight is coming up, so make sure to keep an eye out for those.

Are there bonuses available for betting on boxing?

Sometimes, yes. Often, if there’s a very popular upcoming fight or event, sportsbooks will want to take advantage of some of that heat. The way they’ll do this is by offering boosted odds or other bonuses on payouts if you bet on a specific match or competitor. Look at the promotions page for your preferred sportsbook for more information on boosted bets, extra betting cash, and more boxing-specific promos.

Final Thoughts: Betting on Boxing

Pugilism has been a part of human history since the era of the pyramids, and there’s evidence that boxing has been celebrated as a spectator sport since the time of ancient Greece. Betting on boxing can be among the most exciting experiences a sports bettor can engage in: the chance at winning right there alongside your tired, proud fighter is a thrill.

With any betting, boxing included, it’s important to set your limits, know who you’re betting on, and make sure to get the best value through looking for news, good pricing or by taking advantage of boosted bets. Good luck, champion!