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Sports Betting 101 - How to Bet Table Tennis


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How To Bet on Table Tennis

How to Bet on Table Tennis

Sports bettors in legal US markets such as Colorado will be able to add table tennis betting to the mix. This is one of the many Summer Olympic sports that can be legally wagered on during that competition, as well as throughout the year for select matches hosted on legal sportsbooks.

How to bet on table tennis is not that difficult to learn. This comprehensive betting guide will cover how to read table tennis odds. It will also provide some helpful betting tips to make the most of your overall betting strategy.

Table Tennis Betting: Popular Events

The most popular competition for table tennis betting is both league and tournament play. Regular leagues are complemented by major betting events throughout the year.

Table Tennis Betting: League Play

The sport of table tennis is played on an international level through regular league play. Two global hot spots for league play include Europe and Asia.

Table tennis betting is big in Eastern Europe with leagues such as Moscow Liga Pro. The Setka Cup in Ukraine, the Armenia ITT Cup and the Czech Republic TT Star Series are also the top of the list.

The Asian Table Tennis Union (ATTU) is the main governing body of the sport in that region of the world. It was first formed in 1972 and it is recognized by the International Tennis Federation.

Table Tennis Betting: Tournament Play

The majority of the betting action for the sport of table tennis focuses on tournament play. Similar to regular tennis, these events draw the world’s best players and the deepest fields.

Legal US sportsbooks will regularly post betting odds for each of these competitions. The calendar of events varies from year-to-year. Yet, there are some major international events that garner most of the betting attention.

The biggest tournament on the board is the Summer Olympic Games, which was held in Tokyo in 2021.

The summer competition ran from July 24 through August 1 and focused on five primary categories as follows:

  • Men’s Table Tennis Singles
  • Men’s Team
  • Women’s Singles
  • Women’s Team
  • Mixed Doubles

The 2021 World Table Tennis Championships is scheduled to take place from November 23 to November 29. For the first time in the history of this event, it will be staged in the US in the city of Houston.

This competition awards seven different trophies for the winners. Along with the five categories in the Summer Olympics, there is a men’s and women’s doubles competition.

Three secondary table tennis events that draw quite a bit of betting action would be the African Championships, the Asian Championships and the European Championships.

Table Tennis Betting Tips

There are a few different ways to bet on the sport of table tennis. Legal US sportsbooks will present the betting odds for each option ahead of the competition.

Table Tennis Head-to-Head Matchups

One of the most popular table tennis betting options is on the winner of a match.

Betting odds for head-to-head competitions are normally presented as money line odds. Bettors have to risk more money to bet on the favorite. Bettors can try to earn a bigger return on their bet by going with the underdog.

For example, if the money line odds for the favorite are set at -175, bettors would need to risk $175 to win $100 placing that wager. If the money line odds on the underdog were +160, bettors would earn $160 on a $100 bet if that player pulls off the upset.

The higher the money line odds for either side, the bigger the competitive difference between the two players. One table tennis betting tip is to avoid betting against heavy favorites. The odds are set that high for a reason.

Table Tennis Futures Bets

The easiest way to bet on any table tennis tournament is picking the outright winner. Depending on the set odds and depth of the field, this could also be the best way to place a table tennis bet.

The odds for betting table tennis futures are also presented as money lines. For example, Fan Zhendong of China has been opened as a -125 favorite to win the men’s single competition in the Summer Games.

A bettor would have to risk $125 to win $100. Yet, that might make sense given the fact that he is the No.1-ranked player in the world.

The books will also set futures odds for overall team competitions. China is an overwhelming -1000 favorite to win the mixed doubles competition in Tokyo. In this case, betting the favorite comes with a very high risk. However, betting against such a prohibitive favorite does not make much sense.

Table Tennis OVER/UNDER Bets

Some books might offer a market for the OVER/UNDER on the total points scored in a particular game. The same type of bet might also be available for the total number of sets played.

When it comes to how to bet on table tennis, this betting option falls into the advanced category. A thorough understanding of each player’s strengths and weaknesses would have to be taken into consideration.

One basic betting tip for OVER/UNDER propositions would be the closer the matchup, the higher the scoring.

One general tip for how to bet on table tennis is to get to know the top players. China obviously dominates this sport with the top men’s and women’s players in the world. Another strong country would be Japan followed by Hong Kong and South Korea.

By focusing your handicapping energy on these four dominant teams, you can uncover some solid betting value in the odds.

How to Choose a Sportsbook for Table Tennis Betting

For the first time ever, US bettors can legally wager on table tennis in the Summer Olympics. The best way to choose a US sportsbook is based on its betting board for the sport.

A good starting point would be the top three US sportsbooks for legal betting. FanDuel leads the way with the biggest market share. DraftKings would be next followed by BetMGM. Combined, these three sportsbooks account for 80% of the legal US market.

Another important part of the selection process is availability in particular states. There are close to 30 states offering legal sports betting in some form. However, only half of those markets offer legal online sports betting through mobile sportsbook apps.

Interest in table tennis betting is high, especially in a global event such as the Summer Olympics. Yet, this is not one of the bigger betting sports overall.

Studying the overall betting board at any legal US sportsbook is always a viable strategy in the search process. Sports bettors should get to know what sports betting options are offered at each available book. This will help pinpoint that search for table tennis betting options.

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Best Table Tennis Betting Apps

The majority of the legal sports bets placed in the US are through mobile sportsbook apps. That is why finding the best apps is an important step in the betting process.

Fortunately, most of the gaming companies offering a legal sports betting app have done an excellent job. This covers overall design, ease of use, clarity of graphics and added features.

If a book garners high marks for its overall mobile betting app, that is a good starting point in the search. A few apps that fit the mold include FanDuel, DraftKings and BetMGM as the big three in the industry.

Others to add to the list would be PointsBet, FOX Bet and BetRivers. All six of these apps offer the widest range of legal markets in the US. For example, all six of these mobile sportsbook apps are operating in Colorado as a major market for legal sports betting.

Major markets offering the majority of these apps include:

As the biggest legal online mobile betting apps, finding betting options for table tennis should be easier. Table tennis betting will be driven by demand. If the market is there, legal sportsbooks will be more than happy to offer expanded betting options.

Best Table Tennis Betting Strategies

The first step in formulating any betting strategy is setting a budget. This budget should be made up of discretionary funds that are not part of any set financial obligations.

The next step is to determine all the options to wager on. For table tennis, this could include futures odds for upcoming events. These types of odds are usually released first.

Moving closer to the actual competition, odds for individual matchups will be added to the betting board.

Get to know the key competitors in the field. Stay away from betting upsets in the early rounds as the cream will rise to the top. Going chalk (betting the favorite) is always a viable strategy for table tennis betting.

Look for betting opportunities as the competition wears on. If there are a few major upsets along the way, that will change the entire complexion of the tournament moving into the medal rounds.

Set betting limits for each wager placed. Money management should be a vital aspect of any table tennis betting strategy.

FAQ: How to Bet on Table Tennis

Where can I bet on table tennis?

You can bet on table tennis at US sportsbooks in states that offer legal sports betting. For example, Colorado offers mobile betting apps for 11 different operators. This is one of the widest selections in the US.

Is Betting on Table Tennis Legal?

Yes, as long as the state where the bet is placed offers legal sports betting. This list is expanding all the time. It is important to check the individual laws concerning sports betting for the state in question.

What is the top table tennis betting tip?

Educate yourself on the sport in terms of the actual competitors as well as all the various betting options offered.

Final Thoughts on How to Bet On Table Tennis

Table tennis betting is just like betting any other sport that offers head-to-head matchups. The competition is dictated by the quality and depth of the field.

The Summer Olympics and the World Table Tennis Championship offer the highest level of competition. All the various regional tournaments around the world build up to these two events. League play offers the chance to bet on table tennis on a regular basis.

Any interest in table tennis betting should correspond directly with the level of interest in the actual sport. The most successful sports bettors in the world are the ones who truly love and follow the sports they bet.