Super Bowl 57 Betting Odds Report

Super Bowl 57 odds are on the board, and no surprise, it took no time at all for bettors to start weighing in. It's a battle of No. 1 seeds, as the Kansas City Chiefs meet the Philadelphia Eagles on Feb. 12 in Glendale, Ariz.

The Eagles drew point-spread play right out of the gate, but there's certainly been plenty of Chiefs action as odds to win the Super Bowl fleshed out.

Multiple oddsmakers provide insights on Super Bowl odds and action. Check back for updates right up until kickoff.

Super Bowl 57 Odds

Kansas City vs Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts and the Eagles rolled over the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game. (Getty)

Opening line: Pick; Over/Under 48.5
Time: 6:30 p.m. ET Sunday, Feb. 12 (FOX)

UPDATE 6:15 P.M. ET SUNDAY: With kickoff minutes away, Philadelphia is a 1.5-point favorite on PointsBet USA's Super Bowl odds board. Kansas City actually opened -2.5, but the line quickly jumped the fence to Eagles -2.5 before settling at -2 back on opening night, Jan. 29.

On Jan. 30, the Eagles fell to -1.5, and the number hasn't moved off -1.5 since then. Philadelphia is taking 63% of spread bets/60% of spread dollars. On the moneyline, it's 55% of tickets on Kansas City/55% of money on Philly.

"The book is rooting for the Chiefs," PointsBet sports analyst Mike Korn said.

PointsBet had one of the lowest openers on the total, at 47.5, sped to 49.5 and reached its peak of 51.5 today. It's still at 51.5, with 64% of tickets on the Over, but 61% of cash on the Under, which is surprising for a Super Bowl.

UPDATE 1 P.M. ET SUNDAY: WynnBet has Philly as a 1.5-point chalk, with juice of -108 on both sides in the Super Bowl 57 odds market. Back on Jan. 29, the Eagles opened -1 and went to -2 in less than 30 minutes. On Jan. 31, the line nudged down to Eagles -1.5 and stuck there for a week before returning to -2 Tuesday afternoon.

On Friday, WynnBet moved back to Philadelphia -1.5, and the number has been stable since, save for minor juice adjustments. The Eagles are landing 62% of spread tickets and 61% of spread money.

"We need the Chiefs against the spread," WynnBet senior trader John Manica said. "Most of this action has been booked at -1.5. There has been a steady diet of $10,000 and $20,000 wagers coming in on both sides. We just took a $50,000 wager on the Eagles at -1.5 in Arizona. The numbers are moving around quickly at this point, as the action heats up."

The moneyline opened Eagles -125/Chiefs +105, peaked at Eagles -135/Chiefs +115 almost right out of the gate and is now Eagles -120/Chiefs even money. Kansas City is netting 58% of tickets and 56% of dollars.

"A small spread has a lower likelihood of coming into play, so why not take the moneyline on the chiefs?" Manica said. "Right now, if the Eagles won and covered, it would be our worst result, but not a devastating loss, as we would collect all the Chiefs moneyline wagers. If the Chiefs won, it would be our best result. A dream scenario would be Eagles by 1."

The total opened at 50 and fell to 49.5 within a few hours, then on Feb. 1 went to 50/50.5/51 before settling at 50.5. On Monday afternoon, the number returned to 51 and remained there the rest of the week. Ticket count is dead even, while 56% of money is on the Under.

"The total is a small win either way for us. The public generally continues to pound the Over as we get closer to game time," Manica said.

Of course, WynnBet is seeing plenty of action on Super Bowl prop bets.

"There has been huge interest in most props involving Travis Kelce, [particularly] receiving yards Over 77.5 and first touchdown scorer +650. He is the main guy they are targeting on K.C.," Manica said. "Also, we took a $30,000 whack on Heads, so will be rooting for Tails come the coin flip."

UPDATE 4 P.M. ET SATURDAY: With just one more sleep until the Big Game, Station Sportsbook's Chuck Esposito said his shop – which had been at Eagles -2 most of the past week – finally got moved to -1.5, where most of the market has been for 10 days or so.

Station opened at pick 'em and within minutes got bet to Eagles -2 on Jan. 29, then to -2.5 on Jan. 30. The number then backed up to -1.5 for a few days, before Philly action again forced the line up to Eagles -2.

"Over 75% of the tickets are on the Eagles," Esposito said of the combination of spread, moneyline and parlay play on Philadelphia. "That's the thing that surprises me most. This game is nearly a pick 'em, yet the ticket count is so one-sided to the Eagles. I think it's in part a product of the Eagles walking through their playoff games, while with another possession, the Chiefs could've lost either of their playoff games.

"But it is Andy Reid coming off a bye week, where he's 27-4. It's hard to play against Reid coming off that extra week."

And Station, like many other sportsbooks in Vegas and across the country, is a Reid fan at the moment.

"We're definitely Chiefs fans for the game itself. Right now, the best-case scenario is Chiefs and Under. If it somehow lands Eagles by 1, that's really the best case," Esposito said. "The worst-case scenario is Eagles covering and Over. But there's still a ways to go. We still stand to see 60-70% of wagers coming in over the next 24 hours leading to kickoff."

Station opened the total at 50, fell back to 49.5 and peaked at 51, which is where the total sits now.

"I think you'll see a continued trend of Over tickets and money coming across the counter," Esposito said. "We can say that on almost every big game."

In the Super Bowl props market, Esposito said all things Travis Kelce are popular, with the Chiefs tight end seeing plenty of action.

"They continue to play Kelce for MVP and first touchdown. He's really the popular play for a lot of markets," Esposito said. "And I think he's somewhat the key to the game. If Patrick Mahomes is able to find him and move the chains, Kelce has a chance to be MVP."

Echoing other oddsmakers, Esposito said the Super Bowl is now more about the props market than the typical spread/total/moneyline options.

"We've got props from the outcome of the coin toss to whether the last play of the game will be a quarterback kneel-down, and everything in between. That's what makes it fun."

UPDATE 3:30 P.M. ET FRIDAY, FEB. 10: Heading into the weekend, Philadelphia remains a 1.5-point chalk on Caesars Sports' Super Bowl odds board. The line has been painted to Eagles -1.5 since Jan. 30, after opening at pick 'em and quickly getting bet up to Philly -2 on Jan. 29.

The Eagles are taking 70% of spread bets and 73% of spread money at Caesars. On the moneyline, which is currently Philadelphia -125/Kansas City +105, 56% of tickets are on the Chiefs and 57% of dollars are on the Eagles.

"I guess that I’d say I’m a tad surprised by how much Eagles action it’s been,” Pullen said. “I made this game a pick, so I think it’s pretty much a coin flip. Maybe it’s still resonating how good the Eagles have looked in the playoffs, and people must think that the Eagles' defense can slow down [Patrick] Mahomes. Starting today, that’s when the action really heats up. We’re going to get the bulk of the activity then, and it’s going to dwarf whatever we’ve taken at this point.”

And that's with Caesars already seeing several significant wagers. The following point-spread and moneyline bets are in:

  • $150,000 Chiefs +1.5
  • $150,000 Eagles -1.5
  • $131,584.75 Eagles -2
  • $100,000 Eagles -1.5
  • $164,994 Eagles moneyline -125
  • $150,000 Chiefs moneyline +105
  • $314,000 Chiefs alternate spread +3.5 (-157)
  • $115,000 Chiefs +0.5 first half (-115)

The total has also drawn some major wagers on both sides, including: $270,039.90 on Over 50.5 and $110,000 on Over 50, from the same customer; $110,000 on Over 49.5; $220,000 on Under 51; and from one customer, $110,000 on Under 51 and $220,000 on Under 50.5.

Caesars opened the total at 49.5 and peaked multiple times at 51, and the number has been stable at 51 since Tuesday afternoon. The Over is netting 58% of tickets/61% of money.

"The money dictated the move. We took some big bets on Over 50 and Over 50.5, so we had to go back to 51,” Pullen said, while alluding to a short stint last week at 51 in which Caesars got pounded on the Under, after which he said he didn't anticipate getting back to 51. “I didn’t think that would be the case. But there’s two weeks ahead of the game, so just because something happened last week doesn’t mean it’ll happen this week. It’s definitely been a difference of opinions, and this week it’s been a steady stream of Over money.

"So we have 51 as the number for now. We’ll see where it is in the coming days.”

Updated on 03/04/2024
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UPDATE 6:30 P.M. ET THURSDAY, FEB. 9: With 72 hours to go until kickoff, the Eagles are laying 1.5 points in TwinSpires Sportsbook's Super Bowl odds market. Back on Jan. 29, Philadelphia opened -1 and quickly moved out to -2.5, where resistance arrived.

"We saw sharp play on Kansas City +2.5 and +2," TwinSpires director of retail sports Zachary Lucas said. "No sharp play on the way up for Philly."

The Eagles are taking 66% of spread tickets and 58% of spread money. Moneyline action is more one-way, with tickets and dollars running 3/1 on Philadelphia.

"So far, it's a medium-sized decision. We need K.C. as of now," Lucas said.

TwinSpires had one of the higher openers on the total, at 51, which got bet down to 49.5 in short order. Since then, it's made a couple of trips back to 51, where the number sits tonight. It's two-way play, with 57% of tickets on the Over/55% of money on the Under.

On Super Bowl prop bets, Lucas commented on two interesting TwinSpires offerings: Total players to complete a pass (Over/Under 2.5); and game to end in a Scorigami, meaning a score that no game in NFL history has ever ended in.

"It's two teams with tricky offenses, so bettors are expecting someone other than the two QBs to throw a pass. Maybe another Philly Special," Lucas said of bettors hitting Over 2.5 +200 on players to complete a pass.

On the Scorigami, no surprise, bettors are on Yes +1500.

"There are a lot of flier wagers on this market," Lucas said.

Other props Lucas said the book will be sweating:

  • Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce Over 79.5 receiving yards
  • Eagles QB Jalen Hurts MVP +130
  • Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Anytime Touchdown +420
Isiah Pacheco hopes to be a key cog for the Chiefs on Super Bowl Sunday. (Getty)

UPDATE 6 P.M. ET WEDNESDAY, FEB. 8: South Point sportsbook director Chris Andrews was one of the very few to open Kansas City a favorite in the Super Bowl 57 odds. The Chiefs went up at -1 on the evening of Jan. 29, and like everywhere else, the number was on the move in a hurry.

"When I opened Chiefs -1, it was pick 'em everywhere at the time," Andrews said. "We got bet at Eagles +1, not a lot, but I saw other books go to Philly -1. Then they just kept betting it. I stayed under the market for a while. I liked the Chiefs early on. I reserve the right to change my mind."

While most books were at Eagles -2.5 within about 20-30 minutes, South Point consistently stayed a half-point to a point behind the flow. However, by late night Jan. 29, Andrews moved to Philadelphia -2.5. It didn't take long to get some resistance, albeit primarily on the moneyline on Jan. 30.

"At 2.5, they started coming back. Part of that was that we took a big moneyline bet on the Chiefs, $100,000 at +115," Andrews said. "The point spread is low enough where a big bet like that affects the point spread."

So South Point fell back to Eagles -1.5 and stayed there until Monday. Andrews said with Eagles money continuing to pile up, the book had to move to -2.

"And we're still a little heavy on Philly at -2," Andrews said, before addressing South Point's need. "It's close, but the Chiefs are the need. But I think [the line] will come back on the Chiefs. I know the Chiefs' injuries are much more publicly known, but Patrick Mahomes is such a transcendent player that he can certainly overcome whatever injury problems they have."

Andrews said there's sharp play on both sides of the spread and the moneyline, depending on the number. And that includes the big K.C. moneyline wager.

"The guy betting you $100,000 is not a square bettor, and he got a really good number," Andrews said, noting Kansas City is now +105.

The total opened at 49.5 and slowly made its way to the peak of 51 Monday, and it's still at 51 tonight.

"No surprise, all the parlays are going to the Over, plus a lot of straight bets, as well. Most likely, we're gonna need the Under," Andrews said.

On the Super Bowl prop bets front, Andrews pointed to two getting traction at the South Point.

"On the first score to be touchdown or any other score, it's great two-way action. Touchdown is -160, any other score +140, and there's a ton of action both ways. That's been a really good prop," Andrews said before moving to the second notable market. "Number of players to have a pass completion, it's 2.5, with Under -210 and Over +180. But we've had really good two-way action."

Updated on 03/04/2024
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UPDATE 9 P.M. ET TUESDAY, FEB. 7: With five days to go until kickoff, The SuperBook has Philadelphia -1.5 on the Super Bowl odds board, which is where this line has stuck since last Tuesday. The game opened at pick 'em on Jan. 29 and sped to -2.5 on the strength of both sharp and public play.

On Jan. 30, the line inched down to Philly -2, then went to -1.5 last Tuesday morning.

"As of this afternoon, we have about two-thirds of the spread bets on the Eagles. I see some books going to -2, which probably contributes to those percentages on our side," Murray said, before noting moneyline action. "This game is so close to pick’em that you won’t get the usual onslaught of 'dog money we generally see in a Super Bowl. But you will see a lot of bettors opt to go with Chiefs +105 instead of Chiefs +1.5 -110, and right now we do have 55% of our moneyline tickets on the Chiefs.

"That may not seem like much, but it is noteworthy when you consider that two-thirds of the bets on the point spread are going the other way. The public loves to take a plus in the Super Bowl, even a very small one."

The total jumped from 48.5 to 49.5 shortly after Super Bowl odds posted Jan. 29, then receded to 49. The total peaked at 51 on Thursday and again Monday, and it remains 51 tonight.

"We saw sharp money on Over 50 and Over 50.5. We haven’t gone higher than 51 yet, so I can’t speak to seeing that resistance if and when we do move higher," Murray said. "It’s still very early in the week. The public won’t even be arriving to town until Thursday or Friday, and we all know which side of that bet they will be on."

Indeed, the public will be on the Over, as it eternally is in most NFL games and especially the Super Bowl.

Murray said The SuperBook has seen numerous five-figure wagers already, including $10,000 on Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes +130 to win Super Bowl MVP.

"The real big stuff will come in this weekend. The majority of our big house players are arriving Thursday or Friday," he said.

Murray noted a trio of prop bets getting early attention/odds movement: Over/Under Mahomes rushing yards; Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce to score the first TD; and Over/Under total yardage of all made field goals.

"We saw a lot of money come in on Mahomes Over rushing yards. His number went from 10.5 to 19.5. It will be very interesting to track that one, given his recent ankle injury and the question marks surrounding his health going into Sunday," Murray said. "They love Travis Kelce to score the first TD. He’s sitting at 7/1 and has seen by far the most tickets. I know Mahomes' ankle is getting all the attention, but Kelce is another Chief who looked banged up in the Bengals game, and his status is critical for Kansas City this weekend, as well.

"The prop of total yardage of all made field goals has been bet up from 102.5 to 115.5. Lots of support for the Over there. I can’t say I agree. After all, kicking is for losers, and this is the Super Bowl."

Factoring in the futures book, spread, moneyline, etc., Murray said The SuperBook certainly has a rooting interest, though a lot can change by Sunday.

"If the game kicked off right now, we would be rooting for Philadelphia, mostly due to our more favorable futures position on the Eagles," he said. "But ultimately, we are going to want the same thing I say we want every year: A boring game. Over 55% of our handle on this game will come from the prop markets, and the bettors are betting on exciting things to happen. Boring means good for the house."

Travis Kelce hopes to have plenty to shout about come Super Bowl Sunday. (Getty)

UPDATE 6:30 P.M. ET MONDAY, FEB. 6: At BetMGM Nevada – reflecting only BetMGM's position in Las Vegas, not nationally – it took a week to finally draw a major wager on Kansas City.

"Up until Sunday, all the big bets were on the Eagles. Sunday, we took our first six-figure bet on the Chiefs, at +1.5," BetMGM Nevada's Scott Shelton said.

BetMGM Nevada opened Philadelphia -1 and sprinted to -2.5 on Jan. 29, then receded to -2 last Monday. The line has been pinned to Eagles -1.5 since Tuesday.

"Tickets are just over 2/1 in favor of the Eagles. That Chiefs bet Sunday pretty much evened out the money, a little bit more on the Chiefs," Shelton said, while noting sharp play on Chiefs +2.5 and +2, and one six-figure play on Eagles -1.5.

The moneyline has been fairly stable the past few days at Eagles -125/Chiefs +105, down from Jan. 29 peak of Eagles -135/Chiefs +115..

"Almost all of the big bets on the Eagles have been on the moneyline. There's one on Eagles -1.5," Shelton said. "Right now, the moneyline is a seven-figure decision. That being said, ticket count is going the other way. All the $50 bets are on the Chiefs. It's 5/1 money Eagles, but 2/1 tickets Chiefs."

BetMGM Nevada opened the total at 49.5 and saw sharp play in advancing to 50 and 50.5 Wednesday. The total hasn't moved since, although the Over is juiced to -115.

"Ticket count is fairly close, a lot of tickets on both sides, 1.5/1 on the Over. Money is almost 2/1 on the Over," Shelton said. "But we haven't had any big bets on the total."

UPDATE 5:30 P.M. ET SUNDAY, FEB. 5: It's been a relatively quiet day in wagering on Super Bowl 57 odds, a week out from the big game. In fact, at DraftKings, the spread has been painted to Eagles -1.5 since Tuesday morning, after opening -1 and speeding to -2.5 last Sunday night. Shortly thereafter, the line fell back to Philadelphia -2.

Philly is taking 70% of spread tickets and 73% of spread dollars. However, moneyline betting is much closer, with 54% of tickets on short underdog Kansas City (+105) and money running dead even.

DK opened the total at 49, toggled between 49.5 and 50 multiple times early last week, and has been stable at 50.5 since Wednesday. Action is almost perfect two-way so far, with 51% of bets on the Under and 52% of money on the Over.

In addition, among popular Super Bowl prop bets at DraftKings, both QBs are getting hit on Over/Under 1.5 for total touchdown passes. No surprise, bettors are on the Over in both instances, at -210 on the Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes and -105 on the Eagles' Jalen Hurts.

Also no surprise, in the Super Bowl MVP odds market, Mahomes (+125) and Hurts (+120) are Nos. 1 and 2 in tickets and money. Each player has taken more than twice as much money as any other player.

A BetMGM customer put $1 million on Eagles moneyline -125 in the Super Bowl. (Getty)

UPDATE 2 P.M. ET SATURDAY, FEB. 4: It took a few days, but the first reported $1 million bet is on the table in the Super Bowl odds market, and BetMGM is the recipient. Earlier today, a customer put $1 million on Eagles moneyline -125, for a potential profit of $800,000.

BetMGM didn't have updated spread or moneyline splits available today. The major wager certainly adds to the books liability on Philadelphia, which has seen the bulk of spread and moneyline action this week. BetMGM vice president of trading Jason Scott acknowledged the need, but also noted only a fraction of Super Bowl action has landed at this point.

"The Eagles were a loser for us, and now it's bigger," Scott said. "But with less than 10% of expected handle in [so far], it's inconsequential."

In fact, BetMGM didn't even move its moneyline price, sticking at Eagles -125/Chiefs +105. The spread is also stable at Eagles -1.5, which is where the line has been since late Tuesday morning. Philly opened -1 last Sunday night and climbed to -2.5 within about 30 minutes.

The total opened at 49.5, peaked at 50.5 Wednesday and hasn't moved since.

UPDATE 4:30 P.M. ET FRIDAY, FEB. 3: Caesars Sports has the Eagles as 1.5-point favorites on the Super Bowl 57 odds board. The game opened at pick 'em and quickly shot to Philadelphia -2 Sunday night, but it's been stable at -1.5 since late Tuesday night.

Philly is attracting 74% of early spread tickets and 72% of early spread money. Both the Eagles and Chiefs have seen $150,000 bets, Philadelphia at -1.5 and Kansas City at +1.5.

"I’m a little surprised with how lopsided the spread action has been so far,” Caesars assistant director of trading Adam Pullen said. “Usually, when games are closer to pick, you’re more likely to have balanced action. I guess this is a result [of] how good the Eagles have looked, but just because the Chiefs only beat the Bengals by 3 at home, that shouldn’t be a mark against them. Maybe that’s what people are thinking ... focusing on how they won versus if they won.”

The moneyline is seeing more balanced action, with 54% of tickets on the Chiefs/59% of money on the Eagles. Kansas City took a $150,000 play at +105.

The total opened at 49.5, peaked at 51 Wednesday evening, then toggled between 50.5 and 50 a couple times the past two days. It's currently at 50, with ticket count dead even and 68% of money on the Under. Further, in the few hours Wednesday night that Caesars was at 51, 63% of bets and a whopping 99% of dollars were on the Under, including two big Under 51 plays of $220,000 and $110,000.

On Thursday, the same bettor who made the $110,000 Under 51 wager added $220,000 on Under 50.5.

“We’re not going back to 51 again,” Pullen said. “Sometimes you have to test the waters to find that point where the Under is going to garner the action. We found that out at 51. We have traders that made the total in the low 50s, so it’s not like it was an egregious move. But with the sharps jumping in at that number, that’s probably the cap, and you’re probably never going to see that number again—especially in this game.”

Caesars also saw one rather unusual big bet: $314,000 on Kansas City +3.5 (-157). That's a potential win of $200,000 if the Chiefs do no worse than lose by a field goal.

UPDATE 5:30 P.M. ET THURSDAY, FEB. 2: TwinSpires Sportsbook saw its Super Bowl odds movement mirror that of countless other operators Sunday night. Philadelphia opened -1 and quickly got out to -2.5, but by Tuesday, the line receded to Eagles -1.5, where it remains this evening.

The Eagles are taking 70% of early spread bets and 63% of early spread money.

"The initial money was coming in on the Eagles and the Under. We've seen some buyback since then," TwinSpires director of retail sports Zachary Lucas said. "Sharp play on Kansas City +2.5."

TwinSpires was among a couple of books that opened the total higher than most, at 51. The number then backed up to 49.5, before making its way back up to 51. It's currently at 50.5, with nearly dead-even two-way action: 51% of tickets on the Over/52% of dollars on the Under.

In the Super Bowl prop bets market, Lucas said bettors are on the Over for Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce's receiving yards. The total opened at 76.5 and is now 79.5, and bettors are still hitting the Over, which is netting a whopping 95% of tickets/97% of money.

"Most of the handle is on Over 79.5," Lucas said, noting TwinSpires moved up quickly from the 76.5 opener.

Patrick Mahomes' Chiefs opened -2.5 at PointsBet, but the line quickly flipped. (Getty)

UPDATE 5:30 P.M. ET WEDNESDAY, FEB. 1: PointsBet USA was among a very limited number of sportsbooks to open Kansas City a favorite Sunday night, and at -2.5 no less. From there, the line sprinted all the way to Philadelphia -2.5 within a half hour or so.

A short time later, the number backed up to Eagles -2, then Monday night went to Philly -1.5. The Eagles are currently -1.5 (-105), with point-spread ticket count 2/1-plus and spread money 3/1-plus on Philadelphia.

"We saw heavy action on the Eagles, which caused us to move the line from K.C. -2.5 to Philadelphia -2," PointsBet sports analyst Mike Korn said. "That being said, we have seen some action come back on the Chiefs."

The moneyline opened at Chiefs -135/Eagles +115 and is now Eagles -125/Chiefs +105. Philly is netting 54% of early tickets/65% of early money.

PointsBet also was among the outliers on the opening total, starting at 47.5 and quickly getting bet to 49.5. The total stuck at 49.5 until going up to 50.5 this afternoon. However, it's two-way action, with 56% of tickets on the Under/55% of money on the Over.

In the Super Bowl props market, Korn said Travis Kelce Anytime Touchdown is the most popular offering at the moment. Kelce is -135 to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

UPDATE MIDNIGHT ET SUNDAY, JAN. 29: Kansas City rode Patrick Mahomes' gimpy ankle to its third Super Bowl in five seasons, in yet another thriller against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Chiefs were in a dogfight throughout the second half. But Mahomes led a game-winning drive in the final minute, bolstered by a 5-yard scramble that also drew an unnecessary roughness call, with eight seconds remaining.

That put K.C. in position for a 45-yard field-goal attempt, and Harrison Butker nailed it to give the Chiefs a 23-20 victory as 2.5-point home favorites. The Chiefs (16-3 SU) head to the Super Bowl on a seven-game SU win streak (3-4 ATS), though they are still just 6-12-1 ATS on the season.

Philadelphia (16-3 SU, 10-9 ATS) caught a big break early in the NFC Championship Game. San Francisco QB Brock Purdy suffered an elbow injury that forced him out of the game, and the Eagles took full advantage by moving out to a 21-7 halftime lead. Then Niners backup Josh Johnson – the fourth QB to see time this season for San Fran – suffered a third-quarter concussion, and Purdy returned but was ineffective.

The Eagles ultimately coasted to a 31-7 victory, easily cashing as 3-point home favorites. It was Philly's second straight spread-cover, after a four-game ATS slide to end the regular season.

Bettors jumped all over the opening number on The SuperBook's Super Bowl 57 odds board.

"We took  a pretty significant bet on the Chiefs at pick right away, but after that, it was all Philly," said Casey Degnon, senior risk supervisor at The SuperBook. "Public and respected bettors alike pushed us to Philadelphia -1, -1.5 and all the way up to where we're sitting now at -2.5. Action has been pretty split since we got to 2.5, and I think that will continue leading up to the game.

"Ticket count on the moneyline is actually about 2/1 in favor of K.C., but we've taken more dollars on the Eagles moneyline."

The moneyline is currently at Eagles -135/Chiefs +115. The total also got an early jolt.

"Some sharp money came in on the Over, moving us up a whole point to 49.5," Degnon said. "We're now down a half-point, holding steady at 49. And with these two offenses, I think we'll be rooting for the Under come Super bowl Sunday."

Opening Line Report - Super Bowl LVII

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