Boise State Broncos ODDS

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Week 5 2022

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Albertsons Stadium, ID
Boise State Schedule

Week 1 2022
Lost 17-34
Week 2 2022
Won 31-14
Week 3 2022
Won 7-30
Week 4 2022
Lost 10-27
Week 5 2022
Won 13-35
Week 6 2022
9:45 PM ET
Week 8 2022
7:00 PM ET
Week 11 2022
10:30 PM ET
Week 12 2022
7:00 PM ET
Week 13 2022
12:00 PM ET

Betting on the Boise State Broncos

The Boise State Broncos college football team has managed to make a name for itself in the football world. The team has a huge amount of fans throughout the midwest and the country. If you want to bet on the Boise State Broncos, keep reading this betting guide.

The Boise State Broncos college football team is the college football team from Boise State University. The team competes as a member of the Mountain West Conference in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. The team’s home games are played on campus in Boise, ID at Albertsons Stadium.

Since 1999, the Boise State Broncos have a 12-7 record when it comes to bowl games. They also have a 3-0 record for the Fiesta Bowl. In addition, by the end of the 2019 season, their all-time winning percentage was the highest in all of college football, with a percentage of .732.

The Boise State football program began in 1933. Since then, the team has seen some notable players. These include: Brock Forsey, Jeb Putzier, Chris Carr, Daryn Colledge, Gerald Alexander, Jared Zabransky, Ryan Clady, Matt Paradis, and Jeremy McNichols.

The college football team has a few different rivals out there. These include: Fresno State University, the University of Idaho, and the University of Nevada.

A wager you will see a lot in American football betting is a moneyline bet. A moneyline bet is placed around choosing the ultimate winner of any given matchup. Below there is an example of what a moneyline bet would look like:

Boise State Broncos: -104

University of Nevada Wolf Pack: +104

When it comes to this example, the team more likely to win is the Boise State Broncos according to their odds of -104. When it comes to these odds, they mean that for every $1 you are hoping to gain, you would need to bet $1.04, to wager $104 to earn $100. Also according to their odds, the team unlikely to win in this sporting faceoff is the University of Nevada Wolf Pack with odds of +104. So, this then means that for every $1 wagered, you could gain $1.04, to wager $100 to gain $104.

Betting in Idaho

Sports betting in Idaho is not currently legal. There is no legal way to bet on sports in the state of Idaho. However, with new states legalizing sports betting each year, that could change. The minimum gambling age in Idaho is 18-years-old. However, in Clearwater Casino, the minimum age to enter is 21-years-old.