FALCONS Odds: Schedule, Matchups, & Stats

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August 9, 2024 7:00 PM ET

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Falcons Schedule

Date Opp Close Result ATS/OU
Sep 8, 2024 Steelers -3 / 43 1:00 PM ET
Sep 16, 2024 @Eagles +4 / 47.5 8:15 PM ET
Sep 22, 2024 Chiefs +3 / 49 8:20 PM ET
Sep 29, 2024 Saints -4 / 44.5 1:00 PM ET
Oct 3, 2024 Buccaneers -3 / 44.5 8:15 PM ET
Oct 13, 2024 @Panthers -3 / 42.5 4:25 PM ET
Oct 20, 2024 Seahawks -3.5 / 47 1:00 PM ET
Oct 27, 2024 @Buccaneers +1 / 42.5 1:00 PM ET
Nov 3, 2024 Cowboys +1 / 48 2:00 PM ET
Nov 10, 2024 @Saints -1 / 44.5 2:00 PM ET
Nov 17, 2024 @Broncos -2.5 / 43.5 5:05 PM ET
Dec 1, 2024 Chargers -3 / 46.5 2:00 PM ET
Dec 8, 2024 @Vikings -1 / 45 2:00 PM ET
Dec 16, 2024 @Raiders -1 / 45.5 9:30 PM ET
Dec 22, 2024 Giants -5.5 / 44.5 2:00 PM ET
Dec 29, 2024 @Commanders -2.5 / 46 1:00 AM ET
Jan 5, 2025 Panthers -6.5 / 45.5 1:00 AM ET

Betting on the Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have had a lot of major wins and major losses in the team’s long career. The team has been around for fifty five years and has built a loyal following. This means many people are looking to bet on the team, so this guide will help you with your Atlanta Falcons betting.

The Atlanta Falcons play in the National Football League in the South Division of the National Football Conference. Professional football first made its way to Atlanta way back in 1962, due to a preseason contest from the American Football League. The franchise first joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1965. The team currently plays its home games at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA.

The Falcons have won six division championships in 1980, 1998, 2004, 2010, 2012, and most recently in 2016. The team has also gone to the Super Bowl twice — the first time in 1998 for Super Bowl XXXIII, which ended in a loss to the Denver Broncos. And the second time in 2016 for Super Bowl LI, which ended in a loss to the New England Patriots.

The team has had a few notable names on its roster in its time. These include Julio Jones, Michael Turner, Matt Ryan, Wade Wilson, William Andrews, Norm Johnson, T.J. Duckett, Adrian Clayborn, and Michael Vick.

The Falcons have also had some notorious rivalries during its fifty five years. These include with the New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as well as the Philadelphia Eagles.

A popular wager found with NFL matchups is a moneyline bet. A moneyline bet has the wagerer try to choose the victor of any sporting event. Here below is an example of what a moneyline bet can look like:

  • Atlanta Falcons: -128
  • Philadelphia Eagles: +128

This example shows that the Atlanta Falcons are likely to win, as demonstrated by the Falcons’ odds of -128. So, those odds show that for every $1 the wagerer is looking to win, they would need to bet $1.28, to bet $128 to earn $100. The team whose odds show they are not likely to win in this matchup is the Philadelphia Eagles with odds of +128. These odds show that for every $1 bet, the wagerer could gain $1.28, to bet $100 to win $128.

At VegasInsider, we have the latest Atlanta Falcons odds and a ton of expert information and picks to aid you on your betting adventure! If you want to get the best bet for your money, we make sure to keep odds updated for the latest Atlanta Falcons stats so that you can have the most accurate information at your disposal.

Betting in Georgia

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Updated on 05/30/2024
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