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Roster Report

AIR FORCE - FS Corbin Brown trans to UNLV.

AKRON - RB Broderick Alexander OFY (Achilles).

ALABAMA - QB Star Jackson trans to Georgia St. OL Taylor Pharr had problems with conc and DE Milton Talbert (shoulder inj) were given med hardships.

ARIZONA - WR Delashaun Dean trans to Texas A&M-Kingsville.

ARIZONA ST - RB Damien Williams and DT Calvin Tonga have acad issues, will attend JC. DT Otis Jones (knee) and OL Zach Schlink's (knee) careers are also over. OL Matt Hustad has retired (knee).

ARKANSAS - CB David Gordon trans to Okla St. TE Jim Youngblood trans to Cent Ark. WR Carlton Salters left program (pursing baseball career). QB Nick Petrino is no longer with tm, concentrating on coaching. WR Neal Barlow took a med hardship (recurring foot inj). FB Mitchell Bailey trans to ULM. DL Calvin Barnett DNQ, will enroll at JC. LB Montaque Mack is expected to GS.

AUBURN - RB Dontae Aycock was dismissed.

BALL ST - NCAA denied TE Madaris Grant's appeal for a 6th yr. WR Seth White and DE Tory Squires were dismissed.

BAYLOR - WR Eddie Johnson will att prep school.

WR Calvin Wiley was awarded 6th yr. P Bryan Wright trans from Michigan - elig TY.

BYU - RB Harvey Unga was selected by CHI in the supplemental draft.

CALIFORNIA - LB Chris Little was dismissed. OT Charles Ragland (inel '10) trans to College of San Mateo. LB Chris Martin trans to Florida. LB Cecil Whiteside will GS. CB Vachal Samuels OFY (foot).

CENTRAL MICHIGAN - JC QB QB Brandon Fricke was added to roster. DE Odino Etienne is a late JC signee. DB's DJ Scott and Evan Ray have left program.

CLEMSON - TE Martavis Bryant will go to Hargrave. DT Jamie Cumbie was dismissed, expected to trans to smaller div school.

COLORADO - TE Justin Favors DNQ. WR Donnie Duncan DNQ (may return in '11 as GS).

COLORADO ST - CB Brandon Owens trans to N Colorado. DE Zach Tiedgen (knee) could return late in season. LB's Andy Clements, Luke Diehl, DB's Dru Taylor, Alex Stratton and LB Cam Loughery have left the program. LB Marquis Hood will GS. LB Vance Green will go to a JUCO. QB Garrett Grayson, RB Marvin Ford and WR Jay James are expected to GS. FB Akeelo Rhoden, RB's Doug Richau, Joe McKay, WR's Jyrone Hickman, Chris Robinson, Jason Cook, TE's Brennan Price, Cameron Bourdon, K Erik Henry, DB's Dayton McMillan and Dillon Holliam are no longer with tm. WR Vernon Scott left after spring. DE Cory Macon OFY (acad).

CONNECTICUT - LB Greg Lloyd (knee LY) will RS and return '11.

EAST CAROLINA - LB Matt Pick was dismissed. DB Darryl Reynolds, DL's Chris Allen and Andrew Farr are no longer with the team. TE Kevin Gidrey trans to USF (elig TY).

EASTERN MICHIGAN - RB Ben Axon has left the program, trans to Butler CC.

FLORIDA - DB Adrian Bushell will transfer. LB Brendan Beal is trans to Minn. FIU - DE Paul Crawford has trans here from Miss St, DL Jason Fitch and OL Caylin Hauptmann also will sign in the fall. DB Travon Van DNQ at Florida and will attempt to enroll at Marshall. DL Bryan Robinson and DL Jordan White (acad inel) and WR Rockey Vann will RS.

FLORIDA ATLANTIC - WR Amos Wood, WR Jarmal Davis WR Grant Glover, DL Nick Osborne, DL Jarred Williams, DL Mauricio Riquer, CB Treon Howard, CB Curtis Cross, RB Tyrie Allen, RB Tony Moore, TE James Oboh and Saf Rod Huggins are no longer with team. OL Jared Pizzuti was not cleared. Saf Austin Jensen was in a serious car accident and is expected to RS TY.

FLORIDA ST - DT Moses McCray and FB Tavares Pressley are both OFY (ACL). WR Jarmon Fortson - kicked off team.

FRESNO ST - P Matt Darr was released from scholarship, signed with Tenn.

GEORGIA - RB Dontavius Jackson will trans after summer. S Quintin Banks gave up ball (chronic knee inj).

HAWAII - RB Sterling Jackson has been added to 105 player roster.

HOUSTON - RB Charles Sims is inel (acad) but is expected to stay with program and return in '11.

ILLINOIS - DT Josh Brent was selected by DAL in NFL supplemental draft. QB Jacob Charest and LB Mark Wilson were released from scholarship. S Fritz Rock was a late signee.

INDIANA - S Jerimy Finch has left the program. DT Milton Owens has trans to Illinois St. RB Shane Covington has trans. DT Jarrod Smith has retired (back inj).

IOWA - TE JD Griggs has trans.

IOWA ST - RG Scott Haughton was dismissed. DL Austin Alburtis graduated and left. DL Rony Nelson will RS. RB Jevoury Wedderburn, LB Dentrell Pate and DB TJ McCullough DNQ.

KANSAS - RT Jeff Spikes OFY (lower leg inj). DL Jeremiah Edwards' career over (heart condition). LB Huldon Tharp OFY (foot). DE Travis Stephens susp (acad). OL Carl Wilson, TE Ian Wolfe and TE Nick Plato left over summer.

KANSAS ST - RB Tim Flanders has left the program. RB Deveon Dinwiddie will go to JUCO. WR Curry Sexton, DE Kyle Klein and WR Destin Mosley will GS. DE Grant Valentine has left school.

KENTUCKY - OL Osaze Idumwonyi and DL Myron Walker have left tm, trans expected. LB Jabari Johnson, LB Farrington Huguenin and DT Tim McAdoo DNQ. DT Mister Cobble and CB Paul Warford are inel. LB William Johnson has left tm.

LOUISVILLE - LB Ikaika Kapu and LB Horace Miller are no longer with team. QB Luke Woodley trans to Texas A&M.

LOUISIANA - LB Jake Molbert will GS.

LOUISIANA TECH - QB Doak Raulston trans to Tenn in Aug. LSU - OL Cordian Hagans has trans to Minn. FB Thomas Parsons (med), John Williams (med), QB Chris Garrett, OL Stavion Lowe, OL Elliot Porter, OL Clay Spencer (med) and WR Jhyryn Taylor (may trans) have left program. LB Kyle Prater trans to Rice. LB Houston Bates was asked to GS, enrolled at Illinois.

MARSHALL - CB DeQuan Bembry was dismissed. DB Demetrius Thomas trans to Alabama A&M. DL John Youboty's career is over (spine). LB Phil Walker trans to Indiana St. DT Mike Fleurizard, Antwon Chisholm and Fred Pickett have been dismissed.

MARYLAND - LB Avery Murray left tm (personal).

MEMPHIS - DB Shonte Sims' scholarship was rescinded. LB Alphonso Bruton (med RS), TE DuPree Lytle, DL Tim McGee and LB Derrick Odom are no longer on tm. WR Bakari Trotter was released from scholarship, WR Sean Farr will GS. WR Tesfa Samuels and RB Ketaraus Stanton DNQ.

MIAMI, FL - DE Steven Wesley was dismissed. K Benjamin Hopfinger is a late preferred walk-on.

MICHIGAN - QB Conelius Jones DNQ & will go to prep school. LB Antonio Kinard DNQ. DB Demar Dorsey was released from his LOI, expected to enroll at Louisville. CB Justin Turner released.

MIDDLE TENNESSEE - QB Jamal Ramsey has enrolled at Tenn St.

MINNESOTA - LB Sam Maresh (acad) will attend JC. WR Xzavian Brandon is no longer enrolled (knee surg).

MISSISSIPPI - WR Pat Patterson was dismissed. QB Raymond Cotton left the program & intends to transfer. DB Demareo Marr and DB Darius Barksdale have left tm. DB Cedric Smith, TE Cordell Giles and DB Eric Mitchell DNQ and RB Tim Simon OFY (knee).

MISSISSIPPI ST - QB Dan Stegall quit. QB Riley Saunders trans to Ole Miss. WR EJ Buford, TE Jordan Blankenship and LB Tyler Gregory are no longer with tm. OL Michael Bufkin OFY (inj). DE Paul Crawford and DE Jeremy Lee will not report-JUCO. LB Karlin Brown and LB Terrell Johnson have trans to Miss Valley St.

MISSOURI - LB Tyler Crane was dismissed. LB Donovan Bonner OFY (ACL).

NAVY - SB Marcus Curry was dismissed and trans to Texas St. CB Mario Washington was dismissed (honor code violation).

NEBRASKA - C Mike Smith is OFY (broke leg).

NEVADA - DL Wesley Hollingshed left program. DB Chris Metcalf DNQ.

NEW MEXICO - QB Tate Smith left the team. S Jesse Paulsen trans to Fresno St. DB Nathan Enriquez was dismissed.

NEW MEXICO ST - CB Lorenzo Caldwell trans to C Wash.

NORTH CAROLINA - RB Giovanni Bernard OFY (ACL). DL Carlos Gray not on tm '10.

NC STATE - CB Rashard Smith is OFY (knee). N

ORTHERN ILLINOIS - DE/NG Jake Coffman has returned to program.

NORTH TEXAS - DE Michael Miller DNQ.

NORTHWESTERN - DL Cameron Joplin will not play (med). DB Cooper Gerami left the program.

NOTRE DAME - DB Spencer Boyd trans to USF. DB Chris Badger will go on 2 yr mission. P Eric Maust was denied a 5th yr.

OHIO ST - WR Duron Carter is acad inel, will enroll at Coffeyville (KS) JC. DE Keith Wells enrolled at Fort Scott CC. RB Jermil Martin will trans when he restores acad elig.

OKLAHOMA - DB Desmond Jackson left the program.

OKLAHOMA ST - WR Bo Bowling returned to program as a walk-on. DE Jared Glover will not play (health issues). DL Horace Hubbard and WR Nick Cash have left.

OREGON - QB Jeremiah Masoli was dismissed and trans to Mississippi. WR Tyrece Gaines is inel & may transfer. WR Diante Jackson is inel.

OREGON ST - QB Peter Lalich left the team.

PENN ST - WR AJ Price was released from scholarship. S Cedric Jeffries graduated, left school.

PITTSBURGH - WR Aaron Smith given med hardship. TE Jon Tisak is no longer with tm.

PURDUE - QB Najee Tyler trans to Youngstown St. WR Chevin Davis DNQ & will not enroll. WR Eric Williams has trans. DB Abe Trindle no longer on tm.

RICE - S Max Anyiam and DB Joseph Leary both on MedRS. S David Falgout no longer with tm. LB Nic Hammett trans to JC. DT Alex Lowry left tm (grandfather ill).

RUTGERS - OL Richard Muldrow trans to Richmond. Will attend prep school: DB Tejay Johnson, DL Kenneth Kirksey and DL Djwany Mera.OL Rob Forst opted not to play. WR Julian Hayes (5th yr) and LB Morgan Carter won't return. WR Eddie Poole trans to Bethune-Cookman, DB Abdul Smith trans to Temple, OL Matthew Hardison trans to Delaware, TE Tony Trahan trans to Texas Tech, WR Carl Harris trans to S Illinois.

SOUTHERN MISS - WR Steve McNair Jr DNQ & enrolled at Pearl River (MS) CC. CB Alonzo Lawrence is no longer with the tm.


SAN JOSE ST - WR Marquis Avery, S Tanner Burns, FS Manu Ngatikaura and K Tyler Cope will not participate. WR Jabri Carr and DL Ahkeem McKinney DNQ.

SMU - DB JR McConico, WR Deonte McDade and DB Keivon Gamble are acad inel for '10. DB Jeremy Hall was denied admission.

SOUTH CAROLINA - OL Nick Allison quit. CB Jay Spearman granted med hardship but career is over. Spur Jarrett Burns trans to UT-Chatt, QB Zac Brindise tran to W Caro. WR Javon Bell, DL Kelcy Quarles (Fork Union) and Du'Von Millsap DNQ. LB Brandon Golson was denied admission.

SOUTHERN MISS - QB Adam Fayard and WR Jordan McNair, WR JJ Harbin, TE Jamie Wheat, OL Joseph Pearson and LB Will Martin are no longer on tm. DL Anthony Wilson DNQ and WR Josh Magee signed MLB contract with Astros.

SYRACUSE - RB Averin Collier (acad) won't return.

TENNESSEE - QB Nick Lamaison is trans. WR Todd Campbell trans to Middle Tenn (can play immediately). RB Bryce Brown has left school. S Darren Myles was dismissed. DT Marlon Walls and DE Ben Martin OFY (Achilles).

TEXAS - DT Derek Johnson trans to Ark St.QB Sharrod Harris left tm.

TOLEDO - WR Toney Foster will GS, expected to enroll Jan '11.

TEXAS A&M - WR Nick Trice and OL Clint Naron granted med hardships. DL Rod Davis and DB Colton Valencia are no longer w/tm. DL Ben Bass ret'd. DL Adren Dorsey trans to Lamar. RB DJ Jones will not enroll, DB Tramone Mickens not elig, will enroll at JC.

TEXAS TECH - LB Brandon Mahoney and SS Yahshua Williams both left prog, remain in school. DE Lawrence Cayou (Hinds CC), CB Philip Warren, DB Brandon Smith, WR LaVaughn Whigham, RB Delans Griffin and OL Aleon Caloun DNQ.

TOLEDO - QB EJ Tucker DNQ. DL Phil Lewis will GS. K Andrew Weber gave up FB. CB Daxton Swanson left.

TROY - WR Josh Jarboe was dismissed.

TULSA - RB Charles Opeseyitan was dismissed. WR Jameel Owens' hardship trans approved (elig '10). OL Brian Mincher and DL Jack Jewell not on tm. K Cory Jefferis MedRS. WR AJ Whitmore susp for yr. LB Kenny R Sims not on tm. DB Brenton Bogar, DL Relus Chance DNQ. Added UCLA trans CB Lowell Rose.

UAB - RB Chad Winbush, WR Darnell Williams, OL D'Anwone King, LB Kedron Aker DNQ. OL Sean Dailey and LB Katrell Watters both med hardship. DB Chris Lofton signed MLB contract. DL Vincent Webb and DB Jerry Young no longer w/tm.

UCF - WR Jordan Akins signed MLB contract (Texas) and will not attend UCF.

UCLA - RB Milton Knox is expected to trans. WR Paul Richardson LOI voided. LB Josh Shirley LOI voided-trans to Wash. OG Stan Hasiak acad inel. CB Brandon Sermons will RS (broken leg spg). DB Shaquille Richardson's LOI was voided, he signed at Arizona.

UNLV - DL Malo Taumua and CB Warren Zeigler were dismissed. DL Dsmond Tautofi and RB Dionza Bradford will GS. OL Thomas Kilgore (back) career over.

USC - LB Jordan Campbell trans. DE Malik Jackson trans to Tenn. FS Byron Moore trans to LA Harbor Coll. RB DJ Shoemate trans to Conn. LB Glen Stanley was released from LOI. WR Travon Patterson trans to Colorado. LB Jarvis Jones was released from scholarship, trans to UGA, could play in '10. OL Seantrel Henderson was released from his LOI & signed with Miami (FL). DL Marquis Jackson signed with TX Southern.

UTAH ST - WR Stanley Morrison (foot), CB Jamaine Olson (foot) and RB Robert Turbin (ACL) may not play.

UTEP - WR Darius Tubbs will GS. No longer on team are: WR Jeken Frye, DL Tajh Fite, DL Deron Jefferson, DL Kyle Brown, DL Austin Shaffer, DL Justin Cordova, LB Josh Scott, DB Montreyle McCormick and DB Ray Calhoun.

VANDERBILT - OL James Williams is acad inel. HC Bobby Johnson retired, Robbie Caldwell will be the '10 HC.

VIRGINIA - WR Quintin Hunter has left. WR Javaris Brown has left & intends to trans. OL Lamar Milstead withdrew from school (personal). DE Tory Allen-Ford has left program & intends to transfer. CB Javanti Sparrow has withdrawn but intends to ret in '11.

VIRGINIA TECH - RB Kenny Lewis will not return.

WAKE FOREST - OL Logan Feimster is PS#102TE '09.

WASHINGTON - TE Kavario Middleton was dismissed. OT Mark Armelin left. DT Tyrone Duncan trans to Montana. OL Scott Shugert trans to Portland St. S John Timu and LB Brent Williams will GS.

WASHINGTON ST - DT Toby Turpin was dismissed. OL Steven Ayers will not play (gave up FB due to conc). LB Andre Barrington is inel.

WEST VIRGINIA - DT Chris Palmer left.

WESTERN MICHIGAN - CB Deshon Lawrence OFY (inj).

WISCONSIN - DE Tyler Westphal trans to N Dakota St. RG Joe Schafer will trans. WR TJ Williams left.

WKU - Added walk-ons Bo Eggers and RB Dalton Cissell, JC trans Tenerio Davis. DL Galatian King, LB Josh Carter, DB Darryl Williams will not return. DT David Angilau and DB Cam Thomas DNQ.

WYOMING - CB David James quit. DE Caleb Hundley was dismissed.

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