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Tiger shows his Old Stripes
Editor’s Note: Be sure to follow Dan Daly's spontaneous and entertaining comments on and Twitter@_dandaly

At the beginning of the year I said Tiger will end the season with five wins and the US Open.  If he plays the rest of the year like he did at Doral he will blow that number out of the water.  Again, that is a big IF; but 100 putts in 72 holes is silly good and his wedge play was nothing short of spectacular.  I think he may have hit one bad shot all week. 

Look, he is never going to be Tiger 2000 good again, that’s just unrealistic, but he can be Tiger mid-2000’s good again and that’s still pretty damn good.  Dude has won five of his last 18 stroke play events; no one else is even close to that clip.  Yes, he still needs to win a major before people get off his back, but that will happen this year too…at least once.  This week was the first time since 2008 that Tiger had a lead and you just knew it was over after Thursday, Friday, Saturday and all day Sunday.  Like him or hate him, golf is simply more fun when Tiger is not only winning, but playing like he did this week. 

I’ll give Rory this, he manned up in his press conference on Wednesday and owned it.  It might be too little too late for some people, but I have to say it sure was refreshing to hear an athlete/celebrity just come out, no excuses, and say, ‘you know what, I effed up, I’m sorry, I’ll learn from my mistakes and move on.’  I like Rory and I’m really glad he handled that as well as he did…after the fact.  Hey, at least he didn’t point at the media and proclaim he wasn’t there to “talk about the past.” 

With that said, let me get this straight.  Two weeks ago Tiger invited Rory up to Medalist Golf Club, Woods' home course, for a ‘friendly’ 36-hole match play.  Five days later he WD from the Honda because he wasn’t “in a great place mentally.''  And then five days after the WD at Honda rumors start circulating that Rory and Caroline Wozniacki might be on the outs?

Look, I’m no Will Hunting but I can add 2 + 2. 

When I originally read the article that Tiger and Rory played two rounds together my first thought was, ‘What in the world do these two guys play for?’ An Island?  One of the Baltics? But now I think it’s pretty obvious.  Tiger put up two cases of Heineken and a night with his best hooker and Rory put up a night with Caroline. 

Even though Rory claims they split the 36-hole match, based on what has transpired over the last 14 days I think it’s safe to say Rory lost that bet. 

As well as Steve Stricker played with his wife carrying his bag this week it got me thinking I may need to have my wife carry my bag the next tournament I play.  And then she asked me on Saturday if wedges were “the really long ones in my bag?”  On second thought….

By now everyone has seen the new video “Golf Boys 2.Crap”.  That is 3 minutes of my life I will never get back.  Congratulations Rickie Fowler, you now have more horrible YouTube music videos (2), than PGA Tour wins (1).  Look, I get that it’s for charity and that’s great, but surely these guys can find a better way to make money for a charity. WASTED TIME

The TSA announced this week that golf clubs can now be part of your carry-on luggage…but it’s limited to two clubs.  I have to ask, what’s the point?  Sure, I get it for Roy McAvoy, dude just needs a 7-iron and a putter, but for the rest of us that actually use the other 12 clubs in our bag I can’t say I understand this at all?   I can tell you this much though, if I’m seated next to Elin Nordegren and she’s carrying a 9-iron on board I am going to be in a very tough dilemma.  My initial reaction would be, ‘Holy Crap, I’m sitting next to Elin Nordegren, this is kind of awesome.’ The other half of me would be terrified to piss her off or even check my phone. 

Speaking of which, I saw where Bubba Watson and his wife closed on Tiger’s old house in Isleworth, FL this week.  Just out of curiosity, are you required in the seller’s agreement to list all of the hookers that you have had sex with in the house and STDs that are forever lingering in the HVAC system?  Don’t even get me started on the shower and the hot tub.  There isn’t enough bleach in the world to get me to buy that house.  
My thoughts on baseball are no secret; I think the season is about 150 games too long, but I do like playoff baseball.  I read that Mariano Rivera is retiring at the end of this season…I also read that more people have walked on the moon (12) than scored on him in the playoffs (11).  Considering he has pitched in 92 postseason games and 141 postseason innings that might be one of the more impressive stats I have ever seen in sports. 

For those of you wondering how or why Phil Mickelson has the nickname FIGJAM (F*** I’m Good Just Ask Me) this interview should just about cover it.  The overall arrogance aside he ends the interview with Steve Sands like this: FIGJAM Speaks!

Steve Sands (laughing): “Do you really honestly think that an amateur could hit that shot?”
FIGJAM: “Well now that they know how to do it, absolutely!”

Are you effing kidding me?  You stay classy FIGJAM. 

Until Next Week,
Dan Daly

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