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Tiger reaching unbeatable status
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4:48 ET Saturday – Tiger trails Rose by two shots.
4:49 ET Saturday – Tiger makes Eagle on 16…drops right handed air haymaker after the putt falls.
4:50 ET Saturday – Rose misses a 4-footer for par to give Tiger the outright lead.
4:51 ET Saturday – Trophy engraver begins carving Tiger’s name in the trophy for the 8th time.  
4:52 ET Saturday – I wrote the above.

Then, just to top it off, Vegas felt like they had too much money in the bank apparently and offered
Tiger -180 vs. Fowler in a 4th round match-up. The last time Fowler played with Tiger he struggled to break 90.  I love when they hand out free money.  The only reason I didn’t put $10,000,000 on that is because I couldn’t find a bank open on Saturday night or Sunday morning. 

This thing was OVER by late Saturday afternoon.  Look, I know people want to hate on Tiger and claim he will never be the player he once was and him having a lead is no longer a sure thing like it used to be.  I get that, and Tiger may not be quite as intimidating or dominate as he once was, but he’s getting pretty damn good again. 

When Tiger closes this thing out on Monday the guy will have won 6 of his last 19 stroke play events, reclaimed the top spot in the world rankings and will be heavily favored in every tournament he plays in for the foreseeable future.  Oh, and just for grins he will also tie Sam Snead for the most PGA tour wins ever with his win this week at the API. 

What?  Sam Snead has 82 wins you idiot and this will only be #77 for Tiger. 

True, but those 82 wins for Snead included five team victories, a fact that everyone else seems to just gloss over like it’s not an important part of the record. Obviously still very impressive but personally I like it’s kind of BS and misleading to say Sam Snead won 82 PGA events.  And, at least one of his wins (that I know of) was also a 4-way tie for first place, no playoffs back then.  I know I sound like a Tiger homer, but these are facts, not my opinions. 

But he hasn’t won a major in five years, until he does that who cares.”  A valid question, but barring Lindsey Vonn chasing him down the street with a ski pole; the question this year is not will Tiger win a major, but how many majors will Tiger win in?  My money in on at least two in 2013.  I realize that’s really aggressive but I haven’t seen anything in his game this year that says he won’t.  The US Open is a lock, as for the other one, take your pick.  At the rate he is currently playing, I also think he will pass Jack in the next three years with 19 majors.

Everyone obviously saw where Tiger and Lindsey Vonn announced their relationship publicly this week in a very lame and Cheesy Facebook announcement.  Of course this announcement lead to my man Harvey at TMZ to do some top notch reporting of his own by tracking down one of Tiger’s former hooker’s for her completely unbiased and insightful opinion.  

I have an unofficial list of really cheesy things that I want to do in my life that are probably only cool to me.  For example; I’ve listened to the Song ‘Blame it on Mexico’ by George Strait while “In a bar in Acuna called Ma Crosby's.”  Long story.  Anyway, somewhere in the top 3, without question, would be having an Arnold Palmer…with Arnold Palmer.  The old ESPN commercial pretty much sums it up.  Classic!

If I didn't know better, I'd say this is an Arnold Palmer…but I do know better and that's the best Mark Steffenhagen I've ever had. 

It’s good to be King, you get your own tournament, your own drink and you can be the old creepy guy hitting on Kate Upton Dirty Old Men - Part 3 and everyone thinks it’s funny.  Seriously…where is his left hand?

One guy not at Palmer’s tournament again this year was Rory, which I think is extremely odd and clearly doesn’t sit very well with Arnie.  “I'm going to tell you something, if (McIlroy) doesn't come and play Bay Hill, he might have a broken arm and he won't have to worry about where he's going to play next." Said Palmer. 

My final four thoughts on the NCAA tournament (did you see what I did there, I’m so clever):

  1. I miss Gus Johnson, the guy is gold.
  2. Doug Gottlieb has been nothing short of spectacular as an announcer so far…Reggie Miller has been atrocious. 
  3. Michigan State is still winning the National Championship as I said last week. Gonzaga is not. 
  4. The biggest story so far in the tournament is Florida Gulf Coast University; and it has absolutely nothing to do with their upset over Georgetown.  That win pales in comparison to the win their coach was able to pull off eight years ago when he married model Amanda Marcum Hello. I have a sense of humor…I’m confident…I have really good sports knowledge.  WTF?  This isn’t a 15-seed beating a 2-seed.  This is the YMCA league champion sweeping the Miami Heat in a 7 game series.  Good for you Andy Enfield, good for you. 
I’ll save you the time, here is the Google image search Amanda. You're welcome!
Until Next Week,
Dan Daly     

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