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Boo and a Baby
Editor’s Note: Be sure to follow Dan Daly's spontaneous and entertaining comments on and Twitter@_dandaly

What a week.

On Tuesday morning the USGA and R&A decide to uphold the ban on the anchor putter. Personally I actually hate the belly putter/anchor putter…or whatever you want to call it, but I hate the ruling. What I hate is the fact that they decided to ban it 30 years too late. And why? Because all of the sudden a few people actually won a few majors with it? That’s like banning the Internet 30 years after it was invented because all of the sudden you could watch porn on it one day. What a joke.

This is simply a complete overreaction to something that isn’t an issue. Literally a year ago, (USGA executive director) Mike Davis said, “We see no problem with a long putter or the belly putter. There's no reason to change, to do anything now."

What changed in a year? We are talking about 12, maybe 15 percent of the players on Tour using it and now all the sudden it’s a problem? If it was such an advantage I’m guessing more players would use it. But Adam Scott won the Masters with it. Well, Adam Scott also lost the British Open with it. Did you see his last four holes? The guy couldn’t make a putt to save his life. Same putter, same player. Scott ranks 77th on the tour in strokes gained so I fail to see his advantage?

On the other hand guess how many players on tour are using the big-headed driver? Or Hybrids? Or improved golf balls? One hundred percent. Why? Because they actually provide an advantage.

It also really bothers me that a governing body for amateur golf makes the rules for professional golf.

This is a stupid ruling that I really wanted to write an entire article on, but…

Twelve hours later, Sergio did his best Fuzzy Zoeller impersonation and took the Tiger feud to a level that no one could have even dreamed about. Everyone has seen it a thousand times by now but when Sergio said, ''We will have him round every night. We will serve fried chicken.'' Several things happened.

First, any chance of this soap opera dying in the next few weeks…months…or even years, quickly went out the window. I for one couldn’t be happier. Not the fact that Sergio went Col. Sanders on Tiger, but the fact that golf now has immediate drama whenever these two are in contention, or better yet, paired together. Obviously using the word “rivalry” is a waste of time because it implies that one side actually has a chance to win when they compete. Basically every single time these two are even mentioned on the same leaderboard just think Tiger vs. Stephen Ames (9 & 8). And if they are paired together, whatever the course record is, it will be broken by the end of the round.

The other thing that will come out of this is the fact that Sergio will never win a golf tournament on American soil again. The guy already proved what a head case he was two weeks ago at The Players. NOW, he will literally be the most heckled golfer that ever walked the face of the earth. If he breaks 90 at the US Open it will be a minor miracle. And if it was in New York, he might as well have just withdrawn already.

I can tell you one thing, if Sergio decides to play in Memphis in a few weeks he needs to stay about 100 miles away from Gus’s fried chicken near downtown. That would not end well for Sergio.

Maybe my favorite part of the whole story though was European Tour commissioner George O'Grady trying to defend Sergio by releasing a statement, “Most of Sergio's friends are colored athletes in the United States." Ummm, colored, really George? It’s not 1963 anymore. I think its best that all of you just stop talking immediately.

And if those two things weren’t enough this week, my main man Boo Weekley made his Ali like return to the winners circle at the Colonial. Five years is WAY too long for Boo to be out of the spotlight. The guy is a human quote machine and the better he plays, the more times he is in contention thus the more Boo quotes we get and I think we can all agree that is a good thing. I was already excited about the 2014 Masters, but now it just got a whole lot better with Boo automatically qualifying. And dear lord…PLEASE let him qualify of get picked for the President’s Cup and Ryder Cup. I’m already excited just thinking about it.

Most weeks a Boo victory would pretty much top it off, but this week I found out the one thing that can top even that…the birth of my little girl Grace. I promise not to be one of those people that writes about her every week but she blessed us three weeks early on Friday morning and we couldn’t be happier. Obviously she heard Boo was in contention and had to come out and watch it for herself. We watched together all weekend in the hospital room and then when we got home on Sunday. She’s clearly a Boo fan, and frankly I couldn’t be more proud of her choices at such an early age.

Due to the above I am taking next week off unless Tiger and Sergio go into a playoff at the Memorial but I will be back in two weeks for my US Open preview.

A Very Tired and Very Proud,
Dan Daly

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