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AT&T, Ladies & Pros
Editor’s Note: Be sure to follow Dan Daly's spontaneous and entertaining comments on and Twitter@_dandaly

As for the PGA tour, I know they obviously can’t control the weather but watching a golf tournament on tape delay in 2013 is a waste of time. My favorite people are the ones that go on Twitter, while watching it on tape delay, and bitch about the real time results. Twitter, by definition is a “real-time information network.” Stupid people fascinate me.

Another regular tour event at Congressional has now come and gone and once again the winning score was lower than Rory’s 2011 U.S. Open score. Have they put an official asterisk on that thing yet? Again, not the win, dude won the U.S Open, just the 4,096 “records” he broke that week.

Although Tiger didn’t play in his own tournament he did deliver the line of the week during his press conference. When asked if he takes any responsibility for "Sunday fashion" on TOUR, Tiger responded, "Definitely not the flat bills." Even the other pros think you look like a complete loser…Fowler, Bradley, Mahan, et al.

The Ladies held their U.S Open this weekend. I know this and bring this up for three reasons:

First and most importantly, I was bored to tears on Saturday afternoon and thought I could at least turn on NBC, mute the picture and listen to Johnny Miller talk about his 63 in ’73 and rip on women golfers. I was disappointed, but not surprised, to learn that Johnny Miller won’t even work the women’s U.S. Open anymore. Apparently some chick won for like the 10th time in a row…and dozens of people cared.

Second, the course they played, Sebonack, has only been open for seven years and the original 2006 initiation fee was $650,000. My understanding is that it’s now up to a cool million. That falls under the “if you have to ask…you can’t afford it” category.

Finally, I saw where some woman went David Sims on her caddie Saturday afternoon. Hit the Bricks!

Balls versus brains, Roy. You hit that shot, just keep walking, 'cuz your ass is fired.

How you gonna fire me in front of all these people…Especially when I knock it on the green?!

Speaking of an obscure driving range pro, the biggest story in the golf world this week was made by assistant club pro Michael Bembenick.

At the United Leasing Championship last Thursday and Friday, Bembenick made his Tour debut, and it was an epic fail. Bembenick opened with a smooth 17-over 89 and backed that up with a tidy little 31-over 103. Yep, dude shot a two day total of 192…or 48 over par. Let me put that in perspective for you; Steve Stricker shot a 188 at T.P.C. Deere Run in 2010…THROUGH 54 HOLES!

He made 13 double bogeys, three triple bogeys and a quadruple bogey in 36 holes. That’s bad for the 4th flight at your local club championship. That’s %^$king horrendous if you’re playing in a professional golf tournament. I don’t care if it is the minor league tour. Bembenick “earned” a spot in the tournament by virtue of being selected to compete by the Indiana PGA section. I’m not exactly sure who sits on that selection committee but I think it’s about time to blow that thing up. Ed Loar (2nd on the Tour money list) summed it best on twitter; Might be time to rethink the 3 sectional guys a week on the @WebDotComTour. Couldn’t agree more and I don’t even care about the tour.

Bembencik works at Meridian Hills Country Club in Indianapolis and was named the Assistant Golf Professional of the Year in Indiana in 2012. Ummm….If he is the best Assistant Golf Professional in the state of Indiana how bad are golfers in that state? Does 105 win the club championship? And if I’m a young aspiring golf pro, I can tell you the first state I’m sending my resume to.

Can you break 100?


Congratulations you just became the head golf pro at any Country Club in the state of Indiana.

Bembenick said in an interview after his round on Friday that it was important to lead by example and show kids that no matter how bad it gets, it's important to finish. Bembenick said none of the members at his club or students he teaches would want to see him quit. Here’s a question…If you are a “student” of his at Meridian Hills Country Club how quickly are demanding a refund Saturday morning?

As for the “lead by example” portion of his interview. Dude is clearly confused what that means. A guy in my group on Friday, who is not a bad golfer, was having a horrible day and shot a 102. But you know what he did, he quit on about half the holes he played. And you know what, not only was I ok with it, I applauded him for it. There is no reason anyone should have to witness that over the course of four hours. If you really want to be a role model Michael then you need to teach your kids this lesson; if you suck at something, do yourself and everyone else a favor and quit immediately.

Happy Fourth of July…’Merica!

Until Next Week,
Dan Daly

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