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FedEx Cup Is Confusing

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Quite a few people have asked if there was a link to the radio show I did last weekend so here it is. Listen Up!

I was planning on doing a FedEx Cup Playoff preview this week until I realized I would be about as helpful as Boo Weekley, "I don't know nothing about the FedEx Cup, I just know I'm playing golf and that's all that matters to me. Maybe in a couple of years. ... I was never good at math." The problem is I don't have an engineering degree so trying to preview something that makes absolutely no sense to me seems like a huge waste of time.

For example, last year Rory McIlroy was third going into the Playoffs; he won two of the four events and finished 10th in the Tour Championship and didn't win? That's where they lost me. I understand wanting the Tour Championship to carry more weight and I love Brandt Snedeker, but seriously, why even play the other events? And spare me the football playoffs/Super Bowl analogy, it's not even remotely the same concept. If that was the case the Tour Championship would only involve the three guys that had won a playoff event (or two last year).

If you really want to make the FedEx Cup more interesting and put more emphasis on the winner of The Tour Championship, there is a really simple fix. They need to take the top 32 players after the final playoff event, seed them based on points and make the Tour Championship a match play event for the $10 Million. I would put the final match on Monday night Primetime so you are only going against one NFL game and not competing the entire day on Sunday. I know match play doesn't work well for TV during the regular season, but if you put $10 Million on the line for one 18-hole match in a Primetime Monday night West Coast event, that is a total game changer. Who wouldn't watch that? Oakland plays Denver on MNF the weekend of the Tour Championship this year. I love football (as much or more than golf) and I realize it will always draw a bigger audience than golf but I'm sorry, a primetime 18-hole match for $10 Million would be hard to pass up even if you are just a casual fan.

You're welcome Tim Finchem.

As for the Wyndham? Epic fail by TGC and CBS. The only reason anyone was even remotely interested on Sunday was because Jordan Spieth was in contention; quite frankly, no one really cared who battled it out for the 125th spot in the FedEx Cup playoffs. That's about as relevant as the last SEC team to qualify for a bowl game. However, The Golf Channel came on the air when the leaders were on the back nine and showed a two hour tape delayed broadcast. CBS then did the same thing. No thanks.

It's 2013, let's just assume everyone that has cable also has this thing called the internet which shows real time scores, so showing a tape delayed golf tournament is a monumental waste of everyone's time. Especially one that was as closely contested as the Wyndham was and featured the best young talent in the game today.

I was disappointed Speith didn't win, both from a fan and financial perspective, but I think it's pretty safe to say he is the unanimous rookie of the year on the PGA Tour. The fact that he ended the regular season 8th in FedEx Cup is one of the more amazing feats I've ever seen in golf. If Fred Couples doesn't pick him as a Captain's pick for the President's Cup, I think he is making a huge mistake. Dude has some serious game and that team could use some youth. Plus, it would get him some experience in this minor league event before be qualifies for the Ryder Cup next year.

Speaking of which, I tried to watch some of the Solhiem Cup Saturday despite the fact that I couldn't name more than 2 of the 24 players involved. I figured hey, I support America…I like team golf and match play events…how bad could it be? Well, really, really bad it turns out. If you think the PGA Tour pace of play is bad, don't ever watch an LPGA tour tournament; you will be there for at least 9 hours. Holy shit, not only does it take them 30 minutes to play a hole, if there is a ruling involved add another 45 minutes to the hole. The rules officials on the LPGA tour make the NFL replacement refs look like frickin' Mensa candidates. Look, I gave it a chance, but that is just an unwatchable product. And I'm sorry, but if Michelle Wei is the best choice you have for a Captain's pick, it's no wonder the American team got smoked. The only way Europe was losing Sunday was if Davis Love III took over as their Captain Saturday night.

So I tried the U.S. Amateur. Much better golf, but the fact that it was on NBC and Johnny Miller wasn't involved was a huge strike against it. Strike two was the fact that it was the United States amateur and it featured zero Americans in the finals. I'm sure both guys are great golfers but that just doesn't do it for me. My favorite part though was on Saturday afternoon after they both qualified for finals and thus the U.S Open and the Masters. The NBC announcer was trying to talk up the U.S. Open with them and it was very apparent they cared way more about the fact that they qualified for the Masters. It was kind of funny to watch actually.

Nice try.

I did find a video over the weekend even dumber than the "Golf Boys" video though…which I didn't think was possible. The "INTERN BOYZ" tried to replicate it and somehow made an even worse video in the process. Congratulations, I guess?

Matt Every officially has the weirdest logo of anyone on the PGA Tour on his golf bag. I guess his theory is play horrible for three rounds and hope you get lucky in round four? I don't care that he graduated from the University of Florida, this is so bizarre to me.

For those of you that didn't see the Lee Westwood Twitter meltdown/tirade Sunday night and into Monday morning last week after the PGA Championship I highly recommend going to his twitter feed and reading them; it was gold. I can tell you this much, after reading the feed, he went way up in my book. The fact that the PGA Tour and his sponsors made him come out and apologize and will subsequently fine him for it is ridiculous. Dude stood up for himself, and I'm all for it. People that hide behind Twitter accounts deserve to be called out for being "girly boy trolls!" Bravo Lee, bravo.

Finally and most importantly I would like to give a slow clap to Dustin Johnson. He went ahead locked down Paulina Gretzky over the weekend. Patrick Reed may have won the golf tournament this week, but Dustin Johnson definitely won the biggest prize on the PGA Tour. Although this better not affect her love for posting half naked pictures of herself on Instagram. Any chance for a leaked honeymoon sex tape?

Until Next Week,
Dan Daly

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