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2013 PGA Season Recap

Editor’s Note: Be sure to follow Dan Daly's spontaneous and entertaining comments on and Twitter@_Dandaly

In case you missed it, and judging by the TV ratings I'm guessing you did, the 2013 PGA Tour season officially came to a conclusion over the weekend. To quickly recap the FedEx Cup playoffs...Henrik Stenson remained the hottest player on the planet and thus is roughly $13M richer for his efforts the last month, Keegan Bradley had the best celebration of the year, Jordan Speith continued his total world domination tour, Tiger Woods continued to play his worst when it mattered the most, and Jim Furyk continued his incredible ability to come from ahead and blow tournaments...even with a 59 thrown in there.

So now it's time to look back and give the final awards for the PGA Tour season and grade my 2013 PGA Tour preview from February.

First are the 18 predictions I made back in February:

18. Rickie Fowler will continue to be the most overrated player on tour and dress like a clown, because, well, that's what Rickie Fowler does.
Grade: A. Zero wins, one top 3, 38th in the FedEx Cup and roughly 65 ridiculous outfits. This would have been the easiest prediction I had all year if not for...

17. Jim Furyk will blow at least one golf tournament this year. Actually...make that two. With zero wins.
Grade: A+++. Seriously, I almost feel bad taking credit for this it was so easy...almost. But hey, he's gritty, tough, a grinder and the ultimate competitor. Unless all those things are Spanish for choke artist, it's time to retire those phrases for Furyk.

16. On the 40 year anniversary of his final round 63 in 1973, NBC will finally convince Johnny Miller to reluctantly break his silence and address that round during his coverage of this year's US Open. And with the tournament being at Merion, Johnny can once again bring up his hero Ben Hogan. I don't know, maybe something along the lines of, "Ben Hogan must be turning over in his grave right now."
Grade: F for Fox. I'm still in total and complete shock and denial that the USGA ruined the US Open by giving it to FOX. The only way it could be worse is if FOX brought in Chris Berman for Johnny Miller's role.

15. FIGJAM will get "randomly" audited by the IRS at some point in 2013. Terrible break about that whole 59 thing in Phoenix...just heart breaking.
Grade: N/A. Again, I don't have many rules in life but calling out the IRS publically is just a really dumb idea. The irony for Mickelson is while he didn't get his 59 in Phoenix he did go on to have the round of the year with his final round 66 at Muirfield to win the British Open. Tiger's 61 at Firestone was impressive, but wasn't even in the ballpark all things being equal. As for Furyk's 59, talk to me when you actually use it to win a tournament.

14. The United States will win the President's Cup at Muirfield Village GC because DLIII will not be allowed within 100 miles of Ohio the first week in October.
Grade: C for Couples. This one was tough for me because on the one hand my man Freddie made a horrible decision by brining DL III on board as an assistant Captain. However, he totally redeemed himself when he picked Speith over Furyk and then didn't even bother to call Furyk and tell him. I guess he figured Furyk would choke on the phone if he answered. As for Speith, not only will he win rookie of the year, he may be the single biggest lock for the award in the history of the tour. The potential for this kid's career is literally limitless.

13. In honor of his win at Torrey Pines, Tiger will seek out and have sex with a stripper named Torrey Pine.
I can neither confirm nor deny.

12. Jason Dufner will go through 426 cans of snuff during his roughly 72 official rounds on tour this year. He will also smile at least once. I have no idea when, where or why, but it will happen...I love that guy.
Grade: A for awesome...and I don't mean me. This guy is pure gold. I'm pretty sure my snuff count was accurate considering his first order of business after winning the PGA Championship was to slap his wife on the ass and then make sure she had his can of snuff. As for the smile part, I'm pretty sure he managed to crack one for at least a split second after he won at Oak Hill. Throw in Dufnering and this guy might have had the best 2013 of anyone.

11. BVP (Bo Van Pelt) will get his long overdue second win on the PGA tour at the AT&T National.
Grade: F. Solid 79, 70 to MC.

10. Bubba Watson will cry three times on camera this year. Once for a win, once when he realizes he's friends with Rickie Fowler, and once when he re-watches the next 'Golf Boys' video.
Grade: C. He didn't win so I missed one there, but I am certain the other two are right.

9. By the end of the 2013 season, the average round on the PGA Tour will take approximately 9 hours and 37 minutes.
Grade A. It is becoming hard to watch at times.

8. This will continue to be the best golf commercial of the year. Mark Steffenhagen's for everybody!
Grade A. Still the best.

7. Vijay Singh will win the John Deere...sorry, that one was too easy.
Grade F. But he's still a cheater.

6. Lee Westwood will finally break through and get his first career major at Muirfield in East Lothian, taking home the British Open.
Grade B-. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 63 times shame on me. Dude had the 54-hole lead, was in the final group and just can't close the frickin' deal in a major. But his Twitter meltdown a month later more than made up for it. I'm a fan.

5. Rory will regret switching from Titleist to Nike, in fact, he will be so mad at himself for it that he will burn $100 bills to make himself feel better...just because he can. However, he will get it straightened out by late summer just in time to repeat as PGA Champion at Oak Hill CC.
Grade F. In fact, if there is a grade less than that I deserve it...and so does he. I'm not sure there is an award given for biggest disappointment player of the year but he would win in a landslide.

4. Sneds will continue his run as both the hottest golfer on tour and most "fratastic" member on tour with the two culminating in the deep south for his first ever Major at Augusta, winning the 2013 Masters. As a result, Polo, Vineyard Vines, Southern Proper, Sperry topsiders, New Balance, North Face, Mountain Hardware, Costa Del Mar w/ crookies and Ray Ban wayfarers will all honor him on Monday.
Grade B-. Just like my man Westwood, Sneds was in the final group on Sunday (tied for the lead) but just couldn't close the deal. On the flip side, Adam Scott and The Duck treated us to what would end up being the best tournament of the year. One clutch shot after another down the stretch and in the playoff. I'm just happy for Adam Scott; after the British Open loss last year I'm glad something finally went his way...the poor guy just couldn't ever catch a break in life.

3. Tiger will end the season with five wins, four lawsuits, three STD's, two stripper girlfriends and one Major...the US Open at Merion.
Grade B. So missed on the US Open and I can't speak for the rest of it but I did peg the five wins on the number. I know, I know, when it comes to Tiger the only thing that matters is winning Majors, and while I agree (and so does Tiger) his five wins did include two WGC events, The PLAYERS and two other high profile events. Quite frankly 99.9% of the Tour would sign up for his 2013 resume in about two seconds and because of that I have to think he still wins PGA Tour player of the year. In fact I have Tiger, Mickelson, Scott, Henson and that order.

2. Dustin Johnson may not win any more tournaments this year, but he will most definitely win the award for hottest girlfriend on tour. If you're unfamiliar with the eldest daughter of Wayne and Janet Gretzky, she's a 24-year-old Instagram star, model, blog staple and Laguna Beach songstress. Do yourself a favor and click here.
Grade A+: That is obviously for DJ, not me. I'm not sure who will end up winning PGA Tour player of the year for their on the course achievements but in my book Dustin Johnson wins the overall Player of the Year...and it's not even close. You can have the Green Jacket, Claret Jug and Wanamaker... I'll take Paulina Gretzky every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

1. John Patrick Daly will win an official PGA Tour event in 2013.
Grade IR. Look, I think any reasonable person would agree that this would have easily happened if not for a season-ending right elbow injury in early July. Sure, his best finish of the year was a T-50 in Puerto Rico but he was just coming into form and everyone knows he plays his best events starting in July. British Open and PGA Championship ring a bell?

With the conclusion of the PGA season, that's most likely a wrap for the Weekly Waggle in 2013. As always, if Tiger drives into a fire hydrant, DL III takes a shit on America, DJ and Paulina release a honeymoon sex tape or any news worthy football related stories (think Mack "retirement"), then I will be back for an emergency article. Thanks to everyone for enduring my crazy thoughts and ideas over the year and a special thanks to my wife for attempting to edit my horrible spelling and grammar.

Until Next February,
Dan Daly

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