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About Will Rogers

Will Rogers started sports handicapping professionally in 2013. Five years in University and thirty-five years in the workforce, including 15 years of College/University level instruction, research, analysis and critical writing were all very transferable skills. I learned how to work hard and handle pressure in high end kitchens. First and foremost came a love for professional sports. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of televised World Series and New Years Day bowl games. I can't remember a workplace between the months of April and October without a soundtrack of the boys of summer on the radio. I am dating myself, but a long history and familiarity with a sport counts in the scheme of things.

I shifted into professional handicapping via fantasy sports and league pools. It was win-win for me, and combined my passion for sports with my interest and success as a researcher. While conservative in approach, I had some surprising success in fantasy leagues. It wasn't a long jump to take handicapping on as a profession.

Will Rogers Sports began as a larger team, but in the last couple of years, I have taken over much of the research and writing personally. I am your man for NFL, NHL and MLB, my three particular fascinations. I complement my knowledge and partner up to give Will Rogers Sports a complete, consistent and successful package across all major sports.

When choosing a handicapper, the most important consideration is "what have they done lately?" It is an unforgiving business, and all the past achievements count for nothing compared to recent success. That said, a track record can be valuable when choosing a handicapper. In the 2021-22 NFL Season Will Rogers had an impressive 69.4% record including an 11-2 NFL Playoffs win streak!

At Will Rogers Sports we pride ourselves on consistency, which comes down to our ability to interpret all currently available research. On any given day, favorites will fail, bums will find the limelight briefly and stars will flash and burn. Our role as handicappers is to successfully isolate the winners for that day. We deliver 3-5 plays a day, more if we believe in them. We do the work with no smoke and mirrors, and are our own worst critics.

Will's Top Historical Records

2023 NHL Finals: 7-1 (+660) Record
2022-23 NHL #4 Totals Leader: $1126
2022-23 NCAAF #3 Percent Leader: 61%
2022-23 NCAAF #4 Profits Leader: $2213