Fortune Coins Promo Code July 2024 – Coming Soon!

Fortune Coins Promo Code July 2024

We often will review online casinos and lay out the pros and cons to each one from an unbiased viewpoint. This will be similar in that regard, but we will be reviewing a different type of online casino then typical. Social and sweepstakes casinos have begun exploding in popularity across the United States and its understandable why. A lot less risk.

Online casinos have begun to look a bit repetitious, with dozens seemingly coming into existence every week. Some casinos also come into the market with a specific goal of making a money grab, and those have become easier to spot as they lay behind poor structure, graphics and software. Fortune Coins caters to those looking for entertainment without the risk of losing a bankroll.

Mickey Blayvas created the Fortune Coins Casino in 2021 that boasts an overall rating of 4.3 based on customer reviews. Blayvas has a reputation in the IT and Banking industries, so the transition to an online casino has been smooth. With a stellar reputation from the founder of Fortune Coins, it has not been hard to build a loyal and growing following.

The sweepstakes platform is intriguing to a lot of newer players, and that can be mainly attributed because there is certain niche audience that is thirsting for the casino experience. Some may be wary of online casinos, and a sweepstakes casino like Fortune Coins may be the perfect introduction.

Fortune Coins Promo Code

Promotions and welcome offers alike are constantly changing throughout the year and are utilized by online casinos to expand their audience. A bonus code like VIBONUS may be needed to unlock certain promotions while some may be released by simply signing up. Fortune Coins makes the promotional bonuses even easier.

Bonus Code

Most online casinos differentiate between welcome offers and existing player promotional bonuses, but Fortune Coins use the same promotions for all their players no matter the circumstance. Fortune Coins uses two separate currencies, FC and GC. Daily reload bonuses are given daily when you login. We signed up on Fortune Coins and were greeted by their welcome offer, and their daily reload bonus of 60,000 GC and 200 FC.

FC are free to reload and use on their games. GC are also given out as part of daily bonuses, but you can always purchase more. They can also be used on any casino game.

Welcome Offer Details

Registering by your email will earn you 100,000 GC and 200 FC. You can also join using your Facebook credentials, and that will earn you 140,000 and 300 FC. No code is needed to utilize either promotion.

Referral Bonus

The Fortune Coins Casino also has a referral bonus available. To redeem:

  • Click the present icon at the top of the website page.
  • Copy the referral link.
  • Send the referral link via Facebook messenger or WhatsApp.

The bonus is only redeemed once the invited player starts to play. You will get FC and GC, but the amount varies as the bonuses are ever-changing.

How Do I Sign Up with Fortune Coins?

There are multiple ways to sign up with Fortune Coins, and both are done with relative ease. The easiest way to sign up is by using your Facebook. Since Facebook already has your personal information such as age, email and name it logs that information into your newly made Fortune Coins account.

If you do not have a Facebook account, you can sign up by simply creating a login with your email, password and by agreeing to the terms and conditions. You will then be prompted to verify the account via email. We signed up using both ways, and it took us a combined 90 seconds. Quick and easy.

Fortune Coins Pros ✅

  • Daily no-deposit bonuses. The bonuses are redeemed when a login has been recorded for the day.
  • It can be 100% free. You do have the option to purchase more coins, but we have played a few days and have yet to need bought coins. You are given plenty with the daily bonuses.
  • While most of the sweepstake’s casino is at no cost to the customers, there is a chance to win real cash and prizes.
  • There is a progressive jackpot on every slot machine in the Fortune Coins Casino.
  • Since it is not a real money casino, they are not bound to gambling regulations but instead they follow guidelines set forth for sweepstakes casinos. As of now, Fortune Coins is legal in 49 states (Washington) and Canada.

Fortune Coins Cons ?

In today’s landscape, not having an app for your online casino is considered a con, but we see this as a tiny problem. Fortune Coins can be played through Facebook, including the Facebook app.

Fortune Coins Mobile App Review

Fortune Coins does not currently have a stand-alone mobile app, but they are available through Facebook in their full capacity. We do not expect a mobile app any time soon, but it is not out of the realm of possibility sometime in the future.

Is Fortune Coins Safe?

Social casinos are not in the same category as online casino, but just because Fortune Coins does not require a license from any governing body, it does not mean they are not extremely safe. They are owned and operated by Social Gaming LLC which guarantees top notch software is being utilized at all times to ensure and fair game play.

All personal information is also protected.

Fortune Coins Leagues and Markets

Fortune Coins is a sweepstakes-based casino, and they do not currently offer a sportsbook or sports betting of any kind. Remember, they do not own a gambling license, which prohibits this type of action. While no sportsbook exists at Fortune Coins, this could always change in the future if they ever have plans for expansion.

Casino Games

Fortune Coins game selection
Game selection at Fortune Coins.

The main attraction over at Fortune Coins is the abundance of slot machines. They have over 50 titles to choose from and many are created by Fortune Coins. Other big game developers have jumped into the mix including NetEnt, Playtech and Red Tiger.

Some of the most popular slots include Massive Luck, Lucky Panda, Cycle of Luck, Budai Rebels, Northern Heat, Wild Joker, Jester, Hope Diamonds and Emily’s Treasure.

While not a big offering from Fortune Casinos, we were able to find a few table games. War, Jacks or Better, Joker Poker and Keno are the titles at Fortune Casino. We like our roulette and craps, and we hope to see those games added in the future.

Payment Options

A majority of the site is run off free coins, but purchasing coins is available through your debit cards, credit card, instant bank transfers, or Skrill. If a cash prize is won, those same deposit methods will be utilized to withdraw any money or prizes claimed.

Customer Service

Online casinos thrive on being available 24/7, and this is a spot we see as a weakness for Fortune Coints. You can contact Fortune Coins through their Facebook, but response times will vary. On the Fortune Coins website, they offer a FAQ page, and if you still cannot find your question, you can send a ticket. When you submit a ticket, you will have to put your name, choose an issue with their drop-down menu, your email and then describe the issue in depth.

Future Coins FAQ

How long has Fortune Coins been available in the United States?

The casino was ‘opened’ for business just under a year ago. Its still a newer concept, so as they get become accustomed to the market, we can expect some changes and even additions. Washington still has not legalized Fortune Coins, but its always a possibility.

What sets Fortune Coins apart from the competition?

Real cash prizes can be won with limited risk. Coins are redeemed daily with the first login, and winning using those coins can make you eligible for cash and other prizes. Sweepstakes casinos affect your bankroll minimally, but it doesn’t affect you chances on winning.

What is minimum age to play at Fortune Coins?

Fortune Coins is legal in 49 states and in Canada. Since it is not classified as a gambling website, most states have a minimum age requirement of 18. This is verified through the sign-up process.

Can I transfer points between Gold Coin and Fortune Coin balances?

Fortune Coins Casino uses two separate currencies, and they work independently from one another. Since that’s the case, you cannot transfer between the two currencies.

Final Thoughts on Fortune Coins

After years of playing different online casinos, we are admittedly not as versed in the sweepstakes casinos. While researching this piece, we came across dozens of such casinos and understand their place in the market. The risk is very limited and the chance for winning is not hindered. It’s a real online casino experience without the usual risk.

Buying coins is easy, withdrawing prizes even easier. Fortune Coins has a decent library of games to continually keep the gaming experience fresh. Fortune Coins is a sweepstakes casino worth checking out.