WOW Vegas Promo Code July 2024 – Get 1.5 Million WOW Coins + 30 Sweepstakes Coins for just $9.99!

Updated on 07/18/2024
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WOW Vegas social casino has free slots and table games. New customers can sign up with WOW Vegas Casino and get free coins to play any of the casino games from classic slots and progressive jackpots to Blackjack and Roulette.

There is something for everyone with more than 300 casino games at the WOW Vegas Casino. No downloads are required to play the games, and there is no purchase necessary because WOW Coins are free. WOW Vegas casino has slots and other digital table games that are part of the social landscape of online games.

What is WOW Vegas?

As a social sweepstakes casino, WOW Vegas Casino bridges the gap between live casino action and playing casino games from a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. WOW Coins make it free to play slots and table games online, whether it is a new customer or an existing WOW Vegas player.

5,000 WOW Coins are just part of the welcome offer. WOW Vegas has WOW Coins for purchase in a special promo code deal, and the Sweepstakes Coins you've collected can be redeemed at a later date for potential prizes.

WOW Vegas Casino is the fun way to play slots and table games for free. WOW Coins do not have any monetary value, so customers can use them free of charge to play casino games.

WOW Vegas Promo Code

WOW Vegas' welcome offer is given out over the course of three days and consists of WOW Coins and Sweepstakes Coins. The WOW Vegas welcome pack, on the other hand, consists of 1.5 million WOW Coins and 30 free Sweepstakes Coins for $9.99. This deal reflects a 66% discount over the normal price.

Welcome Offer

The welcome offer at WOW Vegas is for a new customer who registers with the social casino. There are welcome offers for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 involving free WOW Coins and Sweepstakes Coins. VegasInsider often uses “VIBONUS” as the promo code, but none is available for WOW Vegas at this time.

WOW Vegas Welcome Offer Claim WOW Vegas Bonus
💰 WOW Vegas Promo Code No Code Needed
🎁 WOW Vegas Offer Get 1.5 Million WOW Coins + 30 Sweepstakes Coins for just $9.99!
✅ Terms and Conditions No Purchase Necessary. Void Where Prohibited by Law. Must be 18+. T&Cs Apply.
❌ Excluded States ID, MI, NV WA

Here are some more details on the WOW Vegas welcome offer:

Get 30 Sweepstakes Coins on First Purchase and 4.5 Sweepstakes Coins totally FREE

  • Day 1: 5000 WOWcoins = SC 1 sweep coins
  • Day 2: 2500 WOWcoins = SC 1.5 sweep coins
  • Day 3: 1000 WOWcoins = SC 2 sweep coins

WOW Vegas gives new customers a good starting point to play casino games free, whether they are attracted to slots or table games or both. Social sweepstakes casinos focus on having fun, and WOW Vegas has tons of casino games that are wide open to explore.  


WOW Vegas promotions are plentiful. WOW Coins and Sweepstakes Coins are given out for free in daily promotional bonuses. These include giveaways, weekly offers and social media promotions.

New and existing customers of WOW Vegas can keep an eye out for promotional bonuses and incentives in-house at the site and on WOW Vegas' various social media channels.

What are WOW Coins?

WOW Coins are simply the currency used to play free games at the WOW Vegas Casino. These coins are not redeemable for cash prizes, and are just used for games.

Players can buy different amounts of WOW Coins based on what games they'd like to play.

How to Acquire WOW Vegas Coins

Some ways to get WOW Vegas free coins are through the sign up offers or daily promos at the social casino.

WOW Vegas Casino players can also buy the WOW Coins too. For example, spending $29.99 on WOW Coins gets you 1.5 million of the virtual currency to use on playing games.

What are Sweepstakes Coins?

Sweepstakes Coins (SC) at WOW Vegas Casino are the kind the can be redeemed for cash prizes.

These coins at WOW Vegas are harder to find and earn since they are quite valuable. There are daily and weekly contests at the social casino for users to try and earn more SC.

How to Acquire Sweepstakes Coins

Sweepstakes Coins at WOW Vegas can be earned through the sign up promo, as well as other contests held.

Users who have SC and wish to redeem them for cash prizes must have at least 100 SC in their account.

The typical rate of SC to USD is 1:1. Earning some WOW Vegas free coins is still a way to get some nice SC at the social casino.

How to Sign Up with WOW Vegas

New customers signing up with WOW Vegas Casino have an easy three-step process.

  1. Fill out username, email address, password, and date-of-birth (18 and older).
  2. Sign up with WOW Vegas on the registration card.
  3. Accept 5,000 WOW Coins and one Sweepstakes Coin.

As a WOW Vegas player, the new customer can begin to play tons of slots and table games. Players can use the WOW Coins as money for free slots, video poker, and casino table games.

WOW Vegas Sign Up
Screenshot from Wow Vegas

Available Slots & Games

WOW Vegas fun casino has a great selection of slots and table games. The new games are highlighted front and center, but there are classic slots, progressive jackpots, and popular table games in the entire portfolio.


Some of the newer slots are Safari Sam 2, Take Olympus, Tycoons, Total Overdrive and The Hive. WOW Vegas also has a collection of fairly new slots including Gold Canyon, Back to Venus, Stampede and Primal Hunt.

WOW Vegas features characters like Pinocchio and Gladiator. It also features special places such as Alkemor’s Tower, Charms & Clovers and Genie’s Fortune. There are some classic slots, including Birds, Mamma Mia, Magic Shoppe and Sin City Nights

The collection of slots are broken down into classic slots, progressive jackpots, and newer slot games with multiple paylines and slick mechanics. WOW Vegas slots make up most of the casino games and are free.

WOW Vegas Games
Screenshot from Wow Vegas


Casino table games include the popular favorites such as Blackjack and Roulette. There are different variants to the table games, such as American and European Roulette.

Video poker has different variants, including Texas Hold’em, 3 Card Poker and 7 Card Stud. Bingo and Keno lead the team with other mainstream casino games.

Live Dealer Games

Some of the most entertaining and popular casino games involve a live dealer, but those will not be found at WOW Vegas Casino at this time.

Live dealer games like poker, blackjack, roulette and more can't be played in a live setting at WOW Vegas.

A lot of popular online casinos and social casinos have live dealer options, so we would like to see that in the future being offered at WOW Vegas Casino.

Types of Promotions Found at WOW Vegas Social Casino

For the most part, WOW Vegas social casino promotions give you discounted coins or, in some cases, free spins. As this is a social casino, you're not likely to find deposit match bonuses or no deposit bonuses, simply because the casino is advertised as free, technically.

However, it's always a good idea to keep an eye out for bonuses like the one we offer here to get discounted WOW Vegas coins and other extra plays.

Is there a WOW Vegas No Deposit Bonus?

At the moment, no. WOW Vegas doesn't use typical currency and instead relies on Coins and Sweepstakes Coins. Coins are your fee to play the games, and can be bought like any other resource, but there aren't any no deposit bonuses which net you credit, simply because you're not really going to be "depositing" any funds into an account.

A typical online casino takes deposits because each game is tied to a real cash value, as are your winnings. Social casinos do not tie their games to real cash value, hence, there are no "no deposit" bonuses.

WOW Vegas Sweepstakes Offers

Sweepstakes Coins are how you can potentially convert your winnings on WOW Vegas into real money prizes. Be on the lookout for offers that either give or boost your SC, as this is a great way to maximize your value when playing. We'll also be sure to update you with

WOW Vegas Mobile App

At this time, WOW Vegas Casino does not have a mobile app for iOS or Android devices, but the mobile website has all the functionality you would need. Optimized for smaller screens, WOW Vegas on mobile devices provides users with an easy and fun interface on the go.

Is there a way to win real cash on WOW Vegas?

No, but Sweepstakes Coins (SC) can be redeemed for cash prizes.

Since WOW Vegas is a social casino users cannot win real money online. They are only legally allowed to win a version of social currency on the social casino.

WOW Vegas Casino has their coin system set up so that SC can be redeemed for cash prizes. Users must have at least 100 SC in their account to redeem.

There may also be a WOW Vegas promo code in the future that boosts your ability to earn SC, and we'll keep you posted if one is available.

Social Casino Loyalty Programs

Social casinos will often offer loyalty programs to their users. This is a great way for the casinos to keep customers while also giving out some complementary bonuses that guests can take advantage of.

Most casinos, including social casinos, offer rewards or loyalty programs. These are often tiered systems where the amount you spend in a given period equates to certain benefits. Spend more, and when the next period begins (sometimes this is a month, or 90 days) you can enter into the higher tier for better rewards. There's also typically an invite-only tier for high rollers.

Does WOW Vegas have a loyalty program?

Yes, Wow Vegas does have a loyalty program. It's called the WOW Vegas Star System. You're automatically entered when signing up, starting out at the Rising Star tier and graduating with your SC purchases.

  • Rising Star: the entry-level tier. Grants 1.5k coins and .30 SC. at WOW Vegas login.
  • Blue Star: 40 Stars / 2000 SC required. Grants .50 SC and 3,000 Coins at WOW Vegas login, 5% bonus on Wow Coins purchases
  • Bronze Star: Requires another 50 stars. Grants .75 SC and 6,000 Coins at login, 10% bonus on Wow Coins purchases
  • Silver Star: Requires another 50 stars. Grants 1 SC and 10,000 Coins at login, 15% bonus on Wow Coins purchases
  • Gold Star: Requires another 50 stars. Grants 2.5 SC and 20,000 Coins at login, 20% bonus on Wow Coins purchases
  • Hosted VIP: Requires another 50 stars. Grants 5 SC and 50,000 Coins at login, 25% bonus on Wow Coins purchases. Other bonuses include VIP customer support through WhatsApp and custom-tailored special offers.

Customer Service & Payment Options

Customer service is a big part of WOW Vegas social casino, bringing the best experience online. Payment options are part of the plan in general banking. WOW Vegas knows that playing for free in a social experience can be a fun way to let customers enjoy the games.

Customer Service

WOW Vegas customer service offers various support options for a player’s convenience. This includes filling out a ticket in simple email form found on the website on either the hamburger menu or footer, where a customer service representative will get back to customers.

Players from WOW Vegas with a question or comment can also use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The WOW Vegas customer support team promises a reply in two business days.

Payment Options

WOW Vegas social casino is free, but payments do occur. WOW Coins can be purchased online with different payment options such as Mastercard and Visa bank cards, American Express, Skrill, Apple Pay and Trustly.

WOW Coins are the primary form of currency. WOW Vegas has special email offers, or customers can purchase WOW Coins in the virtual store.

The second kind of currency are Sweepstakes Coins. Customers can redeem Sweepstakes Coins using Skrill or Trustly once they have at least 100 coins in prize winnings.

Responsible Gaming

WOW Vegas takes responsible gaming very seriously.

As with customer service requests, links and resources for responsible social gaming can be found on the hamburger menu and footer of the website. You can find tips, how to set limits, and other ways to make sure you're playing responsibly.

Other Sweepstakes Casinos

There are a number of other sweepstakes casinos (also referred to as 'social casinos') live in the US. Some of those operators are listed below:


How do I play games at WOW Vegas?

Customers can play slots and other casino games for free at WOW Vegas.

What casino games can you play at WOW Vegas?

WOW Vegas customers can play slots and table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Texas Hold’em poker.

Can I qualify for bonus promos at WOW Vegas?

New customers’ welcome offer consists of WOW Coins and Sweepstakes Coins. Existing customers are eligible to participate in WOW Vegas social media competitions via email and the site’s promotions page.

Keep in mind that if you are in Idaho, Michigan, Nevada, or Washington, you are not eligible to register for WOW Vegas.