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Bill Marzano

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Bill Marzano - VegasInsider betting expert

2022-23 NFL & NCAA Predictions

The VegasInsider handicapping experts have provided their futures picks for the upcoming NFL and College Football seasons on the most popular betting markets in each sport.

Listed below are the top betting choices for Bill Marzano.

2022-23 NFL Futures Predictions

Follow our NFL Futures Odds and find the best odds for the below selections.

NFL Championship Picks

  • Super Bowl Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • NFC Champion: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • AFC Champion: Cincinnati Bengals

NFL Win Totals Breakdown - Best Bets

Over or Under? The NFL Win Totals betting market continues to increase in popularity and Bill Marzano has identified Best Bets for both Over and Under picks in each of the eight NFL divisions.

AFC NorthBengalsRavens
AFC SouthTitansJaguars
AFC EastDolphinsBills
AFC WestChargersBroncos
NFC NorthPackersLions
NFC SouthBuccaneersPanthers
NFC EastCowboysCommanders
NFC WestCardinalsSeahawks

NFL Playoff Projections

The NFL postseason will have a field of 14 teams and Bill Marzano has identified his projections on the seven clubs that will represent the NFC and AFC conferences next January and bettors can wager on those selections in the NFL Playoff Prop Odds market.


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  2. Los Angeles Rams
  3. Green Bay Packers
  4. Dallas Cowboys
  5. New Orleans Saints
  6. Arizona Cardinals
  7. San Francisco 49ers


  1. Los Angeles Chargers
  2. Cincinnati Bengals
  3. Indianapolis Colts
  4. Kansas City Chiefs
  5. Los Angeles Chargers
  6. Baltimore Ravens
  7. Las Vegas Raiders

NFL Most Valuable Player Best Bets

The NFL MVP Odds betting market is showing a strong lean to quarterbacks this season and Bill Marzano is providing his top three picks based on three different ranges - Favorite, Middle Range and Long Shot.

PlayerMVP Picks
FavoriteJoe Burrow
Middle RangeTrey Lance
Long ShotJameis Winston

2022-23 NCAAF Futures Predictions

Follow our NCAAF Futures Odds and find the best odds for the below selections.

College Football Playoff Picks

CFP Winner: Alabama

College Playoff Final Four Projections

  1. Alabama
  2. Georgia
  3. Ohio State
  4. Clemson

Heisman Trophy Best Bets

The Heisman Trophy Odds betting market continues to grow in popularity and Bill Marzano is providing his top college football player picks based on three different ranges - Favorite, Middle Range and Long Shot.

FavoriteBryce Young (Alabama)
Middle RangeDillon Gabriel (Oklahoma)
Long ShotKedon Slovis (Pittsburgh)

NCAAF Win Totals Breakdown - Best Bets

College Football has 10 major conferences and bettors can follow Win Totals Odds on all of them and make wagers based on their upcoming 12-game season. Bill Marzano has identified Best Bets for each of the 10 conferences, focusing on either Under or Over wagers.

ConferenceBest Bet
ACCClemson Over
SECAlabama Over
Big 12Baylor Over
Big TenOhio State Over
Pac-12Oregon Over
AACHouston Over
MACBuffalo Over
MWCFresno State Over
Sun BeltCoastal Carolina Over

About Bill Marzano

Bill is his name, and gambling is his game. In particular, baseball is the game of choice for Billy Marzano from Seminole, Florida.

Bill grew up engulfed in spring training baseball in the Tampa/St. Pete area. Ask him the lineup of any team in the big leagues during the 1980s, and he'll rattle it off like he's reciting the pitching matchups for tomorrow's MLB slate.

When it comes to baseball, no handicapper in America will outwork Marzano. His summer days consist of sports pages, box scores, pitching matchups and umpires. Most of all, his days are spent watching games and picking apart the players who are playing well and/or slumping.

Bill isn't a stats dork who crunches numbers all day. He's familiar with the personnel and knows the ins and outs of the game. Most importantly, he was a player himself before shoulder woes ended his playing career.

As a former player, Marzano knows when a pitcher has a tired arm, and he knows when a hitter has no chance against a hot hurler. To Bill, it's all about matchups, tendencies and production.

Bill spent the late 1990s living in Las Vegas and slamming the books. But now he's back in the Sunshine State, where he often visits spring training camps in preparation for the upcoming baseball campaign.

Marzano began handicapping for VI in 2004, finishing second in money during the '04-'05 NBA season with a tally of plus 3,490. His "dime clients" netted a payoff of $34,900 for the year despite a slump in the playoffs.

Handicapper Hot Streaks

• 20-2 NBA Run: 2/4/22 - 2/10/22
• 16-5, $1,185 NBA Playoff Run: 9/7/20 - 9/17/20
• 18-2, $1,623 MLB Run: 5/27/18 - 6/17/18
• 21-3 NBA Run: 12/31/14 - 1/13/15

Documented Records

• 2021-2022 NBA #2 Money Leader: $2,300
• 2021 NHL #3 Underdog Leader: $287
• 2020-2021 CBK #2 Money Leader: $2,400
• 2019-2020 NHL #3 Guaranteed Leader: $1,342
• 2019-2020 NCAA FB Money Leader: $1,740
• 2019-2020 NCAA FB #2 Percent Leader: 58%
• 2019-2020 NCAA FB Guarantees: $1,095
• 2018-2019 NHL Money Leader: $2,089
• 2018-2019 NHL #2 Totals Leader: $364
• 2018-2019 NFL #3 Guaranteed Leader: $532
• 2018 MLB #2 Guaranteed Leader: $2,448
• 2017-2018 NHL #2 Favorites Leader: $1,414
• 2017-2018 NHL Money Total: $2,020
• 2016-17 NBA #2 Totals Leader: $1,936
• 2016-17 NBA Money Total: $1,153
• 2016-17 NHL Money Leader: $6,094
• 2016-17 NHL #2 Underdog Leader: $1,384
• 2016-17 NHL #3 Guaranteed Leader: $2,697
• 2016-17 NHL #2 Favorites Leader: $534
• 2015 MLB #2 Totals Leader: $560
• 2014-2015 NHL #3 Totals Leader: $576
• 2013-2014 NHL #2 Totals Leader: $603
• 2013-2014 NHL #3 Guaranteed Leader: $603
• 2013-2014 NCAA BK #2 Money Leader: $2,405
• 2013-2014 NHL Money Leader: $970
• 2012-2013 NCAA BK #3 Guaranteed Leader: $903
• 2012-2013 NCAA BK #2 Totals Leader: $1,453
• 2012 #2 MLB Money Leader: $2,834
• 2012 MLB Favorites Leader: $2,357
• 2011 MLB #3 Favorites Leader: $2,315
• 2010 MLB #3 Money Leader: $3,007
• 2010 MLB #2 Favorites Leader: $1,812
• 2009 MLB #2 Underdog Leader: $2,065
• 2009 MLB #2 Member Leader: $2,276
• 2005-2006 NBA Money Leader: $2,165
• 2004-2005 NBA Money Leader: $3,490