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Alaska Sports Betting

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Alaska Sports Betting

Recent years have seen drastic changes to the regulations surrounding gambling in the United States. The repeal of 1992’s Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PAPSA) has paved the way for sportsbooks to operate legally in the US. Many states have seen live sports betting legalized, and sports fans in states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania have been enjoying the results.

So what is the current state of Alaska sports betting? The state hasn’t followed other legal states yet, but Alaska sports betting currently has a few limited options. There are also some signs of a change coming soon to Alaska sports betting and the industry’s laws.

Read on to find out more in our comprehensive guide on Alaska sports betting.

Daily Fantasy Sports in Alaska

Although AK sports betting has not been fully legalized at this point, fantasy sports are an option for betting in Alaska. Daily fantasy sports services don’t involve betting on live matches, but sports fans can still wager on how a player performs in a game.

Fantasy sports exist in a legal gray area, with legislators contesting whether these services classify as Alaska sports betting apps. Lawmakers have argued that fantasy sports are a game of skill and so don’t classify as gambling. This has led to the largest fantasy sports providers to allow wagers from customers in 40 states, including betting in Alaska.

Fantasy sports offer an alternative to Alaska sportsbooks for fans in the state. You can’t bet on your favorite teams quite yet, but it is something to hold you over until more Alaska sports betting options become available.

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Alaska Sports Betting

The repeal of PAPSA has changed the legal landscape around sports betting. While before the federal government prohibited betting, the recent change means that the feds are leaving it to states to make their own decisions. Moving quickly on this new opportunity, 19 states and the District of Columbia already have live, legal sports betting.

While the change in the law allowed states to make their own regulations to legalize or prohibit sports betting, laws on Alaska sports betting haven’t made a move in either direction. Without the go-ahead from the legislature, AK sports betting hasn’t taken off. So, where does that leave sports fans in the state? Read on to learn all you need to know about betting in Alaska.

Most Likely Alaska Sportsbooks

Although there aren’t any Alaska sportsbooks given the current laws, let’s take a look at what providers are likely to become available once the AK sports betting market opens up and these Alaska betting sites launch.

These providers are all US-based companies, so you can be sure that all Alaska sports betting regulations will be followed.


MGM is one of the most trusted US casino brands, so it’s no surprise their partners BetMGM are one of the top sports betting providers as well. They offer rewards to loyal players, including bonuses for the points that you redeem. Expect them to take Alaska online sports betting by storm once the market opens up.

BetMGM Sportsbook provides an easy to use mobile experience as well. Their Alaska sports betting apps will be among the most convenient ways for you to place your bets.


DraftKings is already available for Alaska online sports betting on daily fantasy sports. On top of dominating the fantasy sports industry, they’re also one of the top sportsbooks in the country. Once regulations change, expect them to open up for business for Alaska sportsbooks as well.

DraftKings Sportsbook offers betting on all major US and international sports. Their Alaska sports betting apps will make it easy for you to manage your wagers and your fantasy sports all in one place.


This New Jersey-based provider is only available in a few states at the moment, but expect them to expand in the coming years. New markets such as Alaska online sports betting are perfect opportunities for them to expand, so look for them to become available soon.

PointsBet sportsbook offers new customers two risk-free bets up to $1,000 to get you started. Lucrative offers like these are sure to make them one of the most popular Alaska betting sites once the market opens up. PointsBet will have all major US and international events available for Alaska sports betting.

Alaska Sports Betting Laws

Current laws surrounding Alaska sports betting remain the same, even among all the recent changes in other states. Gambling laws allow for betting in Alaska on authorized Native American reservation casinos and on traditional sports rooted in Alaskan culture. Traditional sports include fishing competitions and dog mushing races.

This means that there is currently no state-regulated Alaska sports betting outside of these very limited events. Sports fans in Alaska will have to wait until the laws change for Alaska sportsbooks to open up.

States where you can already place an online sports bet today :

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Arizona | Colorado | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Massachusetts | Maryland | Michigan | Nevada | New Jersey | New York | Pennsylvania | Tennessee | Virginia | Washington DC | West Virginia

Future of Alaska Online Sports Betting

Although Alaska sportsbooks are not allowed in current legislation, there are some signs of a change coming soon. Alaska Senate Bill 188 was brought before the state senate for the first time in 2020. This bill would provide for a state lottery as well as legalizing AK sports betting for residents of the state.

The bill to allow Alaska sports betting was written at the request of Governor Mike Dunleavy. Looking for ways to alleviate the state’s $1.5 billion budget deficit, the governor saw regulated gambling as a way to bring in revenue for the state. Revenue from Alaska sports betting and lotteries would go to the state’s education system and other programs.

So far, no bill on Alaska sports betting has been signed into law. However, as other states continue to enjoy the revenue regulated gambling brings in, these are early signs of a change. If this momentum continues in the state senate, legalized AK sports betting may not be too far away.

Alaska Online Sports Betting: Events and Betting Markets

Although Alaska sports betting options are limited in the state, there is one major event that draws plenty of gamblers. As stated above, betting in Alaska is allowed for traditional sports. This includes dog sled racing, and there is no bigger dog sled race than the Iditarod.

This 10-day race begins in March and is by far the biggest event on the AK sports calendar. The route varies slightly from year to year, but racers must cover well over 150 miles of snowy terrain. The winner takes home a generous $500,000 purse.

Alaska betting sites are sure to be busy with the Iditarod. At least six of the previous champions from past races will continue to compete. Betting in Alaska is sure to be at record highs when it goes online.

Betting on Pro Sports Teams in Alaska

The state’s remote location from the rest of the United States and cold climate makes it difficult for professional sports teams to base themselves out of Alaska. Betting in Alaska will have to be for teams from out of state.


There are currently no NFL teams that operate out of Alaska. Alaska betting sites will have offers for your favorite out of state teams, however.


There are no NBA teams that are based out of Alaska. You can still participate in AK sports betting on other teams.


Some semi-professional hockey teams operate out of Alaska, and the state did have the now-defunct Alaska Aces playing in the ECHL. However, no professional NHL teams are located in Alaska. Alaska betting sites will feature teams from other parts of the country to fans of the sport.


Currently, no MLB team is located in Alaska. Alaska online sports betting will focus on your favorite teams from the lower 48 instead.

Other Alaska Teams to Bet on :

Although there is a lack of major professional teams from Alaska to bet on, the state does have its own sports teams. Let’s take a look at the college teams you might wager on once Alaska sports betting is available.

College Football

College football is, unfortunately, lacking in Alaska. The lack of facilities and distance from other college football teams makes it difficult for a football program to operate. Alaska sports betting apps will have to feature out of state college football teams.

College Basketball

A couple of college basketball teams play their home games in Alaska. They are sure to be popular on Alaska betting sites if and when AK sports betting becomes available.

Alaska Anchorage Seawolves

Based out of the University of Alaska’s campus in the state’s biggest city, the Seawolves compete in the NCAA Division II. They finished the 2019 season with a record of 20 wins and 14 losses, placing them 9th in their conference.

Alaska Nanooks

The Nanooks play for the University of Alaska campus at Fairbanks. Locals will love placing wagers on their team once Alaska sports betting opens for business. In their last season, the team managed to put up a respectable 70.6 points per game.

Alaska Online Sports Betting FAQ

Is Alaska sports betting legal?

Currently, betting in Alaska is limited to traditional Alaskan sports such as dog sled races and fishing competitions. Daily fantasy sports services are also allowed because these are considered games of skill instead of gambling. Alaska sports betting apps are not currently regulated by the law.

When will sports betting be allowed in Alaska?

There is no set date to when Alaska sports betting will be legalized. There was a law brought before the state senate in 2020, but so far, Alaska sports betting remains prohibited outside of traditional sports.

Where is the best place to place sports bets in Alaska?

There are no regulated Alaska sportsbooks at the moment. Alaskans will have to wait for AK sports betting to be legalized before Alaska betting sites and Alaska sports betting apps open for business.

Refer to the list above for the most likely Alaska sportsbooks once Alaska sports betting becomes legal.

Can I place wagers on fantasy sports in Alaska?

Yes. Daily fantasy sports don’t count as Alaska online sports betting under state law. This is because they are considered games of chance rather than gambling. Fantasy sports are a good alternative to Alaska sports betting until there is a change to regulations.

Can I bet online on my phone in Alaska?

Currently, no. However, if Alaska online sports betting becomes legalized, players will be able to access Alaska betting sites more conveniently through Alaska sports betting apps. All the action will be right there on your phone.

Final Thoughts on Betting in Alaska

Despite recent changes to the laws in the United States, Alaska online sports betting remains limited. Laws allow for gambling on designated Native American casinos and on traditional sporting events. Daily fantasy sports are also allowed as they are considered games of skill. However, for now, Alaska sportsbooks remain prohibited.

There is some indication that changes are coming for Alaska sports betting. A law introduced in 2020 aimed to legalize Alaska online sports betting in order to generate revenue for the state. The bill has not yet passed, but momentum continues to build nationwide for regulated gambling. A change to laws around betting in Alaska seems more likely than ever.

The list of popular providers above will prepare you for upcoming changes to AK sports betting laws. You’ll know the best Alaska sports betting apps and be ready to hit the ground running once the fun begins.

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