Tonybet Ontario Review 2024

Sports betting continues to make its way into new markets. Ontario has opened up its betting markets since 2022, and TonyBet Ontario has stepped into that market, promising bettors of all kinds the opportunity at all forms of action.

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📲 Available AppsAndroid, iOS
🗓 Launch Date2009
📌 AvailabilityOntario

A European-based operator originating from Estonia, TonyBet has slowly started to expand outside of its native Estonia into new markets like the United Kingdom, and now into North America with TonyBet Ontario.

TonyBet Ontario offers sports betting and casino options to the Ottawa legal online gambling market.

In this TonyBet review, we'll explain how this new operator plans to make its mark in the Canadian Market. Offering both sports betting and live casino games, TonyBet Canada will stand out among options for Canadian bettors as one of the most robust online casino and sportsbook betting experiences out there.

This TonyBet review will highlight all the most important things for Canadian bettors to consider before signing up to bet with TonyBet Ontario.

TonyBet Ontario is a pleasant user experience with a range of markets to bet on that most recreational and serious sports bettors will be happy with. The integration of the bet slip into the main navigation makes for a robust information screen that presents all the information users need to place bets.


One way for online casino and online sportsbook options to stand out from the crowd is by offering live betting. Many of the most well-known operators in the sports betting industry offer live betting.

It's a great way of making your product stand out from other sportsbooks and keep users engaged throughout a match by offering shifting wagering requirements based on the action of the event. TonyBet Ontario offers live betting, and it's a very pleasant, considered feature given the operator's limited forays into the North American market.

When signing into the TonyBet app for the first time and navigating to the interface, users will notice that the live betting section has a navigation label in the main menu next to sports betting and casino. When navigating through the options to live bet, users will notice the use of color codes in distinguishing action.

As the game or event continues, TonyBet Canada users will see green or red shading at the edge of each box when an odds line is affected.

For example, in tennis, games go point-by-point, and with each point, odds for the money line or other bets are affected by each point. This visual cue is a nicely enhanced feature of the user experience at TonyBet. It helps players understand what's going on right away and allows them to jump right into the heart of the live action on the betting site.


For those with experience gambling online, the sign-up process for TonyBet Casino and Sportsbook is similar to most sign-up processes at legal online casinos and sportsbooks. TonyBet's user-friendly interface makes it easy to sign up and get started playing live casino games or betting sports as soon as possible.

  1. Look for the sign-up button at the top right of the homepage or in the top navigation of the mobile app. Click this button, which will take you to a new form where you'll be asked to provide your country, email address, and password of your choice. The location field will be prepopulated with Ontario since the operator only allows bettors who reside in Ontario to play on TonyBet Ontario.
  2. On the next screen, users will fill in their first name, and surname, select their occupation from the dropdown fields, and add their phone number, gender, and date of birth.
  3. This will take them to the final screen where they provide their current address and phone number. Since TonyBet Ontario users are required to reside in Ontario, the address provided must be geolocated within Ontario.

    There are additional optional fields to be able to add background information, like country of residence, citizenship, alias, business phone number, and employer name and address. It is suspected that these fields are for non-residents who are visiting Ontario and want to play on TonyBet while they are visiting Ontario. Once these personal details are verified, the user is taken to the next screen.
  4. The final screen is the confirmation screen, where users are asked to check off a series of checkboxes related to receiving marketing communications, verifying the accuracy of the information that has been inputted into the form, and confirming that they are allowed to bet in Ontario. Once the checkboxes are confirmed on this screen, the account is created.

    From there, new TonyBet users can deposit into their new TonyBet account, and start their betting journey by playing casino games at TonyBet Casino or sports betting on the latest sporting action at TonyBet Sportsbook.


TonyBet Canada players will have no shortage of banking options when it comes to getting money onto the TonyBet app.

The payment methods to deposit and withdraw money options are both strong here and can be convenient for any sports bettor whether they prefer using banking options or e-wallets for their gambling transactions. Given that the site operates out of Canada, those using banking options will have to make deposits in Canadian dollars and will have to deal with the exchange rate when making any cashouts.


The payment methods available for a TonyBet Canada account are competitive with most North American sportsbook options. The ease of use with cryptocurrency at TonyBet Ontario is a nice bonus for those who prefer using cryptocurrency.

  • Visa/MasterCard/debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Interac
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Neteller


The withdrawal methods for TonyBet Ontario are straightforward to use. For those who prioritize speediness in withdrawal methods, the e-wallet and cryptocurrency options are the fastest options for getting your winnings back into your bank statement.

  • PayPal
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • E-Wallets
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Paper Check

TonyBet Sportsbook is legal for residents of Ontario to be able to play casino games and wager on sporting events. While The TonyBet brand has operations in multiple international markets, those interested in wagering in Ontario must reside in Ontario to play on the site.

TonyBet also operates in Estonia, the land of its founder, and the United Kingdom. It remains to be seen whether TonyBet will continue to push operations into new markets. Given the saturation in the American markets, TonyBet may want to look at expanding into other Canadian provinces first before targeting the American market.


The most important thing to know about the terms and conditions of TonyBet Ontario is that you must reside in Ontario to play casino games on TonyBet Casino or wager on sports through TonyBet Sportsbook. Users who want to play casino games or wager on sports at TonyBet must be at least 19 years old.

For those who want to explore the TonyBet terms and conditions on the site in greater detail, it's available for review to all users of the site by navigating to the footer navigation. Under the label "About TonyBet" you'll find the terms and conditions navigation item as the second item under the list. The section is fully fleshed out and able to answer any questions that you might have.


For those primarily interested in sports betting, TonyBet Ontario has all the most popular sports betting markets to wager on. Sports bettors will be more than happy with the range of popular leagues available to them at TonyBet Canada. Given the European roots of this online casino and sportsbook, the Tonybet app offers a wide range of betting markets that most North American consumers haven't had the opportunity to wager on.

Outside of the popular leagues in North America, TonyBet Casino and Sportsbook offer Ontario customers the opportunity to wager on European gems like handball, cricket, rugby, table tennis, and futsal. Whether you're at TonyBet for specific markets or looking to play for pure entertainment's sake, TonyBet casino and sportsbook will cover all the opportunities you could want.

The navigation of the app and website utilize icons to showcase the sporting events available for betting in the navigation. Users can also toggle between showcasing what events are live versus all events that are available to bet. One downfall with TonyBet Ontario is that live streaming is not an option within the site.

Live streaming within the TonyBet app would go a long way in making TonyBet more of an entertainment platform, and not purely focused on wagering.

One other aspect to note with the markets that are available to bet in TonyBet Ontario. Most of the traditional bet types are available, like over/under, point spread, and money line. One area that TonyBet could seek to improve its offerings is with player props.

These can be found once you dig deeper into the betting markets - for example, in NBA games, under player specials, you can find opportunities to bet player props like points, steals, and rebounds under the player specials tab. While it's nice to have these options available within the site, TonyBet is missing out on an important part of the market.

With sites like PrizePicks and DraftKings that give greater attention to player props, there's an opportunity for TonyBet to step up its betting experience in this area and improve the betting experience for player props.


The national sport of Canada is an option for sports betting on TonyBet Canada. Hockey is featured towards the top of the navigation items on the TonyBet interface. Sports bettors in Canada who want to bet on hockey can bet on NHL games, and there's a feature to highlight top leagues so users can see prominent leagues like the NHL.

The depth with which TonyBet covers this market sets it apart. TonyBet users can bet on hockey games in up to 16 different countries. Depending on the number of hockey options available in those countries, users can bet on top-flight and minor leagues within those countries.

The USA hockey betting market includes the NHL and professional minor hockey leagues, as well as college hockey for both men's and women's hockey. Canadian bettors should be very happy with the depth of coverage that TonyBet gives to hockey for Ontario sports bettors.


You can't run an online sportsbook without offering sports bettors the option to bet on the NFL. American football is available to sports bettors at TonyBet Canada. While the NFL season just ended this week, the ability to bet on NFL futures and outcomes remains.

Those interested in betting on American football can wager on potential MVP picks for next year, what team will win each conference next year, and who will be the first pick in the NFL draft.

Anyone who navigates to the football tab in TonyBet Canada users can also bet on their native football league, the Canadian Football League. If you're looking for a place to place a point spread or player props bet for the Grey Cup, TonyBet Canada is the place to do it. Visit TonyBet during the NFL or CFL season for the opportunity to place bets on some great football action through the TonyBet app.


Given the European roots of the TonyBet operator's history, it's no surprise that TonyBet Canada offers a robust range of soccer matches to bet on. Users of the site can place bets on a single game. In addition to being able to bet on most matches around the world, TonyBet Canada has formed a partnership with the Canadian Premier League.

This partnership will not only create brand enthusiasm for the rapidly expanded native Canadian soccer league but also give sports bettors greater opportunity to engage with the brand.

By visiting TonyBet Ontario's social media channels, you can see the partnership between the Canadian Premier League and TonyBet Ontario featured prominently, highlighting the league and operator's combined marketing attempts to bring greater prominence to this emerging soccer league.


Tennis may not be the most popular sports betting option for North American bettors, but its worldwide popularity in wagering makes it a nice option to have at TonyBet Sportsbook. All of the major tournaments are available to bet on through TonyBet Canada.

Tennis is a particularly great game to play when live betting. As each point is played, the tiles under various bets in the live betting tab change colors - red for when betting odds go up, green for when betting odds go down. This thoughtful design feature within the user experience makes for a much more engaging, entertaining user experience.


With Canada's growing interest in basketball spurned by the Raptors' recent NBA title and the amount of talent that the country is producing, it's no surprise that basketball is becoming one of the more popular betting markets at TonyBet online sportsbook. Users can wager on NBA games, as well as prominent European basketball leagues like the EuroLeague.


While it doesn't stand out as one of the most common sports betting markets, golf wagering is popular with a certain part of the sports betting public. TonyBet Canada users can expect to bet on all major tournaments like the Masters, the PGA Championship, and European tour events. The market of available golf bets you can place is not as diverse as seasoned golf bettors might like. The majority of bets offered are on outright winners.


Boxing and MMA have become prevalent sports betting markets as the popularity of MMA has soared worldwide. Canadian bettors at TonyBet Ontario can bet on major championship boxing matches and most UFC events. Boxing matchups are organized under one facet in the app, under "international fights".

The TonyBet app could organize this section more thoughtfully. It creates a long scrolling experience that makes it hard to find specific fights. Given that, it would be good to contrast this against when there's a major UFC event to see if there are more specifics in terms of structuring how fights are displayed. Given the growing popularity of UFC, there could be opportunities to improve this feature in navigation to allow


Support is always nearby when something goes amiss at TonyBet Ontario. The TonyBet customer support team is available via live chat 24/7. The button for TonyBet live chat can always be found in the bottom right corner of the TonyBet interface.

TonyBet Canada users can also elect to send a query to TonyBet Canada's customer support team via the contact page. One of the only drawbacks of TonyBet Canada's customer support is that you cannot speak to a live person through a phone line - email or live chat are the only options available for TonyBet Canada.


TonyBet Canada is allowed to operate in Ontario because it meets many very strict conditions set forth by the Ontario province government. Part of those conditions require that TonyBet meet conditions that will put in place boundaries for players who discover that they have a problem when it comes to wagering.

If you're one of those players who have trouble knowing when to say when check out the Responsible Gaming Council or contact ConnexOntario at 1-866-531-2600. Either of these services can help TonyBet Casino and TonyBet Sportsbook app users who are having trouble controlling their gaming. Those using the desktop version of TonyBet Ontario will note that the bottom footer has a prominent tile highlighting ConnexOntario so that users are always able to access information on responsible gambling.

Check out VegasInsider's guide to responsible gambling.


Below we've compiled some common questions and answers about Tonybet Ontario. Read on to learn more!


Yes, TonyBet Casino and TonyBet Sportsbook are both legal in Ontario for users to play casino games and wager on sports. TonyBet Ontario is legal for all Ontario residents who are over the age of 19. Currently, Ontario is the only province in Canada where TonyBet is currently legal.


TonyBet Ontario has a minimum deposit of $10, a maximum daily deposit of $4000, and a weekly maximum of $15,000. This minimum deposit amount at TonyBet applies to all deposits, whether it's your initial deposit or your fifth deposit.


TonyBet Ontario users can withdraw money in several different ways. If expediting the deposit is a priority, TonyBet Ontario users should make a withdrawal using an e-wallet like Paypal or withdrawing money to cryptocurrency - these options have the fastest withdrawal times. If that's not a priority, then TonyBet Ontario users can use anything for withdrawals to online banking accounts or even a paper check.