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South Dakota Sports Betting

South Dakota Sports Betting

South Dakota sports betting is up and coming. Voters approved a bill to legalize sports betting in Deadwood, a tribal location, on November 3rd. Therefore, Legal South Dakota Sports Betting is soon to become a reality.

Until 2018, sports betting in most states wasn’t legal. After Congress overruled 1992 legislation, they granted the states the right to legalize sports betting. South Dakota sportsbooks are few, but will likely increase in 2021.

Daily Fantasy Sports in South Dakota

Although South Dakota online sports betting is not legal in the whole state, Daily Fantasy Sports are. Each category depends on the performance of real players and real-life scores. In the NFL Fantasy league, you have to draft nine players and win points.

The NHL functions similarly with a draft of nine players, and the MLB features 10 player drafts. Users draft eight players in the NBA Daily Fantasy draft and win games based on realistic points and blocks.

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Most Likely South Dakota Sportsbooks

South Dakota sports betting can now operate legally in the city of Deadwood. However, there are no state sportsbooks yet that offer legal sports bets. Despite this, several offshore operators have provided betting services for some time.

Those that act as South Dakota sportsbooks for betting in South Dakota include FanDuel and DraftKings. They are two of the most popular sportsbooks in the US for Daily Fantasy Sports. There are few options when it comes to South Dakota sports betting apps. South Dakota sports betting apps are currently limited to Daily Fantasy Sports for sports betting.

SD sports betting is liable to expand during 2021, and many bookies will join the ranks. Evidently, South Dakota sports betting apps are still scarce, but will increase as the number of sportsbooks in the state goes up. Naturally, South Dakota sports betting apps will have to include the state’s favorite college teams.

Betting in South Dakota is currently a low-profile activity, but as legislation passes, it may increase. Furthermore, South Dakota sportsbooks will dominate the gambling scene after Amendment B comes into effect.


One of the major South Dakota sports betting apps, FanDuel took gambling by storm in 2009.


DraftKings is one of the top DFS operators in the state.

South Dakota Betting Laws

When the Supreme Court ruled the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 unconstitutional in 2018, it opened the door to sports gambling in the US. Many states have since legalized sportsbooks and their operation. Betting in South Dakota has been possible at tribal locations for years.

According to ESPN, voters approved a bill to legalize sports betting in Deadwood, a tribal location, on November 3rd. Ballotpedia reported that voters approved the amendment by a margin of 17%, with 239,620 who voted yes, and 170,191 voted no.

Few South Dakota betting sites provide sports betting legally, but many bookies have operated in the state for years. The maximum bet for SD sports betting in Deadwood is $1,000.

The SD Commission on Gaming regulates South Dakota sportsbooks. The Commission on Gaming consists of five members:

  • Chair (Karen Wagner)
  • Vice chair (Karl Fischer)
  • Three commissioners (Dennis McFarland, Mike Wordeman, and Robert Goetz).

South Dakota online sports betting revenue will increase after new sportsbooks open in 2021. We may see an increase in South Dakota online sports betting apps. South Dakota betting sites will need to follow legislation passed by the state legislature, and state government officials will regulate South Dakota betting sites.

Future of South Dakota Online Sports Betting

What we can expect in the near future for South Dakota online sports betting is the ability to place bets at local tribal locations. The state government will have to pass further legislation to regulate SD sports betting.

If further legislation gets passed soon, South Dakota online sports betting revenue will increase. South Dakota sports betting apps will have a mix of college and pro sports, and South Dakota sports betting apps will compete with local casinos and bookies.

South Dakota online sports betting is an untapped market that will grow in 2021. It’s also likely that South Dakota sports betting apps will feature out-of-state teams. Additionally, South Dakota sportsbooks will have to adapt to brand new legislation.

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South Dakota Online Sports Betting: Events and Betting Markets

Sports fans are known to support pro teams from surrounding states. South Dakota betting sites also include the local college teams that the state loves. SD sports betting is unique when you compare it to gambling in other states.

In hockey, the Sioux Falls Stampede makes up for the absence of pro teams. The University of South Dakota (USD) and South Dakota State University (SDSU) carry the state in college basketball.

Sports betting will also include sports traditionally featured by bookies like cricket, horse racing, tennis, motor-sports, cycling, and ping pong. The betting doesn’t focus exclusively on pro sports, though. The state’s college teams dominate sporting events in the region. SD sports betting has to expand to encompass a wide range of sports if it’s to compete with other states.

Betting on pro sports teams in South Dakota

There will soon be options for South Dakota sports betting on pro teams. South Dakota sportsbooks don’t have the ability to operate legally throughout the state, so until further legislation comes into effect in 2021, there are no official state sportsbooks.

For those who want to participate in South Dakota online sports betting, the Daily Fantasy Sports leagues are an option. In that arena, fans can use their knowledge of pro teams to develop an ultimate roster. From the Packers to the Vikings, there’s something for every sports lover.

South Dakota betting sites have a knack for featuring popular teams. If you’re betting in South Dakota, make sure you use a certified sportsbook. Betting in South Dakota doesn’t have to be complicated.

NFL betting in South Dakota

South Dakota online sports betting isn’t officially legal outside of Deadwood, but FanDuel and DraftKings provide options for sports bettors. South Dakota sports betting options will likely increase soon due to the state’s approval of Amendment B. For now, stick to the well-known sportsbooks.

SD sports betting will soon provide the range of options that many states offer. The following is a list of several teams you can bet on in the NFL and some of their players.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers betting

After acquiring Tom Brady, the Buccaneers increased their potential for coming seasons. Rob Gronkowski and Leonard Fournette are other key players.

Los Angeles Chargers betting

Anthony Lynn heads this AFC West squad. They have a diverse roster that makes for a robust team.

Kansas City Chiefs betting

As part of the AFC West, the Chiefs dominated the field this year. Their roster included the likes of Daniel Sorenson, Anthony Hitchens, Darius Harris, and Rashad Fenton. With a long gap between Super Bowl wins, this team fights for recognition every year.

New England Patriots betting

This long-time star squad delivers on a regular basis. The team counts on players like Brian Lewerke, Jakobi Meyers, and Rex Burkhead to set up the offense and Brandon King and Patrick Chung on defense.

Chicago Bears betting

Long known for its formidable defensive lineup, this team offers players like Josh Woods, Cody Whitehair, Kindle Vildor, Trevis Gipson, and Kyle Fuller to fans that want to develop an all-around roster.

Green Bay Packers betting

South Dakota sports betting doesn’t support every outside team, but the Packers are well-accepted in this state’s quarters. If you want to dominate the field with players like Aaron Rodgers, you’ll need to check out the Packers lineup.

NBA betting in South Dakota

Sports betting allows Daily Fantasy Sports to continue unhindered. You can take inspiration from the current teams and players in the NBA or create your own squad to dominate the field.

LA Lakers betting

Sports betting includes the big rivalries in pro sports, and that means the LA Lakers vs. Miami Heat. It’s hard to say who is more dominant overall, but this past season was a Lakers one. The Lakers came away with six wins out of eight head-to-head matchups.

Miami Heat betting

The Heat’s win-loss record (44-29) for the 2019-20 season was only slightly less impressive than the Lakers (52-19).

NHL betting in South Dakota

South Dakota sports betting doesn’t yet include NHL sports. Additionally, the state doesn’t have a team in the NHL. Fans usually go with one of the neighboring state’s teams, including Minnesota Wild or Colorado Avalanche. v

The state does have a junior hockey team by the name of Sioux Falls Stampede. They are a Tier I team and are part of the Western Conference of the United States Hockey League (USHL), of which they hold three Clark Cup Championships.

South Dakota sports betting doesn’t focus on hockey exclusively, but in the USHL, the Stampede made a name for themselves.

Minnesota Wild betting

South Dakota sports betting teams include MN Wild and other out-of-state teams because the state doesn’t have any pro sports teams. That doesn’t stop fans from supporting neighboring state teams, though.

Colorado Avalanche betting

This Denver-based team has won two Stanley Cups. Their most recent Stanley Cup win was in 2001 against the New Jersey Devils. They are the only NHL team to have won all of their Stanley Cup appearances.

MLB betting in South Dakota

South Dakota sports betting doesn't slack when it comes to pro sports. Sports fans in the state don’t suffer from low enthusiasm for pro sports despite the state’s lack of professional sports teams.

South Dakota sports betting is expanding to include pro sports and will have a large portfolio in 2021. SD sports betting will therefore have plenty of MLB teams when it opens South Dakota sportsbooks.

Minnesota Twins betting

The Twins are one of the most competitive teams in their region. Players like Josh Donaldson, Kenta Maeda, and Nelson Cruz lead the squad.

Colorado Rockies betting

The Rockies are another famous MLB team when it comes to Daily Fantasy Sports. The team always shows pluck when they take to the field.

Other South Dakota teams to bet on

There aren’t a whole lot of pro teams in South Dakota sports betting, but there are plenty of local college teams. Next, we’ll discuss some of the most competitive college teams.

Betting on College Football in South Dakota

South Dakota sports betting focuses on college basketball, football, and out-of-state teams. There’s also a fair amount of Fantasy League that happens online. SD sports betting includes a mix of neighboring teams and local collegiate squads.

Coyotes (USD) betting

South Dakota sports betting is most known for its college teams like the Coyotes. The Coyotes have a history of success in college football and basketball.

Jackrabbits (SDSU) betting

Just like their counterpart, the Coyotes, the Jackrabbits are a force to reckon with in the state’s college sports competitions. You can choose from different players on their squad in Fantasy Sports and create an outstanding roster.

Northern State Wolves betting

Located in Aberdeen, SD, in the northern part of the state, the Wolves are part of the NCAA II Division. The Wolves compete in 13 intercollegiate sports, including football.

Sioux Falls Cougars betting

This NCAA II competitor is also a member of the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference. The team decided to leave the NAIA in 2009 when it entered into the NCAA II.

Augustana Vikings betting

The Vikings received a generous donation in 2007 that gave them the chance to improve their program. They constructed a stadium, meeting rooms, a weight room, and locker rooms with the $7.1 million donation. Since that momentous event, the team has put several players through to the NFL, including C.J. Ham of the Minnesota Vikings, and Kevin Kaesviharn.

Hardrockers (School of Mines) betting

Sporting their mascot Grubby the Miner, the Hardrockers play at O’Harra Stadium in Rapid City. They were originally called the Longhairs. The team entered the NCAA Division II in 2011 as a probationary member and became a full member in 2013.

Black Hills State Yellowjackets betting

The Yellowjackets are the Hardrocker’s perennial rival. The rivalry started in 1895 when the Yellowjackets beat the School of Mines in their first game (18-0).

Betting on College Basketball in South Dakota

South Dakota sports betting has a long history in college sports. Today, Daily Fantasy Sports dominate the state’s gambling scene. You can bet on college teams and pro teams in fantasy sports. Here are a couple of the most prominent competitors in SD basketball.

Coyotes (USD) betting

The Coyotes have an impressive resume when it comes to college basketball. They've appeared in the NCAA Division II Tournament 13 times, and they won the NCAA II National Championship in 1958. Todd Lee is the current head coach and leads the team in the Summit League.

Jackrabbits (SDSU) betting

South Dakota sports betting allows for a variety of teams and leagues to participate in the action. The Jackrabbits have been successful in college basketball for years, and in 2007, they moved to the NCAA Division I.

South Dakota Online Sports Betting FAQ

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about South Dakota sports betting we hope you find helpful.

Where can I bet on sports in South Dakota?

South Dakota sports betting is available at registered tribal casinos.

Are sports betting sites legal in the US?

Each state has its own legislation and determines regulations within its jurisdiction. South Dakota betting sites have yet to gain approval, but with the passage of Amendment B, they will soon.

Is sports betting legal in South Dakota?

Sports betting is legal in Deadwood, SD. Those who aren’t interested in betting in South Dakota have a slew of options in other states.

Who can participate in South Dakota sports betting?

Anyone 21 or older can participate in South Dakota online sports betting.

South Dakota Casinos

South Dakota sports betting is legal in Deadwood at tribal locations. Nine tribal casinos have slots, keno, blackjack, and other traditional casino games for betting in South Dakota.

The Prairie Wind Casino and Hotel, Rosebud Casino, Royal River Casino, Lode Star, Grand River, Golden Buffalo, Fort Randall, Dakota Sioux, and Dakota Connection are the nine casinos affiliated with Native American tribes.

Other casinos in the state include Buffalo Bodega Gaming, Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort, and Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort, to name a few.

At most South Dakota betting sites you can play traditional games. Legal South Dakota betting sites are scarce because most of the state’s gambling takes place at brick-and-mortar casinos.

Final Thoughts on Betting in South Dakota

South Dakota sports betting is on the verge of substantial growth. If the state legislature authorizes South Dakota sportsbooks to operate in 2021, we may see an increase in revenue from gambling-related activities. Betting in South Dakota would no longer be a difficult task, and South Dakota betting sites would thrive.

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