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Beginners and veteran gamblers alike may have questions about iGaming, online casinos, how to bet and more. Familiar with online casinos apps? Great-- you'll benefit most from our information on casino bonuses, responsible gambling, and how online casinos work. New to the game? This is the perfect place to start.

What You Need to Know about Online Casinos

Online casinos were initially murky websites hosted by less-than-legal entities offering slow, scammy games. Compare that to today in the US, with the rise of regulated and legal online casinos, you can get online with a number of reputable, safe online casinos and bet on everything you could in a physical, retail casino for real money.

However, even if you're an experienced bettor making smart choices at the tables, the world of online casinos doesn't always translate 1:1 from in-person play.

Here are some topics you'll want to familiarize yourself with if you're a new bettor, an experienced shark, or even if you're well aware of the nuances of iGaming:

You may be new to gambling sites or you may have a special folder on your home screen for all your favorite legal online casino apps. Either way, these guides will have some key information on where and how to gamble safely online, including bonus codes that will net you some casino bonus just for signing up and depositing.

How do you avoid biases and fallacies?

Whether you like it or not, your human brain wants to recognize patterns and make sense of the world around it. This is a bad way to gamble, because statistics and game theory don't care about whether you feel like you're on a "hot streak" or whether you've lost so many times that you must be bound to win.

Here are a few guides on what biases and fallacies can make you lose more money, and faster:

Learning about RTP and House Edge

Online casinos are like any other business, and the idea is to make money. However, familiarizing yourself with some key topics can help you lose less and keep more of what you won:

Learning about Retail Casino Etiquette

For first-timers at a casino, the seemingly arcane rules about what's appropriate and what's not can be confusing. Did you touch face-up cards and get scolded? Accidentally throw the craps dice clear across the room?

We've got the expert guide on casino etiquette do's and don'ts:

Where do you learn about specific games? / Casino Gaming Guides

The feeling of logging on to an online casino and scrolling through the sometimes hundreds of games feels about like scrolling through anything else: after a while, it all blurs together unless you know what you're looking for. Here are some guides to casino games:

Where do you learn about responsible gaming?

Unfortunately, your parents were right-- playing by the rules can be more fun, and "too much of a good thing" is proven in real-life. Take gambling for example: when done with limits, using spending money that is just for pleasure, in a safe and legal environment, gambling is a great time.

Gambling responsibly is the key to the great time mentioned above. Here's our guide to doing so: