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2021 MLB Most Valuable Player Odds

Sept. 30, 2021
by VI News

2021 NL MVP Odds

2021 Odds to Win the National League MVP
Player (Team) Odds
Bryce Harper (Philadelphia) -275
Juan Soto (Washington) +325
Fernando Tatis, Jr. (San Diego) +600
Paul Goldschmidt (St. Louis) +5000

2021 AL MVP Odds

2021 Odds to Win the American League MVP
Player (Team) Odds
Shohei Ohtani (Los Angeles) -5000
Vlad Guerrero, Jr. (Toronto) +1200

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How to read the 2021 MLB Most Valuable Player Futures Market

The Most Valuable Player award is handed out in both the American and National League at the conclusion of each Major League Baseball season. The honor goes to the player normally with the best statistics, whether it is a position player or in the rare times, a pitcher.

Who will win the National League Most Valuable Player Award?

Bryce Harper is beginning to make a push to win the NL MVP Award with the Phillies gaining momentum. He is now batting in the .300 range and has a chance to win the NL East for Philadelphia with the Mets struggling and pitcher Jacob deGrom currently shut down.

Who will win the American League Most Valuable Player Award?

The American League seems to be Shohei Ohtani's to lose, a dual threat with the bat and on the mound. The biggest threat to Ohtani's award is the fact that the Angels are the fourth-place team in the AL West, along with Vlad Guerrero, Jr. who has a chance to help carry his Blue Jays into the playoffs.

National League MVP History

  • 2020 - Freddie Freeman, Atlanta 1B
  • 2019 - Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles OF
  • 2018 - Christian Yelich, Milwaukee OF
  • 2017 - Giancarlo Stanton, Miami OF
  • 2016 - Kris Bryant, Chicago 3B
  • 2015 - Bryce Harper, Washington OF
  • 2014 - Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles P
  • 2013 - Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh OF
  • 2012 - Buster Posey, San Francisco C
  • 2011 - Ryan Braun, Milwaukee OF
  • 2010 - Joey Votto, Cincinnati 1B

American League MVP History

  • 2020 - Jose Abreu, Chicago 1B
  • 2019 - Mike Trout, Los Angeles OF
  • 2018 - Mookie Betts, Boston OF
  • 2017 - Jose Altuve, Houston 2B
  • 2016 - Mike Trout, Los Angeles OF
  • 2015 - Josh Donaldson, Toronto 3B
  • 2014 - Mike Trout, Los Angeles OF
  • 2013 - Miguel Cabrera, Detroit 1B
  • 2012 - Miguel Cabrera, Detroit 1B
  • 2011 - Justin Verlander, Detroit P
  • 2010 - Josh Hamilton, Texas OF

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