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2021 MLB Playoff Prop Odds

Sept. 13, 2021
by VI News

MLB Playoff Prop Odds

2021 MLB Playoff Prop Odds
Team Yes No
Arizona Diamondbacks N/A N/A
Atlanta Braves -650 +450
Baltimore Orioles N/A N/A
Boston Red Sox -215 +175
Chicago Cubs N/A N/A
Chicago White Sox N/A N/A
Cincinnati Reds +120 -145
Cleveland Indians N/A N/A
Colorado Rockies N/A N/A
Detroit Tigers N/A N/A
Houston Astros -10000 +2500
Kansas City Royals N/A N/A
Los Angeles Angels N/A N/A
Los Angeles Dodgers N/A N/A
Miami Marlins N/A N/A
Milwaukee Brewers N/A N/A
Minnesota Twins N/A N/A
New York Mets +550 -800
New York Yankees -145 +120
Oakland Athletics +750 -1200
Philadelphia Phillies +450 -650
Pittsburgh Pirates N/A N/A
San Diego Padres +160 -195
San Francisco Giants N/A N/A
Seattle Mariners +1300 -3500
St. Louis Cardinals +600 -900
Tampa Bay Rays N/A N/A
Texas Rangers N/A N/A
Toronto Blue Jays -215 +175
Washington Nationals N/A N/A

The 2021 MLB regular season underway with a full 162-game slate.

Prior to the pause, oddsmakers at legal U.S. Sportsbook DraftKings opened one popular betting market.

Who Will Clinch the MLB Playoffs?

It's a basic "Yes" or "No" wager and bettors can forecast if any of the 30 MLB teams will earn a playoff berth and play in the 2021 postseason. Normally, this wager has 10 teams that will cash "Yes" tickets while the remaining 20 teams will have "No" outcomes on their MLB Playoff Prop odds.

How to Read the Odds

The MLB Playoff Prop betting market has one of two outcomes and each team has odds associated with their future forecasts. The MLB teams with listed as favorites (-) in the "Yes" column with large money values are the clubs expected to make the postseason while the long shots or underdogs (+) have the higher returns.

New York Yankees: Yes (-1000)
Miami Marlins: Yes (+4000)

In the above example, a $100 wager on the New York Yankees to make the MLB Playoffs would only return $10.00. In more simpler terms, a bettor would have to stake $1,000 to win $100 on the Yankees to earn one of the American League playoff spots. While the Yankees are the heaviest favorites, the Miami Marlins are considered a long shot at +4000. Bettors placing a $100 ticket on Miami would generate a 40/1 return and win $4,000 if the club earned a spot in the National League playoffs.

Favorites to Make the MLB Playoffs (Prior to Season)

(Based on 'Yes' Odds)

American League Playoff Projections

  • New York Yankees (-1000)
  • Chicago White Sox (-275)
  • Minnesota Twins (-157)
  • Oakland Athletics (-130)
  • Houston Astros (-112)

National League Playoff Projections

  • Los Angeles Dodgers (OTB)
  • San Diego Padres (-590)
  • Atlanta Braves (-275)
  • New York Mets (-225)
  • St. Louis Cardinals (-125)

*Odds Subject to Change

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