Saints @ Colts Line Movements

New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints
38 - 27
NFL - Sun Oct 29 Final
Indianapolis Colts
Indianapolis Colts

Saints vs Colts Line Movements

Spread Total Moneyline
Date IND NO Over Under IND NO
+1.5 -105 -1.5 -115 u43.5 -110 o43.5 -110 +108 -126
+1.5 -105 -1.5 -115 u43.5 -110 o43.5 -110 +112 -132
+1.5 -108 -1.5 -112 u43.5 -110 o43.5 -110 +108 -126
+1 -110 -1 -110 u43.5 -110 o43.5 -110 even -118
+1 -114 -1 -106 u43.5 -110 o43.5 -110 -104 -112
+1 -114 -1 -106 u43.5 -110 o43.5 -110 -102 -116
+1 -114 -1 -106 u43.5 -110 o43.5 -110 -112 -104
+1.5 -120 -1.5 -102 u43.5 -110 o43.5 -110 -106 -110
-1.5 -105 +1.5 -115 u43.5 -110 o43.5 -110 -116 -102
-1.5 -112 +1.5 -108 u42.5 -108 o42.5 -112 -124 +106
-1.5 -106 +1.5 -114 u43.5 -115 o43.5 -105 -120 +102
-1.5 -105 +1.5 -115 u42.5 -106 o42.5 -114 -116 -102
-1.5 -105 +1.5 -115 u41.5 -110 o41.5 -110 -112 -104
+2.5 -115 -2.5 -105 u40.5 -110 o40.5 -110 +112 -132

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