Trends to Watch – December

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Keep an eye on (Good): 5-Teams

Carolina 31-20 ATS - Cincinnati 41-25 ATS - Green Bay 37-22 ATS
New England 36-21 ATS - Seattle 41-21 ATS

The Panthers will be home on the odd numbers Sunday's beginning with Washington (12/1), which is winnable. However, games against Seattle (12/15) and New Orleans (12/29) will be harder.
If Miami can beat the Jets (12/1) at home, so can Cincinnati. The Bengals against New England (12/15) will be more challenging. Cincy closes with Cleveland (12/29) having played them three weeks prior.
Green Bay's cold weather edge will be slightly diminished facing cold weather opponents Chicago (12/15) and Washington (12/8). 
New England will have an anticipated showdown with Kansas City (12/8), plus, divisional games with Buffalo (12/21) and Miami (12/29).
The Seahawks slate is anything but simple home and away. At CenturyLink Field they have Minnesota on the first Monday of the month and later Arizona (12/22) and San Francisco (12/29).

Keep an eye on (Bad): Cleveland 15-26 ATS - L.A. Rams 22-34 ATS

Cleveland’s trying to fight back and concludes with the Bengals (12/8) in the first of two and two weeks later versus Baltimore (12/29).
The Rams have a rugged road schedule along with home games against the Seahawks (12/8) and Cardinals (12/29).


Keep an eye on (Bad): 5-Teams

Dallas 26-39 ATS - Houston 15-24 ATS - Miami 21-33 ATS
Oakland 21-39 ATS - San Francisco 23-39 ATS

If the Cowboys blow it like usual on the road at Chicago (12/5) and at Philadelphia (12/22), they might not reach the playoffs.
Off a trio of home contests, Houston hits the road for Tennessee (12/15) and Tampa Bay (12/21), hoping that does screw up their postseason plans.
In a manner of speaking, everything will be new for Miami away from home. (and chilly)
With trips two trips to New Jersey to take on the New York Jets (12/8) and New York Giants (12/15), followed by two weeks later to face New England.
With all three AFC West teams having made one last visit to Oakland, the Raiders will make stops in K.C. (12/1), Carson (12/22) at a Mile High (12/29).
With how improved San Francisco is, one might imagine they would have the same problems of the past. Then you find that the Niners will be unwelcome guests at Baltimore (12/1), at New Orleans (12/8) and at the Seahawks and now it sure looks harder.


Good: Seattle - 43-21 ATS

The Seahawks are sensational in this role this month, but how often is hard to say with their schedule. For sure Seattle will be the favorite at home against Arizona (12/22) and now versus Minnesota (12/2).  However, at the L.A. Rams (12/8) at Carolina (12/15) and home against San Fran (12/29) will be TBD.

Keep an eye on (Good): Green Bay 56-29 ATS

The Packers have been impervious to the cold in December and usually are playing their best football. They will be dishing out the digits at the Giants (12/1) and home against Washington (12/8) and Chicago (12/15). The season finale at Detroit is the only unknown.

Bad: Miami - 24-49 ATS

The Dolphins might have cost themselves the No.1 overall pick in season where the front office did all but everything to lose. Though Miami will play the Jets and Giants, both are in New Jersey, setting up Cincinnati (12/22) as the lone possible favorite role.

Keep an eye on (Bad): 3-Teams

Cleveland 6-11 ATS - Dallas 25-38 ATS
N.Y. Jets 18-28 ATS

Cleveland's season has not turned out as expected and they hope not to make to worse with two games against the Bengals (12/08 and 12/29) and possible as favorite at Arizona (12/15).
Most seasons, the last thing Dallas is clutch and a money-maker this month. They will have two chances not to make it worse against the Rams (12/15) and the Redskins (12/29).
Could the Jets possibly be favored at Cincy (12/1)? Yes, it turned out to be. Otherwise, they'll be smallish home faves with revenge against the Dolphins (12/8).


Keep an eye on (Good): 3-Teams

Carolina 34-19 ATS - Seattle 43-22 ATS
Pittsburgh 20-12 ATS

Both Carolina and Seattle have been outstanding underdogs this month, but what we don't know who will be in what role when they meet in Charlotte on the 15th. Stayed tuned.
The Panthers will be a smaller dog at Indianapolis on the 22nd and we’ll have to wait and see on Atlanta.
The Seahawks might catch a point or two at the Rams (12/8), but not for sure.
Right now, one would presume Pittsburgh will be favored at Arizona (12/8) and Jets (12/22), however, they will be underdogs to close the regular season at Baltimore, unless the Ravens are resting players.

Keep an eye on (Bad): 3-Teams

Chicago 27-42 ATS - L.A. Rams 22-43 ATS
Oakland 27-48 ATS

Chicago has been a bad dog, like one tearing up Christmas packages, late in the season and that could continue. The Bears have Dallas (12/5) at home a week after they played on Thanksgiving. Then 17 days later at Soldier Field versus the Chiefs, plus away battles at the Packers (12/15) and Vikings (12/29).
The Rams sure look like underdogs at Dallas (12/15) and at Frisco (12/21) and as mentioned, their home game with Seattle (12/8) could be a TBD matchup.
Though Oakland is in thick of the playoff chase, they are all but certain to be a division road underdog at Kansas City (12/1), at Carson (12/22) and depending where everything is, maybe at Denver (12/29).


Because we don't want to keep repeating basically the same information over and over for this article, which you have already read about these teams, we are listing their record and who they are playing only.

Keep an eye on (Good):

Carolina 30-19 ATS - @ Atlanta (12/8) and New Orleans (12/29)
New England 35-21 ATS - Buffalo (12/21) and Miami (12/29)

Keep an eye on (Bad):

Cleveland 12-21 ATS - @ Pittsburgh (12/1), Cincinnati (12/8), Baltimore (12/22) and @ Cincinnati (12/29)
Miami 23-39 ATS - @ N.Y. Jets (12/8) and @ New England (12/29)
Oakland 24-37 ATS - @ Kansas City (12/1) @ L.A. Chargers and @ Denver (12/29)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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