MLB Weather Report


Of the four major professional sports in the United States, MLB Baseball is the only one that postpones games based on weather.

The VegasInsider MLB Baseball weather report is a key handicapping tool and bettors definitely should be “In the Know” of the upcoming forecasts.

When delving deeper into the weather forecast, MLB bettors usually focus on Wind first. Unlike other pro sports, the dimensions at every MLB ballpark is different from one another and each venue has different wind patterns. Our weather report will tell you how strong the wind is blowing and what direction is moving. This is important because if the wind has high speeds and it’s blowing out of the ballpark, then you would expect the baseball to travel higher and further. That theory would lead to more home runs, which in turn create more ‘over’ bets in the MLB totals market. Meanwhile, if the wind is blowing in then that would favor the pitchers since the ball would presumably travel less when hit.

After figuring out the Wind, Rain is a key weather factor for those betting on MLB Baseball.

During the course of the 162-game regular season, almost every team has at least one game postponed and that could happen before the first pitch or midway through the game. Unfortunately, the MLB Baseball office doesn’t have any set rules and they leave the decision to the umpires. There have been many games that are suspended for as little as 30 minutes while other games are halted for three or more hours. If the MLB Baseball weather report calls for rain in the forecast, you could be better off staying away from that game since the outcome could be undetermined.

There are teams in the MLB that are never affected by weather when playing at home. These clubs play inside domes or at venues with retractable roofs. There are currently seven teams in MLB that can adapt to any weather conditions.