NBA Rookie of the Year Odds, Betting Trends: Long Shot Bronny James Draws Lots of Fliers

NBA Rookie of the Year odds are a hot market at the moment, in the wake of the NBA Draft. One key reason for inflated early interest: LeBron James' son is entering his rookie season.

Never mind that Bronny James is a significant long shot, literally last on the board in BetMGM's odds to win NBA Rookie of the Year. The public betting masses are ready and willing to place flier bets on the 19-year-old James.

Here’s everything you need to know about 2024-25 NBA Rookie of the Year odds: action, movement and betting trends, on Bronny James and all the favorites, as well. And if you’re looking to bet this market or others, make sure to check out our NBA odds and use our BetMGM bonus code to get more when you wager.

2024-25 NBA Rookie of the Year Odds

Big Game James?

Bronny James is getting early support in odds to win NBA Rookie of the Year. (Getty)

Prior to the NBA Draft, Bronny James was drawing all sorts of attention in multiple markets. James was BetMGM's largest liability to be the No. 1 overall pick, taking the second-most tickets despite closing at +30000 (300/1).

James' Over/Under draft position and team to draft the youngster were also popular markets. So it's not really a shock to bookmakers that Bronny is a big early hit in NBA Rookie of the Year odds.

"No surprise, our biggest liability is Bronny. He's not our most-bet player by money, but Bronny has by far the most action of the long shots," BetMGM trader Christian Cipollini said.

James unsurprisingly lasted until the 55th pick in the draft. Equally unsurprising, he was taken by the Los Angeles Lakers, the team his famous father has led the past six seasons.

Prior to the NBA Draft, BetMGM posted its NBA Rookie of the Year odds, and Bronny wasn't even on the board. Nor was he listed after Night 1, June 26. He was added following Night 2, after the Lakers drafted him.

James is +25000 (250/1) in odds to win NBA Rookie of the Year. Yet he's getting plenty of notice. In BetMGM's digital market (online/mobile betting), James is No. 1 in tickets and No. 2 in money. He's taking 33.3% of tickets – twice as many as No. 2 Zach Edey – and 17.5% of money.

"It's the first time we've seen something like this, where the public is all over a late second-round pick. Obviously, it's because of the name," Cipollini said. "It's not something we are used to, but of course, we're happy to take the action."

Edey Crashes Favorites' Party

Zach Edey is taking a lot of early money to win NBA Rookie of the Year. (Getty)

Alexandre Sarr, drafted No. 2 overall by the Washington Wizards, opened as the +425 favorite in BetMGM's 2024-25 NBA Rookie of the Year odds. Zaccharie Risacher, taken by the Atlanta Hawks with the No. 1 pick, hit the board as the +600 second choice.

Then came Stephon Castle at +700 and Dalton Knecht at +900. Castle went to the San Antonio Spurs with the fourth pick, while Knecht went at No. 17 to the Lakers.

Despite being the two-time NCAA Player of the Year, Purdue's Zach Edey was just the ninth pick, going to the Memphis Grizzlies. And he opened at +2500 to win the rookie award, behind 10 other players.

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But Edey is a popular play so far, shooting up the board. Edey is now the +900 co-fourth choice, along with Knecht. Edey is attracting 51.3% of money – three times more than James – and is No. 2 in ticket count at BetMGM.

"That one makes more sense. He is older, and those prospects tend to get more playing time. They end up being more NBA-ready," Cipollini said of the 22-year-old center. "He's on a team that's expected to be much better, as well, which will help his Rookie of the Year case. Along with this draft not having a true No. 1 pick, like Victor Wembanyama last year."

In ticket count, Knecht, Castle and Reed Shepard – drafted third overall by the Houston Rockets – round out the top five. In money, Yves Missi is interestingly third behind Edey and James. Missi, taken 23rd overall by the New Orleans Pelicans, opened +8000 and is now +6600.

Knecht and Sheppard are running a close fourth/fifth in money.