Last Updated May 18, 2022, 5:00 PM

Great Dane Nation - Episode 87: 2022 NFL Draft Grades

On the 87th episode of “Great Dane Nation,” Morten is again joined by VegasInsider’s Stephanie Otey, who will be contributing to the podcast over the next few months as the NFL offseason continues to roll along!Off the top, Morten and Stephanie run through their draft grades for various teams from last week’s NFL Draft (03:57 – 24:17)!

Draft grades were handed out to the New York Jets (04:38), New Orleans Saints (06:39), New England Patriots (10:04), Philadelphia Eagles (14:01), Green Bay Packers (17:22) and Detroit Lions (19:31).We then move to this week’s edition of “Doink or Down the Middle,” where our hosts buy (“down the middle”) or sell (“doink”) various topics from the world of pop culture, sports, food, music and more (25:02).

Why did Morten think it was OK to ask three different girls to the prom? What the hell is peanut butter and jelly sushi? How do we feel about the Kardashians?We close things out with “Play Call Headlines.”

TommyFreezePops reads some news and notes from today’s headlines in football, and our hosts are tasked to turn that news into a traditional football play call you would hear in an NFL huddle on a Sunday (32:47). After a total failure the first time we tried this segment, both Morten and Stephanie nail this one!

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