Win Total Bets – Ravens

12 Weeks of 2019 NFL Futures Predictions

Many sports bettors will agree that it's never too early to talk about NFL betting, and with today being exactly 12 weeks before the first preseason game of the 2019 season, it's time to get this weekly piece up and out there. Throughout the weeks I'll be touching on various season long futures from win totals, division, conference, and Super Bowl winners, and even some individual player props as well.

So start singing carols if you would like, because these next 12 weeks will go by a lot quicker then you expect, and the more prepared you can be coming into the year, chances are the healthier your bankroll will be at the end of it. I will start with a few season win totals and work our way up to division/conference winners as the summer goes on, but for now, it's the best 'over' season win total bet from the AFC in 2019.

NFL Season Win Total #1:

Baltimore Ravens Over 8 wins (-130)

The Lamar Jackson era in Baltimore will begin in earnest in 2019, after it was made clear in the latter half of last season that there was no turning back to Joe Flacco for this organization. Flacco has packed his bags and moved onto Denver, so for better or for worse, the success of this franchise over the next few seasons is tied to Lamar Jackson's development.

I'm in the camp that 2019 will fall in the “better” category for Jackson and the Ravens, as a full off-season program knowing he's the starter can only help expedite his grown and development. Remember, he was not a horrible passer in college, he just wasn't asked to do it much, and in the half-season he got as a starter last year, the Ravens didn't ask him to pass much at all.

Jackson isn't going to all of a sudden become like Aaron Rodgers out there, but Baltimore understands that they can't run him into the ground like they did last season, and a competent passing game helps keep the defense from continually loading the box against Baltimore. Bringing in a heavy RB like Mark Ingram always helps in that regard too, as the opposition has to key on him more, and they've still got plenty of possession-type receivers on their roster that can not only help move the chains with those short inside routes, but also blow the top off the defense with their speed on the outside. That's probably the biggest reason behind Baltimore drafting former Oklahoma WR Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, as they hope he's an impact player in his first year as a pro.

But make no mistake about it, the Ravens identity in 2019 will still be all about the ground game and a stout defense, one that was able to add S Earl Thomas this spring. That physical brand of football will propel this Ravens team to success this year, as they look around at the rest of the AFC North and have to view the division as one that still has to go through them.

Cincinnati is in a rebuilding/reloading phase with a new coach, the Steelers are doing the same as they've moved on from some key names, and Cleveland's still won nothing but the All-Hype award this off-season. Cleveland will be good, don't get me wrong, but they are still a young team that needs to learn how to win together.

Asking Baltimore to be a .500 team or better is far from a big ask in 2019, and when you look through their entire schedule, a double-digit win season could be in the cards. There are tough dates with New England, Kansas City and the LA Rams, but the latter two organizations should experience a bit of drop off this year, and the game with New England is a home game for the Ravens. Outside of that, there are very winnable games against the rest of the AFC East, and NFC West, along with all of their own division games which should see the Ravens laying some sort of chalk in nearly all of them.