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Handicapping Challenge - Week 5 Pro Football Handicapping Challenge
Week 5 Leaderboard & Update

Congratulations to SharpSide sports betting app user ‘Corinnalachapelle3’ for topping the Week 5 leaderboard in the 2019 Pro Football Handicapping Challenge and winning $250.

Corinnalachapelle3 posted a record of 22-10 on the week, which was good for 993.63 units won. That’s 145.5 more units than ‘KE4’ earned in second place at 848.13 units. KE4 went 16-6 on the week.

Top 10 Results for Week 5

1st: Corinnalachapelle3 – 993.63
2nd: KE4 – 848.13
3rd: haboutit – 836.19
4th: Cjgun10 – 798.87
5th: timtime33 – 787.12
6th: cvillegild – 728.64
7th: jglumsic – 720.67
8th: Kidmental – 718.13
9th: nlittleton – 712.87
10th: HeyJax – 709.40

The week also pushed Corinnalachapelle3 up to No. 7 on the overall leaderboard in the 2019 Pro Football Handicapping Challenge. Overall, Corinnalachapelle3 has a record of 53-35 for 1,282.47 units won.

The top spot on the overall leaderboard still belongs to ‘Teodagod41,’ who has an overall record of 93-63-1 for 2,184.97 units won. That means Teodagod41 added just under 100 units to his total with his Week 5 performance.

Also on the overall leaderboard, ‘JTSnow4091’ dropped out of the top 10. He was in second place through Week 4. Assuming the new second-place spot is ‘Hoover012,’ who was sitting at No. 10 after Week 4 and moved from 1,134.56 units to 1,568.64 units.

We’re closing in on the $750 Halfway Prize that will be awarded to the overall leader through Week 8, and right now the race has Teodagod41 out in front.

Top 10 Overall Through Week 5

1st: Teodagod41 – 2,184.97
2nd: Hoover012 – 1,568.64
3rd: DonniePeters – 1,523.22
4th: Semaj89 – 1,434.65
5th: kgibson227 – 1,343.86
6th: xharbz – 1,294.16
7th: Corinnalachapelle3 – 1,282.47
8th: onpoint586 – 1,281.62
9th: fxalvarado – 1,272.85
10th: ebeimfohr – 1,221.30

There’s still plenty of time to compete in the 2019 Pro Football Handicapping Challenge, and with a total of $10,000 up for grabs, including weekly prizes, you should be participating each and every week of the pro football regular season. It’s simply and free to play.

Each week during the professional football regular season, contestants pick as many point spreads and totals from eligible pro football games listed in the SharpSide sports betting app. Just follow the steps below and you’re in.

Just follow the steps below and you’re in.

  1. Download and install the free SharpSide App via iOS or Android
  2. Open the App and create a free account or log in to an existing account
  3. After logging in, select a Pick or Picks from the available offerings (game spreads and point totals only)
  4. Repeat Step 3 for additional picks for all eligible offerings during the Contest Period

    Click here for complete Pro Football Handicapping Challenge rules.

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