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Bet On Devin

Devin Walker has always been the underdog. Whether he's laboring his way through a season of "The Challenge" on MTV, or trying win back his betting losses on a late night kickoff in Honolulu, you'll never find this guy giving up. No quit in this dude!

Where there's a will, there's a way/parlay. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to "Bet On Devin" - the perfect marriage between Devin's love for "The Challenge" and his obsession with sports betting.

Each week, Devin will be joined by one of his friends from the reality TV universe, followed by a best bets segment with VegasInsider's TommyFreezePops. You're getting incredible insight from your favorite MTV castmates, while also pocketing Devin's winners for the football weekend.

"Bet On Devin" is like having a beer with your buddies as a podcast. ALWAYS. BET. ON. DEVIN!

On the debut episode of "Bet On Devin," Devin is joined by a legend from "The Challenge" - Devin's mentor and 3x champion Wes Bergmann. Wes dishes out his Challenge Mt. Rushmore AND his Challenge Mt. "Crap"-More (02:04).

His thoughts on "The Challenge: USA," and why expanding the universe is good for the franchise (07:39).

Background on his viral tweet about making sleeping conditions worse and challenges more difficult (13:26).

His success with BetaBlox, as well as his docuseries "The Blox" (22:41), and why he's high on the 2022 Kansas City Chiefs, and has a conspiracy theory about Jackson Mahomes (brother of Patrick Mahomes) that's going to blow you away (31:01).

We wrap things up with Devin's best bets for the football weekend, where he has action on Broncos at Seahawks (42:55), USC at Stanford (44:17), Steelers at Bengals (45:47), South Carolina at Arkansas (47:01), Colts at Texans (48:17), and Kentucky at Florida (49:48).

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