Super Bowl Props: Five Most Interesting Bets Pros Are Making

Super Bowl props are easily the best part about the Big Game. From the most casual bettors to the pros – sharp bettors, if you will – all of them can and do get involved.

In fact, Super Bowl proposition bets have grown so popular that there is now more money bet on props than on the game itself.

The SuperBook, long renowned for its extensive Super Bowl props menu, held its annual big reveal Thursday night. Following are the five most interesting Super Bowl prop bets that pro bettors made for the Feb. 11 matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs.

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Super Bowl Props

Total Yardage of All Touchdowns

The SuperBook's board is chock-full of Super Bowl prop bets. (Patrick Everson)

This prop was the jumping-on point for professional bettor Bill Krackomberger. But it was hardly the jumping-off point, which was interesting. An hour or so before The SuperBook posted its Super Bowl props, Krackomberger was relaxing on a couch at the back of the sportsbook, scrolling through messages and such.

And though he was there to see what unfolded, he indicated there was a chance he wouldn't be getting involved at all.

"I'm not sure if I'll bet on anything tonight," he said.

Three hours later, Krackomberger finally wrapped up his healthy evening of action. He was the last sharp bettor standing among a couple of dozen throwing down a steady stream of wagers, including numerous max plays of $2,000.

"Unbelievable. I never expected to make 15 bets tonight. I thought the Over/Under was maybe 4 or 5," he said.

But we digress. Krackomberger really dislikes betting the Over on any prop. It has to be quite convincing. The Over/Under on Total Yardage of All Touchdowns was just that.

The SuperBook opened at 74.5, and Krackomberger played the Over, as did others. So the risk room quickly stretched out that number.

"I think it's still worth a bet, and it's at 78.5," he said. "There's so much offensive talent on these teams. So many different weapons on both teams. You could easily have a 40-yard touchdown."

Such a TD would chew up more than half the needed yardage in one shot.

Longest Rush by Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes longest rush Over 13.5 yards was a sharp play Thursday. (Getty)

Rufus Peabody, the founder of Unabated, is a regular at The SuperBook's annual Super Bowl prop bets reveal. And although Peabody's Big Game betting patterns have evolved the past few years, there's one constant:

He and his team only bet on props. That's it. No spread. No moneyline. No total. The props and nothing but the props. At high volume.

"We're gonna have a total of like $2 million wagered on the Super Bowl. Hopefully more," Peabody said.

His strategy shift: Making a lot more of those wagers closer to kickoff, after the public has pounded into submission the Yes and Over on countless props. He and his team will then get the best possible number on No and Under for the props they like.

But he still shows up on opening night at The SuperBook and always finds something worth jumping on early. This year, his first play was on Longest Rush by Patrick Mahomes. The total opened at 13.5, which was low enough for Peabody to fire on the Over.

"Overs are great to bet right now," Peabody said, noting early bettors will almost always get a better number on Overs early in the Super Bowl props market.

He then discussed the reasoning for his bet on the Chiefs QB.

"He's gonna be scrambling. He runs more in the playoffs. He has throughout his career," Peabody said, before adding a key point to his thought process. "You're a little less likely to slide in the playoffs, too."

Indeed. It's do-or-die, particularly in the Super Bowl. That could lead to Mahomes being a bit more adventurous, diving forward or risking a hit to gain a couple extra yards, rather than sliding for less yardage.

Peabody's bet prompted The SuperBook to move the Over/Under from 13.5 to 14.5.

Total Receiving Yards by George Kittle

Will 49ers tight end George Kittle surpass 49.5 receiving yards? (Getty)

Four years ago in Super Bowl 54, between these same two teams, 49ers tight end George Kittle had four catches for 36 yards. A rather nominal night, and San Fran ultimately blew a 20-10 second-half lead by giving up 21 unanswered fourth-quarter points in a 31-20 loss to Kansas City.

But from that game, sharp NFL bettor Randy McKay made a deposit into his memory bank: a 42-yard Kittle reception that was called back late in the first half, killing a Niners scoring opportunity.

When Kittle's Super Bowl 58 receiving yards total opened at 49.5, McKay smashed the Over.

"I thought it was light," McKay said, before referencing a Super Bowl 54 prop bet he made on Kittle vs. Travis Kelce receiving yards. "Kittle would've won, but he got called for a 42-yard offensive pass interference. That was a pretty weak call."

McKay expects Kittle to make amends this time.

"I like his matchup against the Chiefs," he said.

Kittle's receiving yards Over/Under climbed to 51.5 at The SuperBook.

First Pass by Brock Purdy Complete/Incomplete

One sharp bettor likes Brock Purdy to complete his first pass. (Getty)

In the span of two seasons, Brock Purdy has gone from Mr. Irrelevant to starting in the Big Game. McKay thinks the 49ers QB will start off on the right foot, as evidenced by the pro bettor's wager on the outcome of Purdy's first pass.

Complete opened a -220 favorite and incomplete a +190 underdog. McKay laid the -220.

"The reason I like that is because usually, on the first pass from a first-timer in the Super Bowl, they want to make it an easy pass. So it's worth laying the -220. At least I hope so," McKay said.

By the end of Thursday evening, completed pass was bet up to -240.

Longest Punt by Mitch Wishnowsky

Can 49ers punter Mitch Wishnowsky boot a ball more than 55.5 yards? (Getty)

We had to get at least one quirky Super Bowl prop bet in the mix. Thankfully, Krackomberger was all too happy to provide it. Punter props don't typically draw much activity, sharp or public. But Krackomberger, again going against his normal impulse to bet Unders, took Over 55.5 yards on Longest Gross Punt by Mitch Wishnowsky.

"Another Over. God, this guy's a sucker," Krackomberger joked of himself. "I think he's gonna have one punt that rolls."

Krackomberger's bet was enough to make The SuperBook's risk room up the total to 56.5 (Over -120) on the Niners punter.