Over-Under Total Trends & Streaks

As we are always on the lookout for streaks, we have found across the years that some of the more-pronounced of those invariably come from the “totals” side. 

It’s not uncommon to see extended “over” and “under” streaks throughout the college hoops season, as oddsmakers are often limited just how far they can adjust the numbers. 

It’s rare, for example, to see a college “total’ posted lower than 115, though point-challenged teams trending “under” often don’t even come close to clearing those modest hurdles.

We keep a running tab of all of the relevant “totals” streaks and the number is often overwhelming.  Especially when trying to catch these streaks in their infancy, which is key, but for the purposes of this presentation, we’d like to see a pattern of at least four or five games to suggest a potential trend worth watching.   

Past experience tells us that the most-extended of these streaks go far beyond four of five games, so we’re not going to worry too much about missing a streak in its earliest form.  After a few games, however, a pattern is often established, and we’ll want  to take note.

“Totals” results calculated thru January 26...The most pronounced of the current trends are designated by BOLD.

Over Trends & Streaks

Notre Dame has watched the 'over' go 7-0 in its last seven games. (Getty)

Schools listed in Alphabetical Order

Albany: 5-1 last six, 13-7 season
Arizona State: 6-1 last seven, 9-2 last eleven
Auburn: 4-1 last five
Austin Peay: 12-7 on season
Bethune-Cookman..12-7 on season
Boise State: 7-1 last eight
Boston College: 11-3 last fourteen
BRADLEY 6-0 last six
BROWN: 6-0 last six
Bryant: 4-0 last four
Buffalo: 9-4 last thirteen

Charleston Southern: 13-5 season
Chattanooga5-1 last six
Chicago State: 4-0 last four (though “under” previous eight)
Coastal Carolina: 4-1 last five
Colorado State: 7-1 last eight
UConn: 14-7 on season
Coppin State: 14-7 on season
Cornell: 7-2 last nine
CS Fullerton: 6-2 last eight
Detroit: 6-1 last seven
Drexel: 4-1 last five
Eastern Illinois: 4-1 last five
Eastern Washington: 6-1 last seven
EVANSVILLE: 11-1 last twelve
Florida Atlantic: 6-2 last eight
Furman: 6-2 last eight
GEORGE WASHINGTON: 5-0 last five, 8-1 last nine
Georgetown: 11-3 last 14
Georgia Southern: 6-2 last eight
GRAND CANYON: 12-0 last twelve
Hampton: 13-7 on season
High Point: 12-7 on season
Houston: 7-3 last ten

Idaho: 13-7 on season
Illinois State: 13-7 on season
Indiana: 8-4 last twelve
Iowa: 8-3 last 11
IUPUI: 10-3 last 13
Jacksonville: 4-1 last five
Kennesaw State: 9-3 last twelve
Louisville: 5-2 last seven
Maine: 7-3 last ten
Marquette: 10-5 last fifteen
Marshall: 4-1 last five
UMBC: 5-2 last seven
UMES: 6-2 last eight
Miami-Fa: 4-1 last five
Middle Tennessee: 10-5 last fifteen
MURRAY STATE: 6-0 last six
Omaha: 6-2 last ten
NEVADA: 8-1 last nine
New Hampshire: 4-1 last five
New Mexico: 8-3 last eleven
NJT: 5-1 last six
North Dakota: 4-0 last four (had been “under” previous five)
North Dakota State 4-0 last four
Northeastern 9-2 last eleven
Northern Illinois 3-0 last three (had been “under” previous five)
Northern Iowa: 5-1 last six
Northwestern: 5-0 last five
NOTRE DAME: 7-0 last seven

Ohio State: 5-1 last six
Penn State: 7-3 last ten
Pepperdine: 9-3 last twelve
Queens: 1-2 last thirteen
Rhode Island: 5-2 last seven
Rice: 9-2 last eleven
Samford: 5-2 last seven
SAN DIEGO: 16-4 on season
SE Missouri State: 12-3 last fifteen
SMU: 7-1 last eight
Southern Miss: 4-1 last five
South Carolina: 4-1 last five
SC State: 7-3 last ten
South Florida: 16-5 on season
SE LOUISIANA: 6-0 last six
Southern U: 5-2 last seven
St John’s: 6-2 last eight
Stanford: 7-3 last ten
Stetson: 13-5 on season
SYRACUSE: 1-12 last 13

Tennessee State: 11-4 last1 5
Tennessee Tech: 5-1 last six
Texas: 9-3 last twelve
Texas A&M Corpus Christi: 6-1 last seven
UT Arlington 12-3 last fifteen
TULANE: 9-1 last ten
TULSA: 8-0 last eight
Uab: 10-2 last twelve (though “under” last two)
UC Irvine: 12-6 season
UCF: 5-0 last five
UIC: 5-0 last five
ULL: 8-3 last eleven
UMass-Lowell 6-1 last seven
Umkc: 6-2 last eight
Unlv: 14-5 on season
Utah State 8-2 last ten
Utah tech 4-1 last five
Vanderbilt: 8-2 last ten
Vermont: 4-1 last five
Virginia: 5-2 last seven
WAKE FOREST: 10-0 last ten
Washington: 9-3 last twelve
Western Michigan: 7-2 last nine
Wichita State: 5-0 last five
Wofford: 5-0 last five
Wright State: 8-2 last ten
Wyoming 6-1 last seven
Xavier: 6-2 last eight
Youngstown State: 15-4 on season

Under Trends & Streaks

Oklahoma State has been on a great 'under' run for total bettors. (Getty)

Schools listed in Alphabetical Order

Alabama: 6-1 last seven
Alabama A&M: 4-0 last four
Alabama State: 13-6 on season
Arizona: 6-2 last eight
Arkansas: 8-2 last ten
Ark-Pine Bluff 11-6 on season
Arkansas State: 12-6 on season
Bellarmine: 4-1 last five
Bucknell: 7-2 last nine
Butler: 7-3 last ten
Cal Poly: 14-5 season
Canisius: 6-2 last eight
Central Connecticut: 5-2 last seven
Central Michigan: 12-6 on season
Cincinnati: 8-2 last ten
Charleston: 5-1 last six
Columbia: 10-3 last thirteen (though “over” last two)
CS Northridge: 6-1 last seven

Davidson: 4-0 last four
DePaul: 8-3 last eleven
Fairfield: 4-0 last four (though “over” previous five)
Florida: 10-2 last twelve
Florida A&M: 7-1 last eight
Florida Gulf Coast: 5-2 last seven
Fresno State: 12-6 on season
Howard: 13-5 on season
Hofstra: 5-2 last seven
Iowa State: 12-7 on season
Jackson State: 6-1 last seven
Lamar: 5-2 last seven
LIBERTY: 8-1 last nine
Lipscomb: 6-2 last eight
Long Island: 7-2 last nine
Longwood: 5-0 last five
Loyola-Chicago: 4-0 last four (wa s”over” previous five)
Loyola-md: 5-2 last seven

Manhattan: 4-1 last five
Maryland: 7-2 last nine
McNeese State 3-0 last three (“over” previous eight)
Mercer: 6-2 last eight
MERRIMACK: 17-3 on season
Minnesota: 4-1 last five
Ole Miss: 8-2 last ten
Mississippi State: 15-5 on season
Missouri State: 4-0 last four
MONMOUTH: 9-1 last ten
Montana n: 4-1 last five
Montana State: 8-2 last ten
MOUNT SAINT MARY’S: 9-0 last nine
NC-Asheville: 8-2 last ten
NC Central: 4-0 last four
NC-Greensboro: 4-1 last five
NC-Wilmington: 6-1 last seven
Nebraska: 8-3 last eleven (though “over” last two)
New Mexico State: 6-2 last eight
NICHOLLS: 8-1 last nine
North Carolina: 5-0 last five
Northern Kentucky: 4-0 last four

Oakland: 7-3 last ten
Ohio State: 4-1 last five
Oklahoma: 5-2 last seven
OKLAHOMA STATE: 9-1 last ten
Old Dominion: 5-0 last five
Oregon State: 13-7 on season
Penn: 4-1 last five
Prairie View: 7-1 last eight
Providence: 6-2 last eight
Purdue: 9-3 last twelve
Quinnipiac: 4-1 last five
Radford: 9-3 last twelve
RIDER: 7-0 last seven
S Upstate: 5-2 last seven
Sac State: 5-0 last five
San Francisco: 10-5 last fifteen
Seattle: 6-2 last eight
Seton Hall: 5-0 last five
Siena: 4-1 last five
St. Joseph’s: 5-2 last seven
Saint Peter’s: 50 last five
STONEHILL: 9-0 last nine
Stony Brook: 9-4 last thirteen

TCU: 3-0 last three (though “over” previous four)
UT-Martin: 4-1 last five
Texas State: 7-2 last nine
Toledo 4-1 last five
Troy 7-2 last nine
UCLA: 8-2 last ten
UL-Monroe 7-3 last ten
WAGNER: 8-1 last nine
Washington State: 5-1 last six
Weber State: 9-4 last thirteen
West Virginia: 5-2 last seven
Western Carolina: 9-4 last 13
Winthrop: 4-1 last five

Updated on 07/25/2024
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