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Last Updated Aug 16, 2022, 3:58 PM

Build The Bank Betting


Build The Bank is a daily betting source in which picks are made each day, throughout the day, with the intention of slowly building bettor's bank totals. Betting is a marathon and not a sprint, no matter what anyone tells you. Yes, it's possible to hit a large bet - but that is the equivalent to winning the lottery's jackpot. Possible, but very difficult and rare to achieve. Also, many bettors win big but then lose money wagering shortly after. The idea of Build The Bank is to teach bettors to track money, see profits over a long haul and most importantly - gamble responsibly. With that said, the goal for Build The Bank is to not only see an increase in profits over a long period of time, but to also buy back in (deposit) as few times as possible.

Picks will be made one at a time, until the event is completely over and a result has been officially scored. As we track our bank totals, it's crucial to know how much money to wager on each event - or understand what amount is acceptable to lose. This is only possible by making one selection at a time until the wager is complete. Therefore, wagers to begin will be small totals until we cushion our bank and can afford more expensive plays. You are welcome to begin your bank total with however much money you'd like, but we will be starting with just $50.

Simple probabilities are that winning two bets at once is more difficult than winning one bet at a time. In fact, most sportsbooks pay off winning tickets with parlay losses and even call parlays 'fool's gold' for bettors. That's not to say some parlays might actually be Build The Bank picks, but most selections will be non-parlays/teasers and made one at a time.

All leagues will be included in Build The Bank, which includes European markets. If a selection is made for the European market it will be bolded and not count towards the American market bank total. Popular European markets include political betting, WWE betting and specific forms of entertainment betting.

Next Pick: Fritz-Baez Under 20.5 (-125)

  • Game: Taylor Fritz vs. Sebastian Baez
  • Time: 2:00 p.m. ET
  • Network(s): Tennis Channel
  • League: Tennis
  • Wager Type: Total
BetOddsWageredTo WinResultBank Total
Elise Mertens ML-128$6.40$5.00WIN$110.00
Williams-Pliskova Under 22.5-110$2.88$2.50WIN$112.50
Fritz-Baez Under 20.5-125$3.13$2.50-

BetOddsWageredTo WinResultBank Total
Alex Molcan ML+130$5.38$7.00LOSS$97.50
LIV-CRY BTS No-135$17.54$13LOSS$97.50
Cleveland Guardians ML-148$44.40$30WIN$97.81
Fernandez-Alexandrova Under 28.5 -155$3.39$2.19WIN$100.00
SND-MIA Under 6.5-110$5.50$5.00WIN$105.00


  • Total Profit: $112.50
  • Bank Total: $162.50
  • European Bank Total: $162.50
  • Added Deposits: 0


  • Overall: 58-46-2
  • July Overall: 27-26-2
  • August Overall: 31-20-0


  • Moneyline: 20-15-0
  • ATS: 2-2-0
  • Total: 32-23-2
  • BTS: 2-3-0
  • Game Prop: 1-2-0
  • Player Prop: 1-1-0
  • Parlay: 0-0-0


  • MLB: 23-13-1
  • Tennis: 12-11-1
  • MLS: 2-6-0
  • Allsvenskan: 0-1-0
  • UFC: 9-6
  • SLDK: 0-1
  • EPL: 10-5
  • NFL Preseason: 0-1
  • JPL: 1-0
  • Bundesliga: 0-2
  • Ligue 1: 1-0
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