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MNF Broncos vs. Seahawks Player Prop Best Bet

Prop betting expert Stuart Durst is back on the gridiron to give out his top play in the Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks game on Monday, September 12. Check out his prediction below, along with other VI Expert Picks!

While the NFL could have ended this Week 1 commotion with a bang, instead we get Seahawks vs Denver. While I understand the Russell Wilson reunion to Seattle is a fun storyline, the quality of game may not be the highest in the world. That being said, whenever a football is to be thrown, there is money to be made. 

I’m the postseason, Denver went from an average team with a solid defense, to a premiere Super Bowl candidate with a veteran quarterback coming to down. Wilson instantly elevated this team, giving wide receivers Sutton, Juedy, and Hamler some newfound upside. They also have a very nice RB rotation with Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon, all behind a very good O-Line. The Seahawks obviously lost Wilson, deciding between career backup Geno Smith or Drew Lock, who isn’t good. 

Broncos vs. Seahawks Player Prop Pick

  • Russell Wilson (DEN) To Throw an Interception +130 

Despite the fact that Russell Willson is a very accurate quarterback, I’m willing to risk some cash on his interception prop. If there is a single person that knows Russell Wilson like a book, it’s Pete Carroll. While they may not have ended up on the best terms, nobody is going to have this Seahawks defense more prepared then Carroll. He practices, trained, and watched Wilson grow and develop, he now should be able to take advantage of that. This is the Seahawks super bowl, I’m hoping they can keep it competitive enough where Russ is going to have to keep throwing the ball later into the game. 

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