NFL Value Index Edge

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The Value Index Edge is a handicapping tool that creates an edge for each NFL matchup based on the VegasInsider Value Index Power Ratings, which are updated throughout the regular season and playoffs.

All 32 teams are given a NFL Power Rating or what we refer to as an "Index" rating, and the designated home team in each matchup will receive extra points based on their venue.

The majority of matchups will have a VI Edge designated to one team and bettors can factor that data into their wagers.

VI Edge NFL Power Ratings

The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl 57 over the Philadelphia Eagles and both teams finished with identical power ratings at 107.

The Buffalo Bills opened the season as the highest rated team and closed on top despite losing in the NFL Divisional Playoff round.

According to the preseason ratings, the Eagles improved 6.5 points from 100.5 to 107.

Other notable teams outperforming their opening ratings were:

New York Giants: 96 to 102
Jacksonville Jaguars: 95 to 101
Seattle Seahawks: 94 to 99.5
Detroit Lions: 95 to 100.5

Teams that underperformed this season included the below:

Indianapolis Colts: 101 to 93
Denver Broncos: 101 to 93.5
L.A. Rams: 103 to 95.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 105 to 100.5

Listed below are the final VI Edge Ratings for the 2022-23 NFL season and a comparison to the preseason numbers for all 32 teams.

2022-23 NFL Final Power Ratings

Buffalo Bills106.5108
Kansas City Chiefs105.5107
Philadelphia Eagles100.5107
San Francisco 49ers102106.5
Dallas Cowboys102106
Cincinnati Bengals102105.5
Los Angeles Chargers102.5103.5
Green Bay Packers103.5103
Baltimore Ravens102102
New York Giants96102
Minnesota Vikings99.5101.5
Jacksonville Jaguars95101
Tampa Bay Buccaneers105100.5
Detroit Lions95100.5
Cleveland Browns98100
Pittsburgh Steelers97100
Las Vegas Raiders99.599.5
New England Patriots99.599.5
New Orleans Saints9999.5
Seattle Seahawks9499.5
Carolina Panthers9698
New York Jets9498
Washington Commanders9697.5
Miami Dolphins9996
Los Angeles Rams10395.5
Tennessee Titans99.595.5
Atlanta Falcons94.594.5
Arizona Cardinals10094
Denver Broncos10193.5
Indianapolis Colts10193
Chicago Bears9593
Houston Texans9493

2022-23 NFL Playoff Power Ratings

The Buffalo Bills entered the 2022-23 NFL regular season as the top rated team at 106.5 points according to the VegasInsider NFL Value Index and it will enter the NFL Playoffs as the highest rated club as well. The Bills sit at 108.5, followed by the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles at 107.5 and 107 respectively.

Listed below are all the Wild Card NFL Power Ratings for the 14 teams playing in the NFL Playoffs.

Team Rating
Buffalo Bills108.5
Kansas City Chiefs107.5
Philadelphia Eagles107
Cincinnati Bengals106
San Francisco 49ers105
Dallas Cowboys105
Los Angeles Chargers103.5
Minnesota Vikings101.5
Baltimore Ravens101
Tampa Bay Buccaneers100.5
Jacksonville Jaguars100.5
New York Giants100
Seattle Seahawks99.5
Miami Dolphins96

2022-23 NFL Preseason Power Ratings

The Buffalo Bills enter the 2022-23 NFL regular season as the top rated team at 106.5 points according to the VegasInsider NFL Value Index and that's not a surprise, since the team is also the favorite in the Futures Market and our experts have made them the top Consensus Pick to win Super Bowl 57 as well.

Listed below are all the Week 1 NFL Power Ratings and homefield edge for all of the 32 NFL teams.

Team Rating
Buffalo Bills106.5
Kansas City Chiefs105.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers105
Green Bay Packers103.5
Los Angeles Rams103
Los Angeles Chargers102.5
Dallas Cowboys102
San Francisco 49ers102
Cincinnati Bengals102
Baltimore Ravens102
Denver Broncos101
Indianapolis Colts101
Philadelphia Eagles100.5
Arizona Cardinals100
Tennessee Titans99.5
Las Vegas Raiders99.5
Minnesota Vikings99.5
New England Patriots99.5
New Orleans Saints99
Miami Dolphins99
Cleveland Browns98
Pittsburgh Steelers97
Washington Commanders96
New York Giants96
Carolina Panthers96
Detroit Lions95
Jacksonville Jaguars95
Chicago Bears95
Atlanta Falcons94.5
New York Jets94
Seattle Seahawks94
Houston Texans94


The Value Index rankings are assigned each Wednesday for all 32 teams. Homefield edge, which varies per NFL team, are also added to the team rankings.

The difference of the rankings is created for each matchup before being measured against the NFL Consensus Odds, which creates an edge for the visitor or home team.


  • Visitor Ranking: 95
  • Home Ranking: 100
  • Homefield Edge: 3 
  • Calculation: 103-95
  • Difference: 8
  • Odds: Home Team -4
  • VI Edge: Home Team +4


TeamsRating*Odds*VI Edge
Team A95--
Team B103-4+4


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