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Value Index Edge


Super Bowl 54
Sunday, Feb. 2, 2020
Rotation Teams VI Index Homefield Edge Adjusted Rating Odds VI Edge
101 San Francisco 109.5 (Miami) 109.5 - +1.5
102 Kansas City 109 (Miami) 109 -1 -
The Edge

The VI Edge is a handicapping tool that creates an edge for each NFL matchup based on the Value Index power rankings, which are updated each Wednesday throughout the regular season and playoffs.

Calculating the VI Edge

The Value Index rankings are assigned each Wednesday for all 32 teams. Homefield edge, which varies per NFL team, are also added to the team rankings. The difference of the rankings is created for each matchup before being measured against the NFL Consensus Odds, which creates an edge for the visitor or home team.

Visitor Ranking: 95
Home Ranking: 100
Homefield Edge: 3
Calculation: 103-95
Difference: 8
Odds: Home Team -4
VI Edge: Home Team +4

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