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10/26/22 AUTO RACING Emerson Fittipaldi Talks Money in Racing and Dietrich Mateschitz
10/19/22 BOXING Malik Scott: ‘Wilder Must Fight AJ or Usyk Next, but Joyce Is Also a Great Option’
10/17/22 UFC Madsen speaks on Klose pulling out of fight
10/17/22 AUTO RACING Fittipaldi hails Hamilton’s determination
10/14/22 BOXING Wallin makes his pick for Wilder vs Helenius
9/27/22 AUTO RACING Fittipaldi believes F1 needs more teams
9/15/22 BOXING Wallin tips Canelo to beat GGG
9/15/22 BOXING Zhang is ready to fight Anthony Joshua
8/31/22 AUTO RACING Emerson Fittipaldi expects a Ferrari-Red Bull battle at Zandvoort
8/25/22 AUTO RACING Research shows F1 twitter really dislikes Matia Binotto
8/24/22 UFC I’ll plant my fist in Drakkar Klose’s face, says Mark O. Madsen
8/19/22 AUTO RACING Juan Pablo Montoya gives his F1 mid-season thoughts
8/17/22 UFC Mark Madsen confirmed to face Drakkar Klose in October
8/16/22 BOXING Mora backs Usyk over AJ
8/02/22 AUTO RACING Fittipaldi questions Alonso’s decision to join Aston Martin
7/26/22 UFC Drakkar Klose seems like a disturbed, very angry young man, says Mark O. Madsen
7/22/22 AUTO RACING Fittipaldi picks Checo to challenge Max
7/20/22 UFC Leavitt can upset Paddy, says Mark O. Madsen
7/13/22 BOXING Tommy Fury afraid of being ‘disowned’ by Tyson & his family
7/11/22 BOXING Garcia will ‘humble’ AJ and refuse to treat him ‘like a star’
6/29/22 AUTO RACING Montoya discusses Ferrari, Red Bull and more
6/29/22 AUTO RACING Montoya gives his British Grand Prix picks
6/20/22 BOXING Boxing saved Jake Paul’s life, says his coach
6/13/22 AUTO RACING Ferrari have capacity to improve, says Fittipaldi
6/09/22 UFC “Charles Oliveira was unprofessional”, says Mark O. Madsen
6/09/22 BOXING Wilder Is The Perfect Opponent For Wallin, Says Salita
6/08/22 AUTO RACING Hamilton will be back strong in Baku, says Fittipaldi
6/02/22 AUTO RACING Twitter’s Most Insulted F1 Teams at Monaco GP
6/02/22 UFC VegasInsider signs Mark ‘The Olympian’ Madsen as MMA Expert
5/31/22 AUTO RACING F1 could do with IndyCar style pit stops, says Fittipaldi
5/25/22 AUTO RACING “Qualifying in Monaco is everything”, says Juan Pablo Montoya
5/23/22 MISCELLANEOUS Most Googled Songs From Harry Styles’ New Album
5/19/22 AUTO RACING “I never expected Red Bull coming back so strong after Jeddah”, says Fittipaldi
5/09/22 BOXING Justin Bieber can be the ‘next’ Jake Paul
5/06/22 HORSE RACING Comparing the 2022 Kentucky Derby Horses to past winners
5/04/22 HORSE RACING Kentucky Derby Look Just As Crucial And Costly As Kentucky Derby Pick Wagers
5/04/22 AUTO RACING Juan Pablo Montoya previews the Miami Grand Prix
5/05/22 AUTO RACING Montoya on McLaren, Williams and Haas
5/02/22 UFC The Most Foul-Mouthed UFC Fighter
4/25/22 AUTO RACING Red Bull is superior now but Ferrari still favorites, says Fittipaldi
4/20/22 BOXING To beat Fury, Whyte really needs to be aggressive, says Otto Wallin
4/19/22 AUTO RACING Norris and Ricciardo could be on the podium at Imola, says Fittipaldi
4/11/22 AUTO RACING Twitter’s most insulted drivers at the 2022 Aus GP
4/11/22 AUTO RACING Fittipaldi thinks VW entering F1 is fantastic
4/08/22 MLB Take Me Out: Highest Rated Ballparks 2022
4/07/22 AUTO RACING “This is the year for Ferrari to win the World Championship again”, says Fittipaldi
4/05/22 MLB The MLB teams scoring home runs in the Google Search ballpark
4/04/22 BOXING Dillian Whyte has no chance against Tyson Fury, says Dmtriy Salita
4/01/22 AUTO RACING F1 Social Media Power Rankings
3/24/22 AUTO RACING Emerson Fittipaldi expects Ferrari to dominate in Jeddah
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