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Betting on the Villanova Wildcats

Villanova is one of the most consistent men’s basketball programs in the country and one of the most popular teams to bet on.

Villanova Wildcats Men’s Basketball History

The Wildcats have qualified for an astounding 40 NCAA Tournaments, made it to the 6 Final Fours, and won 3 national championships.

The Wildcats’ first national championship came in their second title game appearance. In 1985, Villanova became the lowest-seeded team (8) in NCAA men’s basketball history to win a national title.

That record still stands.

‘Nova’s somewhat unexpected championship didn’t change much for the program in the immediate future.

Up to that point, the team never entered March Madness higher than a third seed, and it wouldn’t for another 20 years.

It wasn’t until the school hired Jay Wright in 2001 that the team’s culture would change.

Wright, with the help of great players like Randy Foye, Kyle Lowry, and Scottie Reynolds, turned the Wildcats into a consistent title threat.

In 2016, Wright won his first title with Villanova. Two years later, ‘Nova won another thanks to game-changing three point shooting.

It was the second title in three years for stars like Jalen Brunson, Mikal Bridges, and Phil Booth.

Betting on the Villanova Wildcats in Pennsylvania

Both retail and online sports betting have been legal in Pennsylvania since 2019. For bettors in the Keystone State, that means there are plenty of betting options.

To name a few, PA sports bettors can choose from FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, and BetRivers. As of the beginning of 2022, there are over nine additional sportsbook operators in PA.

A surplus of sportsbook options is great news for bettors who want to shop for the best lines. Perhaps you want to place a spread bet on Villanova and see them as 6-point favorites at one sportsbook.

Maybe you check a few others and see the following:

·        Villanova -5

·        Seton Hall +5

Here, you can get Villanova as a 5-point favorite as opposed to a 6-point favorite. That point can make a big difference!

In the example bulleted above, you need Villanova to win by at least 6 points to win the bet. If Villanova wins by 4 or fewer, or loses, you lose your bet.

If Villanova wins by exactly 5, the bet settles as a push and you get your money back, but you don’t make a profit.