Insure your pick packages

Insured package

Insure your package

What is insurance?

Adding insurance to your pick package will give you credit towards your next package for free if the package totals in a loss or draw.

How do you calculate the package total?

The calculation is simple: we add up the results to determine if the package was profitable based on betting the same amount on each pick.


Let's assume you bet 100 on each pick.

Pick 1 odds +190 Win Result: win $190
Pick 2 odds +130 Loss Result: lose $100
Pick 3 odds -100 Loss Result: lose $100

Package total: 190-100-100 = Loss of 10

Insurance kicks in, and you get credit towards a new package for free.

In case of pick packages ending in 0 insurance still kicks in.

What do i get if insurance kicks in?

In case insurance kicks in, you will get credit equal to the value of your pick package towards a new package. You can choose from any of the Big 6 sports.

Does Credit From Insured Packages Expire?

Yes, credit from packages that are insured and lost expire after 7 days.

How Much Does Insurance Cost?

Insuring your package only costs $10!

Can I Insure Packages I Buy With My Credit?

Yes, it will cost $10 if you want to insure your package paid for with a credit.

What If I Want To Purchase a Higher Priced Package Than My Credit?

You can make a purchase with your credit and pay the difference in price with a credit card.

*Top 6 sports are: NFL, NBA, NCAAF, NCAAB, MLB, NHL