Insurance Upgrade

Insure Your Pick Packages

What Is Insurance?

Adding insurance to your pick package will give you credit towards your next package for free if the package totals in a loss or draw.

First-Time Purchasers receive Free Credit if eligible Day Pass does not profit.

How Do You Calculate The Package Total?

The calculation is simple: we add up the results to determine if the package was profitable based on betting the same amount on each pick.


Let's assume you bet 100 on each pick.

Pick 1 odds +190 WinResult: win $190
Pick 2 odds +130 LossResult: lose $100
Pick 3 odds -100 LossResult: lose $100

Package total: 190-100-100 = Loss of 10

Insurance kicks in, and you get credit towards a new package for free.

In case of pick packages ending in 0 insurance still kicks in.

What Do I Get If Insurance Kicks In?

In case insurance kicks in, you will get credit equal to the value of your pick package towards a new package. You can choose from any of the Big 6 sports.

Does Credit From Insured Packages Expire?

Yes, credit from packages that are insured and lost expire after 7 days.

How Much Does Insurance Cost?

Insuring your package only costs $10!

Can I Insure Packages I Buy With My Credit?

Yes, it will cost $10 if you want to insure your package paid for with a credit.

What If I Want To Purchase A Higher Priced Package Than My Credit?

You can use a credit to purchase any Day Pass that is the same price or even a higher price than your original pick purchase.