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VegasInsider Welcomes Joe Osborne to the Team

We are pleased to welcome Joe Osborne to the VegasInsider family! Joe brings more than a decade of experience in the sports media industry to our brand, and will be leading a new daily show debuting later this summer ahead of football season.

Known as “The Paper Chaser,” Joe hails from the great north (Canada!) and has made a career of providing expert betting picks, analysis, and insights on everything from NFL and NBA to UFC and MLB.

Above all else, Joe focuses his betting philosophy on bankroll management and finding the right edge to maximize odds and angles for all his bets.Our media manager Tom Carroll sat with Joe Osborne and got to know the man behind the maple leaf.

The full video is here but if you simply don’t have time for that, here’s the rundown with TommyFreezepops and Joe Oz:

What can VegasInsider viewers expect from Joe Osborne on a daily basis?

You’re gonna get a lot of energy, a lot of passion, and a lot of picks - hopefully a lot of winners too because that’s what it’s all about right? I like to dig into the stats and the trends - I like to have fun. This sports betting thing is supposed to be fun.

What was the first bet you ever placed, and how’d you do?

I don’t remember it specifically, like the details of teams, but I did a lot of early moneyline parlays in the NFL. I definitely recall very little logic and that’s why they didn’t work. I learned a lot from that. 

What’s the worst loss you’ve ever had as a bettor, and what’s the worst loss you’ve ever had as a fan?

My worst loss as a bettor was more about how I lost it than the amount. It was the summer of 2018, a nice summer night in August. The Washington Nationals and the Chicago Cubs were playing Sunday Night Baseball. I took a great number on Max Scherzer. The game got boring, the Nats had a 3-0 lead. It’s in the bag. What happens? A walk-off grand slam. Cubs win 4-3, and my bet lost. My worst loss as an actual sports fan - I’ve been lucky enough to see most of my teams win, but the 1998 Winter Olympics were the site of my worst loss as a fan. Team Canada vs Czech Republic in ice hockey. The game was decided by a shootout and Wayne Gretzky wasn’t even out there as one of their shooters! Canada lost and it was a gut punch. 

Is there one particular bet you’re most proud of from your career?

There are a lot that stand out. I like when you put a pick out that everyone says “you’re wrong” and it hits. For me, the 2020 NBA All-Star Game, Kawhi Leonard to win All-Star Game MVP at 16-1. It was a lot of fun. 

You’re Canadian, what is the biggest trope about our neighbors from the north that isn’t true? Are you all really nice hockey players?

There are a lot of polite people here but not everyone up here is nice. I know a lot of a**holes. Also it’s not as cold as you all think it is! 

BONUS QUESTION! Is a hot dog a sandwich?

No. I hate this question. It’s a type of hand-held food, in a taco “other” category, not a sandwich.

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