is dedicated to providing you with the latest in sports, sports betting, and the legislative process that makes it happen. A few states were grandfathered in, but 2018 was a watershed moment for sports betting, as the federal law barring states from offering sports betting (PASPA) was overturned.

Now, online sports betting is up to each individual state to vote on, legislate, and eventually build a framework of rules and license requirements around. Our industry experts do the legwork, reading the fine print so you don't have to and giving you the information you need to bet legally and safely.


Allie NelsonAllie Nelson - Sports Betting Industry Expert and Author at

Allie Nelson is an author covering the burgeoning legal gambling market. She's been with VegasInsider for years as a trusted source for sports betting news, the latest in legal changes, and what's happening in the global betting marketplace with a special focus on the US. She is also TV writer and producer with credits on Netflix, TBS, NBC, and more.

Dave SchwabDave Schwab - Sports Betting Industry Expert and Author at

Dave Schwab has been covering the sports betting industry for the past 12 years as the main focus of his specialty marketing company for online content. This endeavor followed a previous career in the field of sales and marketing in the wholesaling sector.

Joseph BeguiristainJoseph Beguiristain - Sports Betting Industry Expert and Staff at

Joseph Beguiristain is a South Florida native with 10-plus years of sports media experience. Before joining VegasInsider in July 2021, he wrote for the Sun-Sentinel and Miami Heat. Follow Joe on Twitter.

Brad SzalachBrad Szalach - Sports Betting Industry Expert and Staff at

Brad Szalach is a social and content producer in the legal sports betting market. He has been involved in the sports betting industry for years as a producer and handicapper specifically focusing on the NFL and EPL. Follow Brad on Twitter.

Chris AltmanChris Altman - Sports Betting Industry Expert and Staff at

Chris Altman is a traveling writer and content expert with almost a decade of experience. He's been working in the sports betting industry for years, and has a keen eye for legislative changes and the newest and latest in US sportsbooks. Follow Chris on Twitter.

Rolando RosaRolando Rosa - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Rolando Rosa is a South Florida native and graduate of Florida Atlantic University. Rolando is also currently a College Sports Engagement Editor for Lee Enterprises. Follow Rolando on Twitter.

Jonathan JorcinReno Jonny - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Reno Jonny was born in Texas, but at a young age moved to Reno, Nevada. The rest is history. Reno Jonny has been around sports his whole life, whether it was playing, watching, and betting. Sports can bring about a unique flair to a very crazy world as it has the ability to unify all walks of life, even for just a couple hours at a time.
Follow Reno Jonny on Twitter.

Chas FilardiChas Filardi - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Chas Filardi settled in San Diego as a new sports writer, and the town offered both Del Mar racing and Tijuana sports betting as entertainment options. Every weekend of football season included trips to Mexico with the crew. Eventually sports betting will be legal in California too.

Visiting various podcasts and radio sports talk shows every week allows me to chat ATS about every league. On any given day, I’ll have a rather clear idea what the Vegas board looks like. That usually includes a few opinions as well. Take a look at and explore Chas' wealth of sports betting knowledge and info!

Jonathan JorcinSam Waalkes - Sports Betting Industry Expert at

Sam Waalkes is a 28 year old from Grand Rapids, Michigan who recently decided to leave his job teaching high school Spanish in order to focus on sports betting full-time. He is the man behind @PromoGuyMI on Twitter - the original “+EV” account on the social media platform. His specialty is finding bets with positive expected value and has recorded 20 straight profitable months since starting the Twitter account. His small, tight-knit Discord group is a place for added betting analysis throughout the day.

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