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Lapin confident that Usyk will beat Fury

After Oleksandr Usyk was ordered to fight Daniel Dubois in a roadblock to his highly-anticipated showdown with Tyson Fury, we caught up with his assistant coach and team manager, Sergey Lapin.

Oleksandr Usyk vs Daniel Dubois ‘is a back up option’ and will only happen if fight with Tyson Fury breaks down 

"I think that the WBA ordering Usyk to fight Daniel Dubois will not be a hindrance to the undisputed contest between Usyk and Tyson Fury, the fight we all want to see."

"All promoters involved are currently committed to finding out who the best is in the heavyweight division at the earliest opportunity. We hope nothing will get in the way of that fight happening, however, the option to fight Dubois will be a back-up plan in case that fight breaks down."

"But Daniel Dubois is not the fight that boxing fans would like to see in 2023."

There are clear ‘weaknesses’ in Fury’s team and we’re more confident than ever that Usyk will beat him

"We came to London to watch Fury and Derek Chisora. We watched Fury up close at ringside with great interest. Our team highlighted many interesting moments from this fight."

"There are many subtleties that you won't see on TV, for example, the work of the team, the connection between a boxer and his coach. Whether the boxer follows the instructions of the trainer or not. There are weaknesses."

"After seeing Fury in the flesh, our team is even more confident that Usyk will prevail and become undisputed and bring that WBC green belt home to Ukraine."

"The threat that Fury poses is no greater and no tougher than Anthony Joshua. We know how that ended for Anthony. We are very confident of beating Fury."

Wayne Rooney sparring Tyson Fury is a ‘cool idea’ - he will soften him up a bit

"It doesn't matter where the fight takes place, whether it’s in London or the middle-east.  Usyk has an elite mentality and is the ultimate road warrior. He has repeatedly won on the road; in London, Manchester, Moscow, Jeddah, Riga, Chicago - I could go on."

"Where this fight takes place will have no bearing on the outcome."

"As for Wayne Rooney sparring with Fury, I think it’s a cool idea. Wayne can soften Tyson up for us, he looks like he can throw a punch."

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Photo by Johann Walter Bantz

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