Fantasy CS:GO Explained

Fantasy CS:GO, including for the ESL CS: GO league, is relatively new. It takes the great fun of fantasy sports and combines that with the high-octane esports world.

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This article will dive into fantasy CS:GO for fans of esports fantasy leagues. Stick with us and find out everything you should know about fantasy esports. We can’t discuss esports without mentioning fantasy sports first. So, let’s start right from the beginning of the story.


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Back in the day, fantasy sports websites usually offered fantasy sports mainly related to some of the most popular sports, including football, basketball, and baseball. Recently, fantasy esports, especially esports CS:GO, has become wildly popular.

As the popularity of the esports phenomenon started to get bigger, some of the fantasy sports websites included esports in their menu.

DraftKings is maybe the most famous example of them all. As the leader in the fantasy sports market, the brand pays attention to both daily fantasy sports and esports DFS. We’ll say something more about it in one of the next paragraphs of our fantasy CS:GO guide.

However, let’s not rush and let’s make sure that you are familiar with the whole concept of fantasy esports before CS:GO fantasy contests become a part of your routine.

Everything started with fantasy ESL, which was mainly focused on CS:GO fantasy teams. To keep it simple, we’ll define fantasy esports as a special type of online game where you are creating your own team. For example, if you decide to play fantasy CS:GO, you have to assemble your team. Members of your team should be players who play the game and then you’ll earn points based on your team’s performance.

Once you assemble your team, you’ll be able to access CS:GO tournaments. Your team will collect points based on their performance in the tournaments. The possibility to compete against many different players and eventually win some prizes is what brings additional fun to fantasy esports.


Unfortunately, ESL fantasy games, including the ESL group stage, are not available anymore. In our opinion, it was one of the best options for all esports fantasy fans and we’ll use this occasion to tell you why.

First of all, ESL made it really easy to enter the contests, and anyone was able to join free of charge. Opening a new account was very easy, and the principle was the same. You had to assemble your team, compete with other players, collect points, and earn prizes. Some of the prizes from sponsors and they were offering some of their products.

At ESL Fantasy, one was able to choose from 7 different esports. Certainly CS:GO matches were among the most popular choices. Additionally, the following options were also available: Dota 2, LOL, World of Tanks, Paladins, Overwatch, and StarCraft II.

According to their website, ESL has some new ideas and they probably won’t be focusing again on ESL Fantasy in the future. However, that’s no reason to miss some of the fantasy CS:GO options available today. There are many other equally great (or even better) options mentioned below.


It goes without saying that fantasy CS:GO is a popular choice for the majority of fantasy sports fans. If you’ve been wondering why, it’s because there are a few ways in which you can collect points towards a fantasy win.

The CS:GO pool is attractive to many, both new and regular players. With fantasy CS:GO there are more options to earn points. Assist, kills and headshots are all in-game events that can earn you points. On the other hand, you’ll lose some for dying.

Hopefully, the whole concept of fantasy CS:GO is clear to you now. That’s why we’ll go through some of the operators offering the CS:GO game and esports fantasy contests. Let’s start with one of the best.

Updated on 07/22/2024
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Even though DraftKings is mainly focused on fantasy sports and esports, and you can easily create your CS:GO fantasy team there. At the same time, the brand offers an excellent online sportsbook for all those who prefer the good old traditional online sports betting.

The good thing is that you can easily switch from your DraftKings DFS account to your sportsbook account.

When it comes to fantasy CS:GO, you should keep in mind that DraftKings offers many special DFS Counter-Strike fantasy CS:GO leagues. There’s a variety of daily fantasy matches available, including a huge number of teams and players.

At DraftKings you can play fantasy contests on the best CS:GO players. We don’t have to say that one of the most common CS:GO tips is to include more great players in your team since they are the hard hitters. Once you assemble your team, you can join all kinds of pools, including freerolls, classic pools, salary cap pools, etc.

In case you still don’t have a DraftKings account, keep in mind that you can qualify for a special welcome offer: Get a free $3 ticket for any $3 game with a deposit of $5 or more. For more information and details about the currently available DraftKings welcome offer, don’t hesitate to consult the following section of our fantasy CS:GO review:


As you can see, the operator wishes you a warm welcome with this welcome offer. All you need to do is to register first, then make a deposit of at least $5 and the free $3 ticket will be yours. You can use it for any $3 game you like.

To claim this promotional offer, you need to meet the minimum requirements. You must be at or over the legal gambling age defined by the law in your state. Additionally, you need to be physically located in one of the states where DraftKings is allowed.

Luckily, the brand’s official website is accessible from 43 US states, including Washington DC. You won’t be able to enjoy a DraftKings CS:GO esports adventure in the following states: Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington.

The brand provides the possibility to use various payment options, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc. That’s how you can easily make your initial deposit and claim the welcome offer.


Before you decide to start your own fantasy CS:GO adventure, we’d like to introduce you to some of the most popular features you’ll come across quite often.

We’ve already mentioned that some operators offered free fantasy pools. Just like the name says, these are free-to-play pools that you can join once you sign up with an operator that offers them. They guarantee you a lot of fun, and you can compete with your friends.

On the other hand, just like you can guess, you need to pay to enter one of the paid contests. These will naturally always come with some higher rewards. That also means a bigger competition -- players enter these pools with serious motivation.

Players are well-prepared and they strive to find their place among the top CS:GO team rankings. So, to come up with some CS:GO betting predictions, you have to carefully analyze the teams and players and see how well they are prepared.


Salary cap fantasy pools come with some limits. However, what limits are we talking about?

In other words, for this type of pool, it’s actually impossible to create a whole team of superstar players, because the total salary of the team is capped. That’s where you need to be smart and think ahead.

Usually, you’ll have the possibility to afford just one superstar while all the other players will be average ones. Pay extra attention to the selection. Quite often, the cap is limited to $10000. On the other hand, the price of a superstar is around $3000. The price for players with the lowest rating is around $1000.


In the conclusion of our fantasy CS:GO article, we can say that fantasy esports has some advantages. First of all, it’s very budget-friendly compared to online esports betting. Simply, we want to point out that it is possible to absolutely get your money's worth for just a few dollars.

Additionally, there are various pools with pretty attractive prizes. Of course, the competition is fierce, but that shouldn’t stop you. In fact, it can be motivating and encouraging, pushing you to make more informed picks. With low entry fees and an interesting difficulty curve, fantasy esports is worth a try.

Clearly, there’s increased popularity for this type of fantasy esports. We strongly believe that other online DFS and sportsbooks will include this esports on their daily menu in the near future.

If excitement and fun are what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to visit one of the aforementioned esports websites, create your own CS GO fantasy team, take into consideration available CS:GO predictions and let the game begin!