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Taking the best of fantasy sports and combining it with the thrill and excitement of sports betting, WinView presents an innovative way to watch the games and win money.

The interaction between watching sports and wagering on the outcome reaches a new level of excitement with WinView. Sports fans get the chance to predict ‘what happens next’ as the games unfold. Correct answers lead to real money prizes and some serious bragging rights among family and friends

The action never stops at WinView. There are any number of opportunities to enter cash contests covering the biggest sporting events. Sports fans also have the option to play for free as part of the social gaming aspect of this site.



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Many gaming sites rely on promo codes to activate special offers. This is especially the case when it comes to welcome offers for new customers.

As WinView continues to expand its customer base across the country, promo codes tied to special promotions should be part of the plan. As a brand new concept covering both fantasy sports and live in-game sports betting, promo code offers are an excellent way to get started.


The current welcome offer at WinView is tied to an initial deposit of at least $10 into a new online account. First time customers can get a welcome offer:

To qualify for the welcome offer, an initial deposit must be made within 14 days of registering for a WinView account. The deposit amount must be spent onsite within 30 days of receipt.

New customers must be at least 18 years old to participate. The only exceptions are 19 years old in Alabama and Nebraska and 21 years old in Massachusetts.


It is easy to sign up for a new online account at WinView through the following three-step process:

  1. The registration screen can be found on the WinView website or through the mobile app.
  2. A new account can be set up through a valid email address or through an existing Facebook account.
  3. The initial deposit into a new WinView account can be used to purchase tickets. These tickets gain entry into any of the various contests offering cash prizes.

WinView play for free contests are available in all 50 states. A small number of states restrict paid contests at the present time.


WinView Mobile App

The WinView app can be downloaded to any iOS or Android handheld device. Designed to mirror the WinView website, this app is easy to navigate and it offers a high level of functionality.

Contests are easy to locate through the Play Now feature. Customers can open the WinView app as live games begin. They can enter cash contests for both pregame predictions and live in-game play. The WinView app also offers opportunities to play for free.

Prop questions are presented with simple yes or no answers tied to an integral part of the competition such as player performances and scores. These props follow all the action in any live game from start to finish.

The WinView app makes it easy to play along. The available menu of playing options is tied to sporting events that are on TV. Using the WinView app, sports fans now have the ability to make money watching their favorite sports.


As mentioned, the live action on WinView is tied to sports and sporting events that are broadcast on national television. Given today’s lineup of action across any number of sports channels, that covers quite a bit of ground.


The biggest professional sports leagues top the list of options starting with the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. However, WinView offers an extensive lineup of contests covering other popular sports such as golf, tennis, boxing, MMA fights and motor racing.

As a good rule of thumb, if a sport or sporting event is covered by a national network, it should be part of the WinView menu for pregame and live in-game play.


WinView is not a sportsbook. However, play on the site does mirror some popular sports betting markets. This is especially true when it comes to individual game props and live in-game play.

Customers have the ability to make pregame predictions before the start of a game. They can also watch and predict particular outcomes as the games play themselves out. Each actual contest will dictate the betting markets involved.


Contests are broken down into two separate game modes. The first is known as Pregame Predict. This is where a customer can enter their picks for specific prop-based questions before a game or sporting event gets underway.

Each pregame contest will feature certain aspects of the competition. For example, there might be a MLB contest featuring 8 to 10 different game props that need to be answered. These props can cover everything from strikeouts for pitchers to home runs for batters.

The second type of WinView game mode is Watch & Predict. These live in-game contests take place during the entire game. Contestants will have to answer a series of questions in the form of game props. Winners are determined by the most correct answers.

Watch & Predict contests can be staged over the course of each quarter of action in a NFL or NBA game. The makeup of any WinView contest is predicated on the sport or sporting event.

Cash contests cover four different levels made up of Beginner, Classic, Multiplier and 50/50 Cash Split.


As with any online gaming site, ease of use is heavily tied to customer service and various banking options.

WinView would score high grades for each as a highly innovative sports gaming option. The management team behind this site adds a wealth of experience and gaming expertise into the WinView brand concept.


The primary means to access WinView customer service is online through a designated email address. Based in Redwood City, California, there is also a contact address and corresponding phone number.

The WinView site and app offer a Help section at the bottom of the home page. This section contains both contact and support options for customer service.


Customers can fund their WinView account through standard payment options tied to bank cards and online banking services. The most popular payment options are Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.



WinView was first launched in 2008 as a social gaming site. The addition of cash games has added to the site’s popularity.


WinView is available in all 50 states as a free-to-play social gaming site. With the exception of 11 states, users can also legally participate in cash contests as a game of skill.


At WinView, sports fans are not betting against the house. They are competing against other sports fans that have entered the same contest. Players with the most correct answers to various prop options split any collected prize money.


Today’s avid sports fans are always looking for new and exciting ways to get in on all the action. WinView has combined the best of fantasy sports and sports betting into a competitive activity with real money cash prizes.

New customers have the chance to play for free in order to get their feet wet. There are also cash contests limited to novice players to keep the playing field even and fair.

While pregame contests are available, WinView’s biggest attribute to taking live in-game action to a whole new level. The result is an interactive experience watching sports that is highly immersive as well. This is the ultimate way for any avid sports fan to test their sports handicapping skills.