NFL Survivor Pool Picks

Be sure to check back for the 2024-25 NFL season for the VegasInsider Survivor Pool Picks and Predictions.

NFL Survivor Pool Experts

The VegasInsider NFL Survivor Pool Picks will be provided on a weekly basis throughout the 2024-25 NFL regular season.

Our NFL Survivor Pool Picks will be provided from all of our NFL Experts, who are professional handicappers that do the legwork for your NFL Survivor Pool picks.

What are NFL Survivor Pools?

NFL season brings excitement not only for the games themselves, but also for the friendly competition that thrives in office pools. Among them, NFL Survivor Pools stand out for their unique blend of football knowledge and strategic planning.

NFL Survivor Pool Format

Imagine a game where you can only pick a winning NFL team once throughout the entire season. That's the essence of a survivor pool. Each week, you choose a NFL team you believe will win the game. If your pick wins, you survive and move on to the next week with the remaining pool participants. However, if your chosen team loses or ties, you're eliminated from contention.

The 2024-25 NFL Survivor Pool will begin in Week 1 on Thursday September 5, 2024 and conclude when there is only one survivor left in the pool.

Some pools choose different formats and make participants choose two teams in certain weeks while others continue throughout the NFL Playoffs.

How do I win my Survivor Pool?

The challenge in a survivor pool lies in balancing two crucial aspects, picking winners straight up and strategic planning.

Picking Winners: Obviously, selecting teams with a high chance of winning is paramount. This means considering factors like team strength, opponent matchups, and injuries.

Strategic Planning: Survivor pools reward those who can strategically utilize their picks throughout the season. Picking a strong favorite early on might seem safe, but it limits your options later in the season when the remaining teams are more evenly matched.

Survivor Pool Advanced Strategies

  • Early Rounds: Start with a strong, reliable team, but one you wouldn't mind burning early if an upset occurs. This allows you to "feel out" the pool and its remaining participants.
  • Mid-Season: As weaker teams get eliminated, aim for teams with favorable matchups, even if they aren't top contenders.
  • Late-Season: When the pool shrinks, consider "saving" your strong picks for crucial weeks, potentially waiting for a clear favorite in a playoff scenario.

Survive and Advance...

  • Upsets are inevitable, so don't be afraid to take calculated risks.
  • Monitor the pool itself – analyzing which teams remain unpicked can help inform your strategy.
  • There's no guaranteed winning formula – a healthy mix of informed picks and strategic timing is key.
  • Survivor pools offer a unique test of NFL knowledge and strategic planning. By combining your understanding of the game with clever resource management, you can rise above the competition and claim victory in the ultimate survivor pool showdown.


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