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Bet on Devin - Wednesday, October 12

On today's "Bet On Devin," MTV's Devin Walker is joined by Tori "Potato Dave" Deal, who competes with Devin on "The Challenge." Devin is also joined by our own TommyFreezePops for his weekly picks segment, running through the biggest games in both the NFL and college football!


  • Welcome to Tori Deal and the origin of the "Potato Dave" nickname (00:00)
  • Tori's struggles running through the mud (06:25)
  • Devin and Tori's bonding during Mexico trip (09:30)
  • How Tori got started with her top .05% "OnlyFans" account (12:30)
  • First impressions of the start of the new season & rookie cast (15:25)
  • Devin and Tori's path to becoming best buds (20:10)
  • Three-team "Tori Deal Parlay" in the NFL (25:50)


  • Memphis vs. East Carolina (35:40)
  • Rice vs. Florida Atlantic (36:35)
  • Back to the "Green Team Parlay" well, Jets & Tulane spreads (37:15)
  • Patriots vs. Browns (40:40)
  • Seahawks vs. Cardinals (41:15)
  • Commanders vs. Bears on TNF (43:40)

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