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Update - Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2022 - 7:02 a.m. ET

What is Super Bowl betting without some fun prop bets? Whether its novelty props you're placing with regulated books or trying to win your Super Bowl Party Pool, Stephanie Otey breaks down some exotic wagers and novelty market prop bets to keep an eye on for Sunday!

Update - Thursday, Feb. 10, 2022 - 5:38 p.m. ET

Micah Roberts

Last season at this time the Nevada casinos had to operate with special rules for guests that included wearing masks at all times with only 50% of capacity allowed inside. The combination had a big part in the state having its lowest Super Bowl handle since 2016 with $136 million in write and a $12.1 million win. The all-time Nevada record was in 2018 when the Eagles beat the Patriots, 41-33, writing $158 million and holding less than 1% at only $1.17 million. 

Most bookmakers agreed at the time that the COVID rules in place were the reason for the handle decline. But we may have a similar situation this year as Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak reimposed mask mandates inside Nevada casinos when the Omicron variant appeared.

Here’s the question, could Las Vegas be hurt by the mandates. Is Las Vegas still as attractive of a destination for Super Bowl when 29 other states offer sports betting and some places don’t require masks? How about going to the airport for a mask-fest, jumping on a plane ride with a mask on for the duration, and then checking into a hotel in Las Vegas and enjoying your stay with a mask on throughout? 

Some books have indicated the masks are a problem with Super Bowl business while others say their numbers are flat after the first week of betting. No Nevada book has said they’re trending upward.

“I’ve been seeing the same type of betting patterns every year with betting volume and this year is no different,” said BetMGM’s Jeff Stoneback. “Just as always, things will pick up on Thursday, and then it’s crazy on Friday and Saturday nights. We just had a super busy Saturday, but it wasn’t for the Super Bowl, it was for the large college basketball schedule all day and night long.”

Maybe the solution is to find a place like Phoenix for the SuperBook, which happens on the same weekend as the Waste Management Phoenix Open in Scottsdale, which has a new book on site. BetMGM has a large double-decker sportsbook in Glendale. Best of all in Arizona, no mask mandates, and up to nine sports betting apps to choose from. Alright, enough of the COVID talk. It’s depressing. Onward.

The South Point is offering -105 on either side of the Super Bowl point spread again, one of the constant promotions over the years by owner Michael Gaughan. No one in Las Vegas has used the Super Bowl to promote a visit to his properties that started way back at the Barbary Coast when the huge marquee sign on Flamingo Blvd. showed Refrigerator Perry odds to score a touchdown.

The -105 juice on both sides was a clever draw to get all the large money in town. Why lay $110,000 on a game when you can lay -105 and save $5,000 in juice. 

Perhaps Gaughan's most successful promotion was giving the public a fee half-point on either side of the 1992 Super Bowl between the Bills and Redskins. It was a solid -7 everywhere, the second-most key margin victory number in the NFL. Gaughan wants to go for the home run in handle so he lets Redskins bettors lay -6.5 and for Bills fans to take +7.5. Washington won 37-24, but I think the sweat from that game caused Gaughan to put that promo away. If the game lands favorite by 7, his sportsbooks get buried. It would have been a self-infused middle beatdown. Unlike the middle he suffered organically when he owned the Royal Inn and he was grooming a young kid from Pittsburgh to run the sportsbook. 

It was 1979, Jimmy Vaccaro was learning the business on the fly and the Steelers were -3.5 against the Cowboys and it got up to -4.5. Betting syndicates laid the Steelers -3.5 and -4, and a big Texas outfit came in on the Cowboys at +4.5. The game lands Steelers 35, Cowboys 31. The middle of all mothers. A disaster for the sportsbooks.

No records were kept then, but I remember Vaccaro telling me the Stardust with renowned boss Lefty Rosenthal got beat up the worst along with the Union Plaza, in a time when most sportsbooks were free-standing without a hotel/casino. If that happened in today’s era, seven-figure losses would be the norm around the state. Nationally, oh boy, who knows. Over a half-a-billion in losses collectively? The odds board comparison for football is quiet with little movement after the first week of action.

“We’ve been sitting at Rams -4.5 and 48.5 for a while now,” said Stoneback. “We took a bet on the Rams for $500,000 at about midnight last Sunday and we went to Rams -4.5 when it wasn’t a number being offered anywhere yet.” 

Props are posted everywhere and they’ve become a way to win the game when you lose the side or total. The props work as insurance for the book to take some of the heat off a side. Lose the game, props got your back. The Las Vegas SuperBook takes in just over 60% of their overall SuperBook handle on their props which this year features 469 props. Ten years ago that percentage was flip-flopped the other.

There's a big Super Bowl prop bonus for Stoneback at BetMGM this season. “We got all the props out and for the first time ever, I didn’t have to set up all the props, because our New Jersey office is doing it for us,” said Stoneback who has been doing props for over 30 years.

“Only eight sheets (both sides) this season with not a lot of movement,” Stoneback said, "which means they’re all market props that sharps aren’t attracted to." Stoneback shared one of the few times his books lost on props. 

“The way I’ve seen it over the years is that if it’s a high scoring game we do poorly to the props,” Stoneback said. “It goes hand in hand. I think it was the Eagles and Patriots Super Bowl that saw us lose the most because most of the player props went over and most of the special totals on the props also went over.”

All quiet so far in Las Vegas. Stay tuned.

Update - Monday, Feb. 7, 2022 - 2:08 p.m. ET

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Kevin Rogers talks Super Bowl with Tom Carroll and Fox Sports Radio anchor David Gascon.

Update - Friday, Feb. 4, 2022 - 3:11 p.m. ET

Micah Roberts

Sharps have made a move on the Rams money-line, Mattress Mack made a huge wager in Louisiana, the Las Vegas SuperBook has posted all their world-famous props, and the Bengals have the most tickets written so far.

Super Bowl 56 is nine days away and I’m most curious to see where the spread moves. Should we bet the Bengals now suggesting the spread will drop by kickoff or do we wait as the bookmakers trigger from 4.5 to 5 is an easy move to make. 

If we like the Rams, should we wait for the number to drop as it does in most Super Bowls, just like the big boxing match favorites in Las Vegas? We’ll answer some of these questions in the next few days. Here’s what’s going on around town.

“They laid the -4 with us early and since moving to -4.5 on Tuesday we’ve had two-way action,” South Point veteran sportsbook director Chris Andrew. “It looks like a solid number so we’ll be here for a while.”

The South Point moved the total down the ladder four times from the start point of 50 on Sunday to 48.5 on Monday. Andrews said they also had a run in another offering.

“They also laid the -180 Rams money-line price early and laid -185 and -190 on Monday and moved to -200 on Tuesday,” he said. “We’ve got more tickets written on the Bengals but more cash on the Rams.”

There’s a long way to go, but just forecasting which side the public will bet when the full rush to Las Vegas begins next weekend isn’t as easy as years past. The underdog typically gets the most action with the novice bettors, but this one is a little different Andrews said.

“You have to remember that Los Angeles is a couple hours drive away and I’m sure some of the fans will take the drive to make a bet on their team,” he said.

The South Point has all their props posted already as Andrews is booking his 40th Super Bowl after arriving in Las Vegas in 1979. He took a couple of years off before he took over the South Point sportsbook. Over at Station Casinos sportsbooks, VP Jason McCormick says they have 59% of the tickets written on the Bengals taking the points, and also 66% of the money-line bets and 50.7% of the tickets on the over. Where’s the number going McCormick?

“I think we’ll stay right here at -4.5,” he said. “The total will most likely go back to 49 and the money-line dog will probably close lower than current (-200).”

The favorite money-line is always the best value of the season for the Super Bowl because most bettors, many of them novices, want to win more than what they wagered so they bet the underdog. The transaction at the bet window for the novice Super Bowl bettor goes something like this:

Bettor: “How much do I win if I bet $100 on the Rams?”

The ticket writer shows him the options to just win, no points, and also laying -4.5 on the point-line. Neither option double his money.

“Well, that’s not very good. How much if I bet on the Bengals?’

The ticket writer explains the point-line taking +4.5 but then explains the money-line with $100 returning at +175 which will give him $275 back.

“Yes, yes, give me the Bengals money-line,” he would say excited like he just figured out a scheme. 

I've seen it a million times and they do well with it. The last six underdogs to cover won outright. Up north at Marc Nelson’s Atlantis Reno sportsbook, he’s seeing the same type of betting action in Nevada.

“The point line is very even at 4.5,” he said. “We have 75% of the tickets and nearly all the money to the over at 48.5. The Rams money-line only has 20% of the tickets but 70% of the money. Overall, the handle is still pretty light though.” 

Nevada’s 184 sportsbooks handled only $136 million in last season's Super Bowl, a 12% dip from the $154 million handled in 2020 due to COVID-19 doing its damage. The books won a collective $12.6 million in last year's Super Bowl.

It’ll be interesting to see how the other states fare with most including the free-money bonuses and promotions in the handle. New York’s dive into the sports betting world produced over $1 billion in handle in less than a month after opening. Louisiana already got a boost in handle as ESPN reported Mattress Mack from Houston took a drive to a drive to the border and bet $4.5 million through his Caesars sportsbook app on the Bengals money-line at +170 to win $7.7 million. 

The SuperBook at the Westgate opened over 450 props on Thursday night and will take a $2,000 limit on all options, and maybe more if you ask nicely. These guys took the SuperBook props to the next level as we know it today and it all started at the Imperial Palace with SuperBook VP Jay Kornegay. He began offering so many unique props for the Super Bowl that it forced all the other Nevada books to follow their lead or lose a competitive edge.

Still, a long way to go for the betting action, will update more when something happens. 

Update - Friday, Feb. 4, 2022 - 9:46 a.m. ET

Kevin Rogers chats Super Bowl betting with former oddsmaker and VegasInsider expert Micah Roberts. The two discuss wagering on the Super Bowl, how odds are created, forecasting line movements and much more information regarding the big game!

Update - Thursday, Feb. 3, 2022 - 11:53 a.m. ET

Update - Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2022 - 4:57 p.m. ET

Micah Roberts

Several Las Vegas sportsbooks moved the Super Bowl 56 spread from Rams -4 to -4.5 on Monday, but not necessarily because of cash wagered through the bet windows. 

“We’re still settling in and the market was moving up so we headed there with it,” said Las Vegas SuperBook VP Jay Kornegay. “No large wagers yet to push, we just felt -4.5 was where we wanted to be moving forward.” 

It’s more comforting for the bookmaker to get to the right number after seeing a short amount of betting on the big game, but cash should also be a major consideration to moving off a key number such as 3, 7, or 4. 

Station Casinos sportsbooks remain at Rams -4 with VP Jason McCormicksaying they were still high on the Bengals which is interesting because their locals clientele usually like the favorite to begin with and then the masses take the underdog on Super Bowl weekend. They are believers of the Joe Burrow legend that is building fast, and the early bettors cannot be swayed. 

“I can see getting more Bengals support closer to the game, especially on the money-line,” said Kornegay, who is offering the Bengals at +175 on the money-line along with South Point. “I think we’ll be seeing all these heart-warming stories about the Bengals the next two weeks that’ll entice a rooting angle to the side of the Bengals. You know, Tom Brady retires, and now the Joe Burrow era takes over.” 

Three wins in your first three playoff games is outstanding. It’s like this was supposed to be Burrow’s destiny from High School to Ohio State and Dwayne Haskins getting the starting job there forcing a transfer for Burrow to LSU, winning the Heisman Trophy and National Championship. Now, this is his time he earned and worked hard for, but are the Bengals physical enough on both sides of the ball to beat the Rams? 

“I thought the NFC teams were more physical this season, and I see the difference almost as great as the NFC had it in the 1980s and most of the 1990s,” Kornegay said. “The Bengals offensive line is a big question mark against that Rams front four, and I also think Burrow hangs onto the ball too long getting himself into sacks.” 

When I think of that era of Super Bowls I think of the Broncos and Bills getting blown out because the NFC was drafting massive offensive linemen and powerful defensive linemen to dominate while AFC teams were drafting to defend the pass, cornerbacks and safeties, against the likes of Jim Kelly, John Elway, Dan Marino, and Warren Moon’s run and shoot attack. 

I see similarities between the 1986 Broncos that lost 39-20 to the Giants in Elway’s first Super Bowl after winning a big AFC Championship at Cleveland, which produced “The Drive” and the legend of John Elway was born. Denver had a small offensive and defensive line. Spunky but overpowered in each of their Super Bowl losses under Elway. 

But the 1998 Broncos won at No. 1 seed Kansas City and then won at No. 2 seed Pittsburgh, the same seeds on the road the Bengals did this season. The Broncos were getting +14 to start the betting against the Packers and it dropped to +11. The Broncos won 31-24 to give Elway his first Super Bowl win, but it wasn’t Elway doing the damage. It was a big offensive-line opening up gaping holes for Terrell Davis and they also had a very physical defense. 

Rams QB Matt Stafford has also won his first three playoff games after no playoff wins languishing in Detroit for his first 12 seasons. A nice match-up of QBs both drafted No. 1 overall. This will be the first time in Super Bowl history that a top-3 seed didn’t make it. 

The last six underdogs to cover the spread won outright. The last dog to cover but lose was the Cardinals in 2009 who lost 27-23 to the Steelers but covered the +7 which is called the bookmaker dream -- favorite wins but doesn't cover, knocks out large liability on the underdog money-line. The most money my sportsbooks ever won in the Super Bowl was a bookmakers dream with the Eagles covering but losing, 24-21, against the favored Patriots (-7). 

Underdogs have gone 13-6-1 ATS in the last 20 Super Bowls. That’s all for now, when something happens in Nevada I will relay it to you as soon as possible!

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Update - Monday, Jan. 31, 2022 - 10:24 p.m. ET

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Stephanie Otey breaks down the unbelievable win, going in-depth on the incredible run of former Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow. She talks about his big-game prowess, and why Burrow's special connection with rookie sensation Ja'Marr Chase will lead the Bengals to victory against a talented Los Angeles Rams defense in Super Bowl LVI.

Update - Monday, Jan. 31, 2022 - 2:31 p.m. ET

Kevin Rogers talks Super Bowl opening numbers with former oddsmaker Dave Sharapan on the latest "Daily Insider" installment.

Update - Sunday, Jan. 30, 2022 - 10:55 p.m. ET

Micah Roberts

The legend of Joe Burrow is still being built but he has a Heisman Trophy, a collegiate National Championship, No. 1 overall draft pick by the Bengals in 2020, and now has won his first three playoff games in his second pro year to make the Bengals AFC Champions. 

The Bengals are going to their third Super Bowl after upsetting the Chiefs, 27-24 in overtime at Kansas City, to face the Rams who come off a tough win in the NFC title game, 20-17, against the 49ers. 

The Las Vegas SuperBook at the Westgate opened the Super Bowl number Rams -3.5 with a total at 51 and soon were at Rams -4 and 50.5 like everyone else. It’s definitely an intriguing matchup without Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes not participating, but it stirs up all kinds of wild scenarios. 

“I don’t think it really matters in the Super Bowl, the game sells itself,” said SuperBook VP Jay Kornegay

He’s right. The Super Bowl is the Super Bowl, a national event. And now much of the USA is betting legally from their phones, so this will officially be the most bet Super Bowl ever. Hello New York, welcome to the party. 

It’s veteran Matt Stafford winning his first three playoff games just like Burrow that has an appeal. The Rams have a few big talkers that’ll say something out of line the next two weeks, but they’ll also have the home-field advantage of playing SoFi Stadium. 

Last week, 65% of the ticket holders at SoFi for the 49ers games were 49ers fans. For the Super Bowl, the majority of the crowd will be corporate sponsorship tickets so there will be no real home edge. 

However, it will be the second consecutive season the Super Bowl has been home to one team. The Buccaneers won last season in Tampa Bay, the first team ever to win the Super Bowl on their home field. 

Atlantis Reno sportsbook director Marc Nelson opened the Rams -4, and 50 and doesn’t see either side having a perceived advantage. 

“I don’t think much of it,” Nelson said. “Probably a small lean from bettors perspective to the Rams side. Should be a fairly easy game to book, yes I said book. It’s a lost art.” It is a lost art. Robots are definitely taking over. 

The Las Vegas consensus after 90 minutes of initial Super Bowl betting was Rams -4 and 50. 

This is an easy number to book, anything not 3 or 7, but where will it go? When should we bet? Will there be a surge on the Joe Burrow story attracting bets? Sharp groups were on the Rams -3 last week, do they jump back on this week against a team rated less? 

“This will be a lot different this year, no Tom Brady and the new Tom Brady,” Kornegay quipped. “I thought the NFC was better down the stretch. They were tougher, more physical, while the AFC was more passing offense.” 

Kornegay says he thinks -4 is a good number, or at least for now. The bookmakers have so many angles to approach, beginning with knowing the first wave of action for the next 12 days will only be 6% of the overall handle they get when the game kicks off. 

Kornegay said the SuperBook’s world-famous Super Bowl props will be available Thursday night at 7 p.m. PT. 

The SuperBook ran a .10 cent split promotion heading into the weekend conference championship games as part of their regular bettor-friendly plan. Now the Superbook app is available in Colorado, New Jersey, and Arizona. Compare the odds, especially the futures with all their competitors. The SuperBook has the best odds in your market, I’m certain. 

More updates throughout the two weeks leading to the Super Bowl. I’ll update on line movement and why, and remember that sharp play in this game doesn’t mean much to the number because public money controls this game. 

Update - Sunday, Jan. 30, 2022 - 10:55 p.m. ET

VI News

Various books are already posting lines for the Super Bowl 56 matchup between the Rams and Bengals. Below is a look at the opening odds for various regulated US sportsbooks.

  • BetMGM: Rams -3.5 (-110) | Bengals +3.5 (-110)
  • DraftKings: Rams -4 (-105) | Bengals +4 (-115)
  • bet365: Rams -4 (-110) | Bengals +4 (-110)
  • FanDuel: Rams -4 (-106) | Bengals +4 (-114)
  • FOXBet: Rams -4 (-110) | Bengals +4 (-110)
  • PointsBet: Rams -4 (-110) | Bengals +4 (-110)
  • Caesars: Rams -4 (-105) | Bengals +4 (-105)
  • Circa Sports: Rams -4.5 (-110) | Bengals +4.5 (-107)
  • BetRivers Rams -4 (-113) | Bengals +4 (-108)

Bettors who think Los Angeles will cover as the favorite should take advantage of the BetMGM line at -3.5, which is also a reasonable price at -110 as opposed to -120. Bettors who fancy the Bengals covering as underdogs should take advantage of the Circa Sports odds at +4.5 for an inexpensive -107.

Update - Sunday, Jan. 30, 2022 - 10:30 p.m. ET

Kevin Rogers is joined by Tom Carroll, NFL Hall of Fame kicker Morten Andersen and Joe Murray to discuss the opening odds and reaction for the Super Bowl 56 matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams!

Bettors looking for advice can check out our stable of expert picks or we've got plenty of free content to help you with your handicapping. 


Legally betting on the Super Bowl has never been easier, as more and more states have gone live, including New York and Louisiana. Of course, you can also bet on the Super Bowl online in New JerseyPennsylvania, and Arizona, just to name a few. Check out our state-to-state betting guide to see if wagering is available in your area.

As for which sportsbook to use, there’s always an element of personal preference, but certain online sportsbooks offer better welcome bonuses than others.

Amongst them all, BetMGMCaesars Sportsbook, and FanDuel stand out above the rest. Check them out today!

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